Buffstreams: Watch Sports Live Stream (20 Best Alternatives)


Last updated on March 20th, 2024 at 03:18 pm

Are you a sports enthusiast tired of paying expensive bills to stream websites? You have come to the right place!

Several free streaming websites are available, providing live HD sports. Buffstream is one of the finest among those websites. With Buffstream, you can watch various sports, including football, basketball, baseball, hockey, and more. But relying on it only is not wise. Therefore, I will tell you everything about Buffstream, its features, and the top 18 alternatives in this blog. 

Let’s dig into the exciting world of sports streaming!

What is Buffstream.app?

Buffstream is a famous platform in the US for watching live sports. You can find many sports on this website, including basketball, race, tennis, and football. You can easily use Buffstream on every device because of its compatibility. It is an excellent alternative for people who do not have access to cable TV or costly sports packages. So if you’re a sports fanatic looking for a free and reliable streaming option, Buffstream is worth checking out.

Buffstream Features

Buffstream has many excellent features that I have mentioned:

Live Sports Streaming

Buffstream offers free live streaming of various sports events, allowing users to watch matches and games in real time. It also gives you multiple streaming links to avoid any technical issues.

Mobile-Friendly Interface and App Navigation

The website has an attractive user interface. Buffstream offers a design enabling users to access the platform and watch streams on various devices, including smartphones and tablets.

It has sharing options like Facebook Live and Twitter Direct Message and in-app navigation tools like support for Chromecast. 

Multiple Sports Coverage

The platform covers sports, including popular ones like football (soccer), basketball, tennis, baseball, hockey, and more.

High-Quality Streams

You can watch high-quality videos on Buffstream, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable viewing experience.

Schedule and Notifications

Buffstream displays the schedule of upcoming sports events. It also notifies you to inform your favorite matches or games.

Top 18 Alternatives to Buffstream 

Here is the list of the top 18 alternatives to Buffstream:

1. LiveTV

Buffstreams: Watch Sports Live Stream (20 Best Alternatives)

LiveTV falls on top of our list of 18 best alternatives to Buffstream. It features numerous sports, such as Ice Hockey, Basketball, Tennis,  Volleyball, Boxing, Racing, Handball, Baseball, and American Football. In addition, The website is also used for betting on matches which is legal in some countries. Overall, LiveTV is an excellent option for watching sports.

Link: https://liveru.sx/

2. Stream2Watch

Buffstreams: Watch Sports Live Stream (20 Best Alternatives)

Stream2Watch is another sports streaming website with access to over 200 sports channels. This platform is famous for broadcasting live matches of Football, Racing, Cycling, Boxing, Tennis, Rugby, and more. One of the major reasons for its fame is the versatility of sports and its user-friendly interface.

Link: https://stream2watch.vip/

3. CricHD

Buffstreams: Watch Sports Live Stream (20 Best Alternatives)

CricHD is also a similar website to Buffstream. The website features a search bar, fixture by date, and a trending section at the top. Users can watch any sport, such as NFL, NBA, Rugby, and Tennis, but it is more famous for Cricket. Recent trending sports on CricHD are PSL 2023 and IPL 2023. So go now and watch these Asian sports events.

Link: httpsmc2.crichd.com

4. FirstRowSports

Buffstreams: Watch Sports Live Stream (20 Best Alternatives)

If you want to watch your favorite sports match and feel like you are in the stadium’s first row, visit FirstRowSports. It is a free platform to stream sports matches such as WWE, UFC, World Cup, NFL, NBA, and Fifa. Additionally, You can comment below videos to discuss your thoughts and prediction of the winner for fun.

Link: https://xn--firstrowsport-8xe.eu/

5. Sport365

Buffstreams: Watch Sports Live Stream (20 Best Alternatives)

Sport365 is a popular site to watch your favorite sports. The platform allows users to watch live streams and highlights. It also features sports news. Sport365 has an eye-catching website design with organized sections. Besides that, you can also download the Android application of Sport365 to watch sports anywhere.

Link: https://365livesport.me/

6. Redstream

Buffstreams: Watch Sports Live Stream (20 Best Alternatives)

Redstream is another alternative to Buffstream allowing sports lovers to stream live matches. It provides web links to several unique live sports, including water sports, handball, climbing, and darts. This free platform has one flaw; redirection to another website on clicking.

Link: https://www.redstreamtechnology.com/

7. Rojadirecta

Buffstreams: Watch Sports Live Stream (20 Best Alternatives)

Rojadirecta is a popular website offering live sports streaming and highlights. It gives access to various sporting events worldwide, allowing fans to watch their favorite games. With a user-friendly interface, Rojadirecta is a go-to platform for sports fanatics seeking convenient and reliable streaming options.

Link: http://www.rojadirecta.eu/

8. Live Soccer TV

Live Soccer TV
Buffstreams: Watch Sports Live Stream (20 Best Alternatives)

Those who only want to watch soccer should visit Live Soccer TV. It is the best free platform for watching soccer matches worldwide, including women’s soccer, world cups, and local events. Apart from the website, it also has Android and iOS applications, making it more intriguing.

Link: https://m.livesoccertv.com/

9. Batmanstream

Buffstreams: Watch Sports Live Stream (20 Best Alternatives)

Batmanstream is a website aimed at providing live sports streaming. With many sports available, including Football, Basketball, and car racing, it offers many events. The site’s intuitive interface makes navigating and finding the desired match or competition easy. Batmanstream is a go-to destination for sports maniacs.

Link: https://batmanstream.watch/

10. MamaHD

Buffstreams: Watch Sports Live Stream (20 Best Alternatives)

MamaHD is a website to stream sports events on SKY Sport, TNT, BBC, ITV, and BT Sport. It is a free platform providing high-quality live sports streaming. With its buffer-free videos and easy-to-navigate site, MamaHD rules the heart of sports fans.

Link: https://www.mamahd.ws/racing-stream

11. VIPLeague

Buffstreams: Watch Sports Live Stream (20 Best Alternatives)

VIPLeague is a website dedicated to providing live sports streaming to fans worldwide. It ensures high-quality streaming, allowing users to enjoy their favorite sports without interruptions. Additionally, the site provides schedules, results, and highlights, keeping fans updated on the latest sports news. 

Link: https://vipleague.im/

12. Sportlemon

Buffstreams: Watch Sports Live Stream (20 Best Alternatives)

If you want to watch different sports match in one place, Sportlemon is perfect for you. It is a free sport streaming website allowing you to watch interruption-free live streams. Whether you’re a one-time viewer or a die-hard sports enthusiast, AceStream is a reliable platform to catch all the live action.

Link: https://sportlemons.net/

13. FootyBite

Buffstreams: Watch Sports Live Stream (20 Best Alternatives)

One of the best alternatives to Buffstream is FootyBite. The website features a live stream of sports events and sports blogs. It is an all-in-one place to enjoy sports. That’s not all! You will be amazed by the appearance of Footybite’s website. It is an easy-to-use and fast-loading website.

Link: https://footybite.to/

14. Laola1

Buffstreams: Watch Sports Live Stream (20 Best Alternatives)

Laola1 is an excellent substitute for Buffstream. The website has millions of users who watch live-stream sports videos and highlights. Laola1 is popular for watching Fussball, Basketball, Football, Tennis, Golf, and more. In addition, the website has zero ads which means you can have an interruption-free experience.

Link: https://www.laola1.at/de/

15. NPL.TV

Buffstreams: Watch Sports Live Stream (20 Best Alternatives)

Suppose you are a die-hard football fan and have no interest in watching other sports, NPL.TV is the best platform for you. It is a free website allowing users to watch any football from every country. But you must signup before accessing live sports on NPL.TV. So, go now and create an account on this website.

Link: https://npl.tv/

16. BossCast

Buffstreams: Watch Sports Live Stream (20 Best Alternatives)

BossCast is a well-known free sports streaming website in the US that offers diverse sports events. Users can watch golf, football, soccer, and more. Besides live streaming, users can also watch match highlights. Additionally, you can chat with other people during streaming.

Link: https://bosscast.eu/

17. Crackstream

Buffstreams: Watch Sports Live Stream (20 Best Alternatives)

Crackstream is an ideal alternative to Buffstream for people who love to watch NCAAB / NCAA Men’s Basketball Live Streams. It also features MBL, IPL, and MotoGP. It is a free website but requires a Chrome extension before running it. Whether you want to watch basketball or cricket, Crackstream got your back.

Link: https://best.crackstreams.me/

18. VIPBox

Buffstreams: Watch Sports Live Stream (20 Best Alternatives)

VIPBox falls last on our list of the 18 best alternatives to Buffstream. It is a renowned platform for watching sports games online without paying a dime. You can stream Rugby, AFL, MML, Football, and more on VIPBox. It is an awesome website, but ads can interrupt you during streaming.

Link: https://www.vipbox.lc/

19. ESPN 

Buffstreams: Watch Sports Live Stream (20 Best Alternatives)

ESPN Plus gives you access to various live sports events, including exclusive content, original shows, documentaries, and major leagues and sports coverage. It is a legitimate and licensed streaming service, ensuring you access sports content legally. ESPN Plus is known for providing high-quality, reliable streams, ensuring a smooth viewing experience. It requires a subscription fee, while Buffstream may provide streams for free. Besides this, buffs team is a third-party streaming platform that varies in stream quality and stability. 

Link: https://www.espn.in/

20. FuboTV

FuboTV is one of the most well-liked IPTV providers among sports enthusiasts worldwide. The 7-Day Free Trial for new customers is one of the nicest features. Various live sporting events, including international professional leagues, competitions, and games, are available through the live streaming service FuboTV. FuboTv is renowned for its thorough coverage of sports, including streaming for events in baseball, basketball, American football, tennis, baseball, football (soccer), and more.

Link: https://www.fubo.tv/welcome/geoblock

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Streaming websites are costly, and not everyone can afford it. Therefore, free streaming websites are available such as Buffstream. This platform is famous for watching football, basketball, tennis, rugby, and other sports. In addition, the user interface of Buffstream is attractive and easy to navigate, making it the best option.

Many other free sports websites exist because Buffstream is unavailable in many countries. Therefore, I have carefully curated a list of the top 18 best alternatives to Buffstream. It includes Crackstream, LiveTV, Stream2Watch, and NPL.TV, Batmanstream. So, explore these options and select the best for yourself. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Watch Buffstreams on Android TV using a Website?

By following these steps, you can watch the Buffstreams on android tv.

Step 1) Start your Android TV’s web browser of choice.
Step 2) Search for the Buffstream website by typing its name.
Step 3) The Buffstream homepage will appear.
Step 4) Select a sport to view the available matches.
Step 5) Select a game and enjoy it on your Android TV.

Is Buffstream Legit?

Buffstream shows you multiple sports events from different countries without informing sports channels. It raises questions about its legitimacy. According to US laws, Buffstream is violating copyright laws, making it an illegal website. If you want to use it, download a VPN and hide your location.

How to Sideload Buffstreams on Android TV?

Here is the step-by-step guide to sideload Buffstream on android tv.

Step 1) Access the Google Play Store from the home screen of your Android TV.
Buffstreams sideload for Android TV
Step 2) Look up the Downloader app using the search bar. After choosing the Downloader software, click Install.
Step 3) Open the Settings menu on your Android TV and select Security Restrictions under Device Preference.
Step 4) Turn on the Downloader toggle under the Install Unknown Apps section.
Step 5) On your Android TV, launch the Downloader application.
Step 6) Use the browser.aftvnews.com URL to install the AFTVnews Plugin. Without that Plugin, you cannot install any APKs or applications on the Downloader app.
Step 7) Next, type in the Buffstreams Android TV APK URL and press the Go button.
Step 8) Click Install when you locate the app. Launch the Buffstreams app and view every sporting event.

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