AI-Powered Homes: How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Real Estate Game in San Diego

AI-Powered Homes

Last updated on March 28th, 2024 at 04:35 am

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a part of mainstream real estate. Everyone from the couple looking for their first single-family home to the jet-setting globe-trotting purchasing and his or her third million-dollar home is interested in some feature of artificial intelligence. But why has artificial intelligence become such an interest for so many homeowners, buyers, and sellers?

Currently, the largest group of homebuyers are those that were born between 1981 and 1996. The generation known as millennials makes up more than half of current homebuyers. Not only are millennials very technologically savvy, but they are also more prone to use artificial intelligence because they are so much more comfortable using it than older generations. San Diego, California, is one area of the country that is really feeling the shift in focus from a traditional home to an artificial intelligence-capable home due to the large population of millennials. Millennials make up over 30% of the San Diego, California population, and this generation and those that follow them are more than happy to allow new technology into their home. 

The shift in generations willing to adapt to new technology has increased the interest in artificial intelligence within the home. This interest has led to greater marketability of homes with artificial and smart capabilities. In some cases, the availability of smart intelligence can increase your home’s value and possibly its sale price. Here are several ways that artificial intelligence is changing real estate in San Diego, California. 

AI for security

Home security is a major concern for every single homeowner. Everything from locking up outdoor equipment to securing the safety of loved ones is imperative to homeowners. While a home security system with password-encoded locks and motion-sensor lights might wow some home buyers, a security system with artificial intelligence capabilities is even better. AI-enabled security systems utilize advanced biometric authentication methods for optimal security control. These include facial recognition and detection, retinal scans, and fingerprint scans. In addition, an AI-enabled security system can monitor for possible security threats. With proper security integration, an AI-enabled security system can work with and learn from daily routines in order to perfect the security of a home. 

AI for energy-saving

A topic that is constantly front and center in the minds of homeowners, buyers, and sellers is energy-saving. Whether because they are looking to save money or because they are concerned about a possible climate crisis, those who own a home or are looking to purchase a home want to know that the place they live is as energy-efficient as possible. In the past, the hallmark of an energy-efficient home was LED lights and Energy Star-certified appliances and windows. However, AI is advancing energy-saving possibilities by monitoring, learning from, and adapting the use of energy-consuming products in the home. This means that a home integrated with a smart thermostat can use AI to monitor and predict where and when lighting, heating, cooling, etc. will be needed in specific areas of the home and adjust the thermostat accordingly without the homeowner ever needing to flip a switch or press a button. 

AI for home buying and selling

Not only is artificial intelligence a positive for homeowners and their home value, but it is also a positive for buyers and sellers looking for a streamlined real estate experience. Everything from chatbots to virtual assistance can assist San Diego, California, real estate agents and provide better service. In addition, AI is capable of generating powerful descriptions of a home, upgrading marketing of a home, and assisting clients in home searches. With more ease and efficiency created by AI, real estate agents and clients will find the home selling process to be more pleasant and easier to navigate. 

While not everyone is excited about the presence of artificial intelligence in everyday life, it does have quite a few perks. Learning behaviors, reducing energy waste, and increasing security in the home are valuable AI assets. Using artificial intelligence in the home can increase home value and even make selling your San Diego, California, home much faster. In addition, using AI to sell or purchase a home can drastically increase efficiency and reduce the stress of buying or selling a home

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