9 seating solutions for small restaurant spaces

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Last updated on March 27th, 2024 at 10:16 pm

If you have a small restaurant, creating the seating solutions always seems like a big deal. A small space means it may not be easy to access all your customers simultaneously. One of the things that makes a small restaurant stand out is how cozy and warm it is when you organize it well.

Designing the seating pattern is not the issue, but the size of the floor boxes you to a corner. Meanwhile, the space doesn’t have to be big to have a cozy seating arrangement in your restaurant. Even the big restaurants most likely started from a very small space. Read and learn the seating solutions for small restaurant spaces. 

Tips to create the best seating positions for your small restaurant

You can either do it yourself or hire an expert to create a good seating plan for your small restaurant. From your income, it’s most likely that you may not be able to hire an expert to organize your seating arrangement. Below are the best seating solutions for your small space.

Create accessible spaces

Your first focus should not be trying to jam-pack the small space with chairs so to accommodate all of your customers. Design a seating arrangement that allows accessibility. In other words, your guests and employees should be able to move around without any hurt. Prioritizing accessibility ensures that your restaurant is welcoming to guests with mobility challenges, reflecting a commitment to inclusivity and a positive dining experience for all.

Opt for customized tables and chairs

Using regular chairs and tables for your small restaurant is not ideal. A furniture maker should evaluate your space and create chairs that will fit in it. The chairs and tables should have enough legroom for optimal comfort and relaxation. Consider using bar stools that can slide under tables and be easily stowed away. Opting for foldable or stackable furniture options can provide flexibility in managing the space, allowing for quick adjustments based on the number of guests or the type of event being hosted.

Use oval or round tables

Opt for round or oval tables to minimize the space occupied by chairs and tables at your restaurant. Square tables take up too much space. Also, round tables are less likely to cause accidents or friction while staff are serving guests. Moreover, round or oval tables promote a more intimate and convivial atmosphere, encouraging guests to engage in conversation and enjoy their dining experience to the fullest.

Create a waiting area

You need a waiting area in as much as you are trying to manage the space. The waiting area, too, should be comfortable for guests, like the main auditorium. Guests should not be stressed out while waiting for a seat in your restaurant. Additionally, incorporating elements such as soft lighting, engaging reading materials, and a refreshment station in the waiting area can significantly enhance the guests’ waiting experience, making it feel less like a delay and more like a part of the overall dining journey.

Don’t demarcate with boards

Demarcating the seating area with boards will make it constrictive. Allow for a free flow of movement. Make sure there is enough space between the various tables for guests and staff to pass. Instead, consider using plants or low partitions to subtly define spaces, which can add to the aesthetic appeal while still maintaining an open feel. This approach not only enhances the ambiance but also ensures that the environment remains welcoming and accessible.

Hire an interior decorator

Using an interior decorator to arrange your small restaurant is one of your best decisions. An interior will offer the best seating arrangement. Before you hire any interior decorator, ensure a trusted person refers them, or you can check them up online. An experienced interior decorator will not only optimize the seating arrangement but also enhance the ambiance with lighting, colour schemes, and decor, creating an inviting atmosphere that complements your restaurant’s theme and cuisine.

Making good use of your space is a challenge for small restaurants. Remember, you don’t want a stuffy restaurant. The goal is to create a cozy and amazing restaurant, no matter the size of your floor. World-class restaurants ensure that their guests always have enough legroom while seating. Finally, your best bet to a beautiful seating position in your restaurant is to hire an interior decorator or designer.

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