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Last updated on March 19th, 2024 at 12:31 am

Lil Durk, or as his real name is, Durk Derrick Banks, is a Chicago-born rapper who made the dark and violent subgenre of trap music famous. That’s why, even before we begin, it’s valuable to mention that Durk’s music is fantastic for dancing, but you mustn’t take his lyrics for granted.

Lil Durk is both loved and hated for his view on life, especially when it comes to his music videos, and that’s why one should know that it’s dangerous to follow such ideas. Be as it may, it’s undeniable that Lil Durk is one of the most popular rap and hip-hop performers ever.

Having his rap collective and record label, “Only the Family,” was a wise move by Durk since he can do whatever he wants creatively. And that’s one of the reasons he has so many famous tracks, which you can enjoy the best if you get Lil Durk tickets for his upcoming shows around the US.

Let’s see Durk’s five famous tracks without further ado.

My Beyoncé with Dej Loaf

One of the most frequently asked questions about the Chicagoan rapper is how long is Lil Durk concert? The answer will satisfy you since Durk’s average concert time is an hour and a half, which is more than enough for him to perform his best songs. And one of those songs is “My Beyoncé,” which he made together with Dej Loaf. This musical creation is a love song with the premise that Durk and his loved one are the new Jay-Z and Beyoncé.

The music video shows excellent chemistry between the two, and even though he and Dej Loaf are no longer together, the track remains highly famous among his fans. Yes, Lil Durk made a romantic ballad, which is truly surprising considering the fact that most of Durk’s tracks deal with various dark themes and issues.

Golden Child

The latest Lil Durk studio album, “7220,” is a big hit since it sold around one million copies in the United States and peaked at number one on US Billboard 200 and Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums. And one of the most famous tracks from this album is “Golden Child.” This song was produced by Real Red, Cubeatz, Hitmaka, and YC, and the direction for the music video is credited to Jerry Productions.

As for the track’s style, there aren’t many surprises since it’s a classical trap and rap track, but his fans like it anyway. The song itself also had success as a single when it came to music charts since it peaked at number twelve on Billboard’s US Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs and number 34 on US Billboard Hot 100.

The Voice

While the dark times of the global Covid-19 pandemic were all around us in 2020, Lil Durk made a decision to make something since no one could go anywhere anyway, so he established himself even more in the rap music scene by creating a track like “The Voice.” In fact, this is the lead single from his sixth studio album of the same name, and he did a good job since, in this track, Durk isn’t afraid to show his abilities and make grand comparisons.

Even more, Durk compared himself with Jay-Z, who is a living legend in the hip-hop world, and deemed himself the “Chicago Jay-Z.” This approach evidently worked since this track sold over one million copies and was certified Platinum by the RIAA, which is a massive success since the rap music industry has so many performers who are trying to be at the top, so competition is a huge part of this scene. However, it seems like this is just another exciting challenge for Lil Durk.

All Love

Another famous Lil Durk song is “All Love,” which was also a collaborative production experience for the Chicagoan since TouchofTrent produced it with Young T. This famous single was released after “Love Songs 4 The Streets 3” was already out, which, in a great deal is an homage to the city of Chicago.

Of course, the music video is a classical today’s rap and hip-hop video with clips of fancy vehicles and iced-out watches, which is one of the biggest problems with rap music videos since they have no actual value. To be fair, the track still has a nice message since it’s about a person who made something out of nothing, and we all know that Durk had a tough childhood since, at times, he didn’t have anything to eat.

Therefore, “All Love” can inspire young rappers who doubt themselves since they must understand that challenges can be overcome and always remember that violence isn’t the answer. On the other hand, love is always the most powerful way to achieve something great.

I Know

Last on our list of five famous Lil Durk hip-hop tracks is “I Know,” a song where the Chicago-born rapper touches on a lot of things. This track refers to his time in jail, his attitude toward loyalty, and the experience of growing up in an extremely tough environment.

However, the primary theme of this track is about how even though people around him questioned his decisions, Durk states that he wouldn’t be the person that he is today and wouldn’t have been where he is today without the choices he made in the past.

Still, his worldwide fans would undoubtedly love for Durk to stay out of legal issues in the future and focus on his music. If you want to see this Chicagoan rapper perform live, you better hurry up to purchase tickets. It’s not surprising that rap music fans often ask where can I buy Lil Durk tickets since he is one of the best rappers of today.

Even if you don’t listen to his music, one thing is for sure; you can dance all night long. So, stop wasting time and get some Lil Durk concert tickets as soon as possible to have a tremendous amount of fun with your best friends!

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