Who Won YouTube vs TikTok Boxing? Facts And Results.

youtube vs tiktok boxing

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Boxing matches are often thrilling and compelling, especially when the camera focuses on the fighters’ expressions while they are getting ready for a significant bout. But hold on, what is it? What do you think about staging this competition between two representatives of different social networking sites in an online environment?

We will speak about the boxing battle between YouTube and TikTok if you need to know what we are talking about. This short article will explain youtube vs Tiktok boxing, when it will start and which channel it will broadcast.

What Was Youtube vs. TikTok Boxing?

If you haven’t already heard, the YouTube vs TikTok boxing event was an amateur white-collar boxing match in 2021 and was organized by Social Gloves. The biggest argument, if I’m being very straightforward, included the American YouTuber Austin McBroom, who stands at 183 centimeters, and the American TikToker Bryce Hall.

Medals with the victors’ names engraved on them might be an honor. These custom medals may be plated with various coatings, such as gold, silver, and others, to differentiate between the many gaming accomplishments. The recipients’ names and the names of their organizations may be engraved on the medals to give them a more personal touch.

How did everything get started?

Twitter was the first venue for conflict between Austin McBroom, famous for his ACE Family YouTube channel, and Bryce Hall, a phenomenon on TikTok. It is not known what sparked the two individuals to start arguing with one other online.

However, due to their primarily verbal conflict on social media, an event dubbed they planned the Battle of Platforms or YouTubers vs. TikTokers. However, this was not the first time prominent inventors decided to settle their differences via a boxing match.

Before the 2021 event, Joe Weller, another well-known creator, squared off against KSI, a YouTube celebrity from the United Kingdom. However, TikTokers vs. YouTubers boxing was the first competition of its kind to include the names of both platforms in the title, turning the conflict into a rivalry between the content producers of each site.

You should note that Austin McBroom’s original plan was to compete against Jake Paul. However, as it became clear that Paul was unavailable, he decided to compete against Hall instead.

YouTube vs TikTok Boxing Date and Time

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youtube vs tiktok boxing

When Does YouTube vs. TikTok Begin? On June 12, 2021, the boxing match was held at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida. As you are aware, the event was named “the Battle of the Platforms” by the organization known as “social Gloves.” In addition, the conflict’s correspondent was sports writer Emily Austin, who covered the event for the newspaper.

There Were a Total of 16 Participants (8 from YouTube and eight from Tik Tok), and the Results of Each Match Are Presented in the Following Table:

Match #1

  • You Tuber: Ryan Johnston
  • Tik Toker: Cale Saurage
  • Winner: Ryan Johnson Won by Stopping Cale Saurage

After a Protracted and Exhausting First Round, Saurage Eeked Out a Narrow Victory against Johnston in This Game, Winning 10–9 in the First Round. After the first round, the action picked up in the second, which was won by Ryan Johnston against Cale Saurage in the last seconds before the buzzer sounded.

Johnston went on to win Rounds 3 and 4 when the referee declared a Standing Eight-Count after Johnston had landed enough lethal blows on Cale Saurage to warrant the count. After tying the score at 10 in Round 2, Johnston went on to win Rounds 3 and 4.

Match #2

  • You Tuber: Landon Mc Broom
  • Tik Toker: Ben Azelart
  • Winner: Landon Mc Broom Won Ben Azelart by TKO

Because he admitted that he had just taken a single punch a month before the fight, many were asking Ben Azelart whether he had any chance against the YouTuber Landon McBroom. Ben Azelart was asked if he had any chance against Landon McBroom. After only a second standing eight counts for Ben Azelart, the referee declared the match in favor of Mc Broom after an eight-count of 20 seconds early in the round. It came after the referee declared the match in favor of Mc Broom.

Match #3 (Canceled)

  • You Tuber: Tanner Fox
  • Tik Toker: Ryland Storms
  • Winner: Cancelled

Tanner Fox chose to withdraw from this match, which ultimately resulted in the match being postponed or canceled altogether. Concerning the Reasons Behind His Decision, Uncertainty Prevails.

Match #4

  • You Tuber: Fa Ze Jarvis
  • Tik Toker: Michael Le
  • Winner: Fa Ze Jarvis Won Michael Le by Ko

British YouTuber Fa Ze Jarvis prevailed over Tik Toker Michael Le in the evening’s first preliminary bout, which was part of the event’s undercard. The Tik Toker Guy, who had two standing eight counts for Michael Le in the first round, was later knocked out by a devastating right hook in the second round, and Fa Ze Jarvis prevailed with an AKO in the fourth round.

Match #5

  • You Tuber: Ddg
  • Tik Toker: Nate Wyatt
  • Winner: Ddg Won Nate Wyatt by Unanimous Decision

Even though DDG outpunched Nate Wyatt by a significant margin (approximately forty to eight), this was the first fight in this collection to last the whole five rounds; there were two standing eights in rounds one and three.

Match #6

  • You Tuber: An Eson Gib
  • Tik Toker: Tayler Holder
  • Winner: An Eson Gib and Tayler Holder: Majority Draw

Epson Gib seemed to be one of the few “professional” boxers on the card since he had a perfect record of 2-0 in amateur boxing and was unbeaten in his career. However, Tayler Holder has trained with other fighters like Canelo Alvarez.

Gib got a strong start in the first few rounds of this competition as a real aggressor. At the same time, Taylor Holder took a more tactical approach, hoping that an Eson Gib would eventually tire out of the competition. On the other hand, Taylor Holder wanted to avoid being informed of the result.

Match #7

  • You Tuber: Deji
  • Tik Toker: Vinnie Hacker
  • Winner: Vinnie Hacker Won Deji by TKO

Vinnie Hacker’s victory against Deji on this occasion was because Deji was grossly underestimated in the moments leading up to the fight. However, by eliminating YouTuber Deji Olatunji in Round 3, he silenced his critics and provided Team TikTok with a much-needed victory.

This fight was very exciting, with both content producers putting everything on the line. After a little more sedate match between Ddg and Nate Wyatt, this fight was really exciting. Even though Deji seemed to have the advantage at the beginning of the fight, Hacker could turn the tide of the match with a right hook in the second round. He kept hitting a trapped Deji during the third round, even after the referee stopped the contest.

Match #8

  • You Tuber: Austin Mc Broom
  • Tik Toker: Bryce Hall
  • Winner: Austin Mc Broom Won Bryce Hall by TKO

Despite the unexpected fact that the two social media stars started the fight by touching gloves with one other, Austin displays a consistently good performance throughout the first few rounds of the match. Bryce Hall lost the fight when the referee urged the two boxers to engage in a clean bout during Round 2. As a result, the referee deducted two points from him for shady maneuvers.

After a second standing eight count in round 3, the fight is ruled to have been won by Austin. During this round, a dazed Hall takes a few hits to the head, which causes the referee to declare a standing eight count. Surprisingly, despite the tension between the two of them over the previous three months, it was evident that they had resolved their disagreement as they embraced and spoke with one another after the fight.

As a result, the You Tubers team was victorious against the Tik Tokers team by scoring 6-1. (Vinnie Hacker was the only winner of the Tik Toker competition.)

Who Won YouTube vs. TikTok Boxing?

Team YouTube prevailed over their rivals from TikTok to claim victory in the boxing competition with a stunning 6-1 triumph.

  • AneSonGib of YouTube prevailed against Taylor Holder of TikTok in a five-round brawl by unanimous decision.
  • In a bout that was supposed to last for 5, Faze Jarvis of YouTube knocked out Michael Le of TikTok in the second round.
  • DDG of YouTube defeated Nate Wyatt of TikTok by unanimous verdict.
  • In a bout that was supposed to last for 5, Vinnie Hacker of TikTok knocked down Deji of YouTube at 0:44 in the third round.
  • Cale Saurage of TikTok was knocked out in the fifth and final round by Ryan Johnston, who won the fight through technical knockout.
  • In a match that was supposed to go for 5, Landon McBroom won by technical knockout in 0:30 of round 2 against Ben Azelart of TikTok.
  • In a bout that was supposed to last for 5, Austin McBroom of YouTube knocked out Bryce Hall of TikTok at 0:45 in the third round.

The Controversies About the YouTubers vs. TikTokers Boxing Event

The boxing fight described as being held harmlessly by Social Gloves was everything but. It resulted in several legal problems and conflicts, both of which rendered future events of a similar kind very unlikely.

Fake beef.

One of the most contentious aspects of the boxing match between YouTube and TikTok was what the audience called “fake beef.” It is the first time anyone has ever been able to figure out why McBroom and Hall got into an argument over the internet. Many believe that the whole incident was fabricated to ratchet up the tension.

A damaging effect on the younger generation.

Many content producers expressed their disapproval of the Battle of Platforms by alleging that it incited consumers of YouTube and Twitch to feel hatred against one another. It was also pointed out that the event had no practical goal other than to throw a bunch of inventors in a ring and watch them kill each other from a distance.

Before the boxing match between YouTube and TikTok, several creators had already gotten into the ring to help generate money for charities or bring notice to social causes. However, Social Gloves came under fire for arranging such an event to make financial profits.

The legal actions.

Austin McBroom was hit with a lawsuit for $100 million for slander by the corporation LiveOne, which was participating in the Battle of Platforms event. On the other hand, Holder and Hall filed a lawsuit against the organizers because they had broken the contracts and had not been paid.

Was the Boxing Match Between YouTube and TikTok a Successful One?

The organizers had anticipated at least 500,000 paying spectators for the event, but only 136,000 showed up. Therefore, asserting there was no return on investment is safe. The YouTube vs. TikTok boxing is expected to have produced around $8 million, which needs to be more to pay all the expenditures.

It is safe to assume that the Battle of Platforms was a financial loss for the management and amateur fighters who were the event creators. It is because of the litigation and the fact that underpaid boxers are waiting to obtain their wages.

How Much Did YouTube vs. TikTok PPV Cost?

When the “paying” approach is used, many viewers will be dissatisfied with seeing the boxing match between YouTube and TikTok. Austin Mc Broom was quoted as saying, “only the Haters Want to Believe that Thing,” about the event’s predetermined charge of 100,000 pp vs. the actual charge of 200,000 pp.

Con artists are essentially suggesting that all of the fighters and our fan bases are pointless, and they are doing it in this context. Certainly a Wonderful Icon, No? The initial price for the pay-per-view broadcast of the YouTube vs.

Tik Tok Boxing Event was USD 49.99; however, a Service Fee brings the total price to over USD 60. Bear in Mind That You Aren’t Just Getting This Event with It since a Ppv Purchase Also Includes a Six-Month Live X Live Membership and a Unique Nft in Addition to Getting This Event.

Who Has More Audience – TikTok or YouTube?

Because it has such a large user base (2.6 billion monthly active users), YouTube attracts more viewers who spend more time watching videos there. Only one billion people are actively using TikTok. Despite this, the overall view time on TikTok is substantially more than that of YouTube.

Comparatively, the average time spent viewing videos on YouTube by a user is around 14 minutes per day, whereas the average time spent on TikTok is 90 minutes per day. The characteristics of both video-sharing platforms provide fascinating data to compare and contrast in terms of the number of active users and the typical viewing time.

Is YouTube vs. TikTok boxing coming back?

After the first year, users are interested in discovering whether there will be a second battle between YouTube and TikTok. However, on the bright side, several contestants, including McBroom, Bryce Hall, and Deji, have said they would want to fight again if given the opportunity.

At this point, it is unlikely that this will occur due to the many scandals surrounding the event. Even Deji himself has challenged Bryce Hall to a battle, and this challenge has the potential to be the spark that ignites yet another Battle of the Platforms competition.

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Everyone enjoys watching a good fight, and YouTubers against TikTokers were all that and more! Everyone is interested in finding out whether or if Social Gloves plans to put together another fight card of a comparable scale. Now, all we can do is sit tight and see what happens.

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