Why London’s Top Brands Choose Creato for Logo Design Services?

Why London's Top Brands Choose Creato for Logo Design Services

Last updated on November 30th, 2023 at 10:25 am

When we talk about Logo Design Services, Creato is the first name that pops up. Founded in 2015, Creato is a design agency offering logo design services in London, started out in Sydney, and now has expanded its services to multiple regions of the United Kingdom.

The expert logo designers at Creato are known for their innovation and creation of iconic brand identities, which include logo design, brochure design and other aspects. Mastering the art of creating distinctive and impactful logos, Creato matches the essence and pulse of the brand. and provide logo designs that directly resonate with the client’s expectations and easily target the target audience. 

They have a diverse portfolio and have catered to prestigious organizations such as Dell, IGA, Gambit Group etc. By collaborating with top-tier companies, Creato has become the go-to place for anyone who is looking for logo design services.  They aim to separate their clients and make them stand out from the competition by producing visually appealing and clean graphics.

Let’s get into the details of logo design, and expertise delivered by Creato to know more! 

The Power of a Distinct Logo

Several times, we recognise a brand just by the logo.  That is the power of a distinct logo, it becomes the image of the brand. For example, Nike, and Adidas have logos which are unique and timeless, and a customer or an individual can easily identify the brand with their logos! 

A logo is a graphical representation of a brand, if done right, it can convey the values, identity and essence of the brand in one go. Here are some key aspects of a powerful logo-

  • It is the logo that can make a brand stand out just by its design and aesthetics. 
  • A strong and distinct logo becomes the brand signature, its identity which can help it stand strong and apart from its competition.
  • If crafted very efficiently and effectively, logos can be timeless. For example- Coca-Cola, Chanel, and Rolex logos. 
  • A logo holds the power to influence the consumer’s perception.
  • It acts as a cornerstone of every brand’s identity.
  • A distinct logo has the power to make consumers recognise the brand.

Creato’s Logo Design Philosophy

The logo design philosophy at Creato’s is simple- Design in a way that can set the client apart from the competition. Deliver timeless, effective and designer logos that will help the brands stand out. They aim to provide clean graphics which will be tailored based on the briefs discussed during the logo design process.

Logo Design Process at Creato

The logo designing process includes steps which are extremely important if you want to create a unique visual representation of your brand. Creato’s logo design process is not very lengthy, it is very simple yet very efficient and effective.

  • Logo Package: Choose the most suitable packages provided by Creato. Process the payment to avoid any further delays.
  • Design Brief: After the logo package selection, you will immediately be directed to the design brief. Give as much information as possible about your business or brand, for which you are seeking logo designs.
  • Logo Concepts: The designer will work with you closely to know whether the logo which is being designed aligns with your business. They develop different design concepts in this step.
  • Edits/Revision: In this step, provide feedback to the designer regarding the logo they have shared with you. If there is any edit or anything in the logo you dislike, this is the time to address them and get it fixed.
  • Final Logo: Get the final logo design of your brand at this stage.

Engagement with Creato for Logo Design

Are seeking to make your brand outshine, or elevate the brand identity? If yes, then connect with Creato. They stand out due to the unparalleled results they deliver. It is London’s most trusted design agency, as it blends innovation with passion. 

With the expertise of over 8 years, these logo design professionals understand the business inside out and have knowledge of what will work the best. Explore the potential of working with Creato. With the experience they have and a track record of creating iconic logos, your brand can be the next in the queue of timeless and impactful logos! 


If you are a business owner or a brand who wants to get a logo designed, or someone who is looking to revamp the existing business by redesigning the logo, the intent in this blog might have helped you. 

Logos are so powerful and have the potential to connect with the right audience so well, that you cannot mess it up. Grab the attention of your target audience and transform the visual identity of your brand now. Unlock the potential of logo design that will leave a forever mark in minds with the help of Creato.

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