All About Why Is 608-371-6666 Calling You Repeatedly?


Last updated on June 12th, 2023 at 11:42 am

For the last few months, I kept receiving calls from an unknown number that made me white, and she was because the cause was repeated, and the person just hung up when I answered the call. It made me curious about who this number belonged to. When I researched this matter, I found out that I was not alone and a lot of people were going through the same problem.

The number was 608-371-6666. So, if you are also receiving calls from the same number, make sure to continue reading because I will tell you each and everything about why you are receiving this false and the purpose behind them. So, let’s get right into the good stuff.

What is 608-371-6666?

It is a number that does spam calls to people around the world, and it belongs to a company known as Telephone Science Corporation. This company also has a website which is called NOMOBORO. It has been quite a while since people worldwide are receiving such spam calls, and the culprit behind the calls is the owner of the company Aaron Foss.

Most of the time, if you receive the call, the caller hangs up immediately so, you don’t even get enough time to listen to the voice of the person who is calling. You might have also received a spam statement on your card through 402-935-7733 and later figured that it was just an online purchase that you made; then, this is also the app that you downloaded on your phone.

But trust me, this matter is much more interesting and we can imagine because NOMOBORO is a well-known website that blocks spam calls from your phone, so why is it spam calling you? Keep reading, and you will find out soon.

Why Is NOMOBORO Calling You From 608-371-6666?

It is possible that you might have downloaded the app of NOMOBORO on your phone or might have signed up through their website to block unknown and spam calls from your phone. But it was really hard for me to understand that the company that is responsible for blocking calls is making spam calls; what could be the reason behind it?

This app works like a captcha and is known to effectively remove any robotic calls from your phone. It asks such questions from the caller that only human beings can answer, so when the caller is unable to answer those questions, the app immediately cuts the call.

But if a human being is calling you, he will easily answer those questions and will get through the app, but on your screen, you will see 608-371-6666 calling you whenever a person who can be a potential spam caller passes through the test of this app.

It is the way this app tells you that this person has passed the test, but it is not sure whether the person knows you or not, and it can be a potential spam caller. It is a red flag for you, and it completely depends upon you whether you receive the call or not.

This app is thinking about your own benefit, so I think I was extra suspicious because this is not the mistake of the app, and it cannot block all the unknown calls because sometimes, in emergencies, even your family members can call you through spam numbers and if the app blocked all the spam numbers it would be really hard for them to contact you.

What Would Happen if I blocked 608-371-6666?

To be honest with you, I was also very tempted to block 608-371-6666 so that I wouldn’t be receiving any of the spam calls anymore. But you need to understand that certain people might call you in emergencies through spam numbers, as I told you earlier, so blocking is not always a solution.

Risk Of Blocking Legitimate Callers

Even if you block this number, you may block all the other legitimate callers that might be calling you for some important business. Even if a close friend of yours changes his number and tries to call you from the new number, the app won’t let it pass through it without a test, and because you have blocked 608-371-6666, your friend won’t be able to contact you.

Errors In The App

Sometimes certain errors occur in the app, and it is unable to differentiate between the legit caller and spam callers, so it can also result in a problem if you block the number. So, there is not much you can do in the spam caller regard. 

You Can Miss Important Calls

It was really hard for me to understand why I could not block the number right away, but I read an example somewhere, and it straightened out the whole matter for me. Let me quote the same example for you to understand better why you should not be blocking the number.

The example was that sometimes we delete all the emails from our spam folder only to find out that there was a very important email that lost its way to spam messages. You deleted it accidentally, considering that it was a spam email.

The same could happen to your phone numbers, and some of your known callers can also fall prey to the app, and you may block their number while blocking the 608-371-6666. So, you need to consider all of these things before blocking the app, as it can affect your business and your daily life quite a lot.


Spam calls are always a headache, and if you are a businessman, they can be a waste of time for you because you might be receiving quite a lot of them. There are not many effective ways to stop spam calls, but you can always get an effective app that can at least reduce the number of spam calls that you receive.

I hope that this article helped you in clearing your confusion as it helped me. Don’t worry. This number is not a threat to your data, and the company is not doing anything illegal it is just letting you know that the number that is calling is not saved in your phone book, and you don’t know that person, so it is completely up to you that whether you decide to attend the call or not.

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