5 Reasons Big Companies Use Temp Agencies (and Why You Should, Too)

Use Temp Agencies

Last updated on June 24th, 2021 at 06:07 am

Temp agencies have been around for many years and have helped thousands of individuals land dream jobs. Although finding work through a staffing agency isn’t the normal way of doing things, they help to bridge the gap between employers and potential employees.In fact, major companies use them all of the time. But should your company do it too? Well, take a look at these reasons why it’s a good idea:

1. Short-Term Staffing Needs

One of the many perks of using temp agencies is to hire employees short-term. Most individuals who work through staffing agencies understand that their time at a particular company might be temporary.Actually, there are certain workers who prefer it that way. When it’s the busy season for your company, a temp agency can connect you with individuals to handle the workload on a short-term basis.

2. Hire Staff Quickly

Unlike the traditional way of doing things, partnering with temp agencies allows you to hire people quickly. They have a network of individuals who’ve already been vetted for the skills you need.So, if you need warehouse workers, they have numerous contacts they can call when you are looking for help.

3. Reduce Time During the Hiring Process

In addition to being able to hire an employee quickly, temp agencies also help big companies save time during the hiring process. When you go through the steps to direct hire a person, the managers have to take time to do interviews.Once the rounds of interviews are over, then they have to take the time to decide which candidates to choose and put those workers through training. But your company can skip all of that by using a staffing agency.

4. Minimize Overhead Costs

Temporary workers generally don’t get the same benefits as permanent workers. Employers don’t give temp employees vacation pay, sick days, healthcare, 401k benefits, or any other perks. Therefore, you’ll have the staff that you need, minus the additional costs.

5. Vetting New Employees

Many major businesses use temp agencies to find their ideal candidate. They understand that people want career opportunities and don’t want to work as a temp for years on end. Thankfully, hiring temporary workers allows companies to see which individuals would best suit their company needs.

It provides the opportunity for businesses to see the person’s work ethic. In most cases, the employer offers the temporary worker the chance to come on board as a full-time, permanent staff member.

Take Advantage of Temp Agencies

As you can see, temp agencies are a great benefit for employers. They help businesses recruit their ideal candidate without all of the headache and hassle of direct hiring. Now that you know more about them, do you think you’ll give a staffing agency a try?To find more articles like this, continue browsing our website!

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