Where Can I Spend Bitcoin? A Mini Guide


Last updated on November 28th, 2023 at 06:49 pm

Did you know that global crypto ownership had an average 3.9% rating in 2021? These ratings increase with each passing day with the growing popularity of Bitcoin. While most people lean on Bitcoin as an investment, they tend to forget it’s still a digital currency. Like any other kind of money, Bitcoin lets buy and sell goods with it. With the rising cryptocurrency adoption, it’s better to know how to spend bitcoin.

Some bitcoin owners might ask, “where can I spend bitcoin?” If you are one of these, then buckle up cause this article will give you a mini-tour to some businesses that accept bitcoin payment.

Buying and Spending With Bitcoin

It’s easy to buy from a vendor that accepts bitcoin payments as long as you have a cryptocurrency wallet. But you need to make sure that your wallet has an integrated browser. If you don’t have an integrated browser, check if your wallet offers a SegWit address with a QR code. It makes crypto easier to send and receive both online and offline.

Although you can still spend bitcoin with a crypto-linked debit card, some processes like Visa and Mastercard offer this option. That way, you can buy bitcoin and spend it on your everyday expenses. Remember that these type of debit cards only works with a bitcoin ATM. When you’re still unfamiliar with how Bitcoin ATMs work, you can check on this guide by Byte Federal.

Microsoft (Xbox)

For many years now, people can spend bitcoin on Microsoft’s products. They took a temporary pause from accepting it some time ago because of the volatility. Today, they’re back with accepting bitcoin payments but only to the Xbox Store.


Overstock is now in the lead for shopping and cryptocurrency. What’s good about Overstock is it accepts other kinds of cryptocurrency. Not only that, but it also holds bitcoin and is in it for the long term.


Are there any online shops where I can spend bitcoin? Well, Etsy is the answer to that question. Popular online shops like Amazon and BestBuy are still not accepting any cryptocurrency. But in some cases, people can buy stuff on Etsy with bitcoin payments.

Etsy, in general, doesn’t have any direct methods of accepting payments. Although, some customers and vendors found a way around its payment systems. Only certain online businesses can take bitcoin, so you have to be thorough.

Whole Foods

You can also spend your bitcoin offline in shops like Whole Foods. The store uses the spending app, Spedn. The app helps in accepting bitcoin payments for your groceries. They can also take other cryptocurrencies like Litecoin and the Gemini dollar.


Starbucks gave many Bitcoin owners an initial disappointment in 2019. The shop announced that without the Bakkt app, they won’t accept any bitcoin payments.

But with the Bakkt app’s launch in mid-2020, Starbucks has been accepting bitcoin payments. Like Whole Foods, the shop is also one of the most popular places where you can spend Bitcoin.

Where Can I Spend Bitcoin: A Short Guide to Buying and Spending Cryptocurrency

Where can I spend bitcoin? Thousands of business accepts bitcoin payments nowadays. You only need a little help to find the nearest shops where you can spend it.

Remember that Bitcoin is still a digital currency. Cryptocurrency adoption is all about practicality. Find this article helpful? Get more financial-relevant content about a lot of topics in other blog posts.

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