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when you die

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Bible says that you will get eternal life after death. It explains after-death life with reference to Jesus Christ. What Major Changes When You Die? According to Bible, Jesus’ death is a sacrifice for humanity. He was crucified to pay the penalty for the sins of mankind and to restore their relationship with God. This is termed atonement. Furthermore, the people who follow Christ and his teachings will enjoy eternal life in Heaven. 

You will face a trial.

According to Christianity, the people will undergo a trial after their death. It will happen on the Day of Judgment when all humans will die and will be presented before God. Another belief about death is that the judgment will be carried out in two stages; first, immediately after an individual’s death, and second the final and collective on the Doomsday.   

You will be sent to Hell or Purgatory.

Bible says that people who commit sinful acts in their life will be thrown into Hell. Hell is a fiery place where you are burnt in the fire repeatedly. It is the place of eternal pain and suffering. There will be some other punishments like you will be forced to eat thorns and to drink the puss and extremely hot water. Cobras, giant lizards, scorpions, and many other poisonous animals will sting you continuously. The severity of punishment will depend on the type of your sins. Another belief of the Bible (Roman Catholic Church) is that you go to Purgatory after your death. Some sinners will be sent to Purgatory for purification. They are sent to Heaven after being purified in the cleansing fire.  

You are lucky if you go to Heaven.

Bible says that you go to Heaven if you perform good deeds in your life. Life in Heaven will be eternal. Heaven is divided into seven ranks, and people are placed according to the height of their nobility. Heaven is full of all types of blessings like fruit, milk, honey, meat, and wine. You will live in huge palaces, wearing jewels and listening to music. These blessings will never end, and you will never die. Bible says that after your death, you will reborn with your physical body. 

What Happens To Your Spirit When You Die?

When You Die
When You Die

This question seems difficult because you cannot talk to a spirit, nor you can return to this World to tell about your after-death experience. But, some research studies conducted over five decades answer this question. Dolores Cannon, Dr. Ian Stevenson, and Dr. Michael Newton are ‘Hypnotherapists.’ They hypnotize their clients to know the truth of their past life and their near-death experiences. It is a way of treatment. The doctors say that people under hypnosis tell everything honestly. They do not lie, exaggerate or hide anything. They tell what they see and feel because their subconscious mind is approached. These experts have been conducting sessions with clients for the past 50 years. They have gathered huge data by documenting the information given by their clients. There is a great similarity among the experiences of all clients that is evidence of some universal phenomenon that happens to the soul after death. 

Your Spirit passes through a series of events after your death.

Dr. Newton informs that the client of every sect and religious belief almost share the same kind of experience. So, he summarized this information and explained the World of the soul. He says that our soul undergoes different stages when we die. 

Separation of the soul from the physical body

The majority of the clients report that they could observe their bodies from a height. Their Spirit separates from their physical body. They could see and hear their relatives till the time they were buried. They are pulled by a light source and feel themselves passing through a tunnel. 

Traveling through a tunnel

In the second stage, they enter a tunnel and reach the light. The size, shape, and location of the tunnel vary. But, almost all client reports that they observe many beautiful things at the end of the tunnel. According to Dr. Newton, these beautiful visions are actually our adored memories of life. 

Reaching the World of Spirits.

The tunnel leads the soul to the World of spirits who greet it. These spirits seem like luminous bodies and sometimes look like familiar faces. At this stage, the Spirit recalls its past life and the life after death. The souls who inflicted death upon themselves by committing suicide analyze their actions. A guide directs the soul to choose the right path. 

The shower of light

In this stage, the soul undergoes a shower of light and discards its bad and painful memories. This lightens the soul and removes every burden of the previous life. The soul restores its original state. After that, the Spirit discusses with the guide and tells him about his past life. The guide helps to decide which mistakes should not be repeated in the afterlife.  

Conference of the Spirits

The clients report that they observe other souls passing from the tunnel. There is light everywhere, and no darkness prevails. It is a beautiful sight. Then the Spirit meets with other familiar spirits, and they share their experiences. At this stage, all the souls meet a grand counsel who goes through their past life. It discusses the lessons and experiences learned in the previous lives of the souls.  

Feeling others pains

This is the learning stage. The spirits are grouped in classes, just like in school. They form circles and learn about each other past experiences. The clients report that they get access to other spirits’ minds. They feel the pain of others whom they hurt. The larger groups of spirits come together to sing, dance, and enjoy their new life. 

Choosing the new life and body

Dr. Newton says that in this stage, the spirits move to a huge circle of light and decide on their next life. There are various paths available to them temporarily. They have the opportunity to project into these new lives to select the best one. Another amazing thing in this stage is that the souls can travel through time and can see future events. So, they choose life according to their will. Some accept challenging lives involving pain and suffering. In this stage, the spirits also select their physical appearance. This process takes time as they have many choices. 

Planning the next life

Once the spirits choose their next life and body, they discuss the next life with their soul groups. They plan, decide their roles, set their goals, create cues, and set symbols to be guided in the future. After this process is completed, the souls meet the counsel again. The counsel motivates and guides them further on how they should behave in negative situations.  

The soul reborn as a new individual

This is the final stage in which clients reported traveling back. They reach the earth by passing through the same tunnel. They enter their mother’s womb and develop as a new child. The interesting thing is that the Spirit can go back to meet the other souls for five years. It can return to the child’s body in case of any danger. The initial years of life are spent integrating the soul and brain-the physical and spiritual beings. 

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