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Families are the foundation of society, but most government officials do not understand it. Therefore, family right-oriented organizations started to raise voices for European citizens. One such organization is FAFCE.

FAFCE is popular because of the phenomenal work it has done for the sake of European families. It played a vital role in promoting social welfare and improving the quality of life for European families. The organization has taken many initiatives to improve the healthcare and education of children.

In this blog, I will tell you about the vision of FAFCE, its history, and its positive impact on our society. Keep reading my blog!

What Is FAFCE?

FAFCE, or the Federation of Catholic Family Association In Europe, is an influential organization representing the interests of European families. It’s a federation of family associations, making it a united and powerful voice for family-related issues.

FAFCE was founded in 1997 and has worked to promote the well-being of families in Europe. Many member organizations from 14 countries support the FAFCE mission. Plus, it has eight associated members. The organization ensures that they spread the Social Teaching of the Catholic Church, especially about families. Additionally, FAFCE is also a member of the Fundamental Rights Platform of the European Union. It is proof of their excellent reputation.

History of FAFCE 

FAFCE’s history is rooted in a need for unity and common purpose. The idea started in 1991 and was about the union of Catholic family associations from different countries. In 1997, its founders recognized that European family associations needed to come together to address shared concerns. The result was the birth of FAFCE. Over the years, FAFCE has evolved into a dynamic force advocating for family rights and values in European society.

In 2001, the Council of Europe granted FAFCE NGO status, and in 2002, they gained the unique privilege to submit collective complaints under the European Social Charter. In 2009, FAFCE expanded its presence by establishing an office in Brussels, and its membership has continually grown.

Vision of FAFCE

FAFCE focuses on giving rights to European families and works on showing their importance in society. They strive for a continent where the family is respected as the fundamental unit of society and receives the support it deserves. FAFCE’s vision is one of a family-friendly Europe where policies and practices uphold the well-being of families.

They believe that families play a vital role in economic growth. FAFCE forces governments to ensure that employees have the right to paid leave and access to childcare facilities. Moreover, Society should provide social security to help families take care of their needs.

FAFCE Family Policies

FAFCE is dedicated to influencing policies that empower and support your families. They advocate for family-friendly policies that encompass various aspects of family life. It includes healthcare, education, and work-life balance. FAFCE believes that strong, well-supported families are the building blocks of a prosperous society.

FAFCE Family Life

The celebration of family life is at the heart of FAFCE’s mission. They recognize and respect the diverse forms that families take in today’s society. FAFCE works to ensure that every family can flourish in a nurturing environment, regardless of its structure or composition.

FAFCE European & International Institutions

FAFCE isn’t just an advocate; it’s also an active participant in the highest levels of governance. They engage with European institutions and international organizations to ensure that your family concerns are addressed. FAFCE plays a crucial role in shaping family-related policies by participating in these conversations,

FAFCE Resolutions

The organization regularly adopts resolutions that reflect the needs of European families. These resolutions guide FAFCE’s work and serve as a roadmap for policymakers who aim to create family-friendly policies.

FAFCE Members

FAFCE is more than just its headquarters; it’s a network of family associations from various European countries. These member organizations form the backbone of FAFCE. They represent the interests and concerns of families in their respective nations. Their diverse perspectives inform FAFCE’s advocacy, ensuring collective strength.

News Letter of FAFCE 

You can also read newsletters, providing updates on their latest activities, policies, and achievements. These newsletters are valuable resources if you are interested in family advocacy in Europe. They offer insights into the organization’s ongoing work and its impact on families. In addition, you can also subscribe to their Newsletter  by following these simple steps:

  • Open your preferred browser.
  • Visit the official website of FAFCE.
  • Click on “Subscribe To Our Newsletter” on the homepage.
  • Enter your email address and name.
  • Check the box labeled “I’m not a robot.” 

How Can I Donate To FAFCE?

If you’re inspired by FAFCE’s dedication to improving the lives of European families and want to contribute, you can donate. Your financial support is essential in helping FAFCE continue its vital work. You can become a part of the collective effort to champion family rights and well-being by giving donations. Here are the following steps to donating to FAFCE:

  • Visit the FAFCE website.
  • Click on the “Support US.”
  • Enter the donation amount.
  • Give your detailed contact information.
  • Enter your payment method and details.

The Impact Of FAFCE On The Community

The Federation of Catholic Family Associations in Europe (FAFCE) has a significant impact on the community through its unwavering commitment to promoting the rights of families. FAFCE’s influence extends to various aspects of family life, social policies, and international cooperation.

One of the important impacts of FAFCE is its advocacy for family-friendly policies. FAFCE has played a crucial role in shaping policies that support families by engaging with European and international institutions. These policies encompass areas such as family care, education, employment, and housing. FAFCE’s vision is rooted in the belief that strong families contribute to strong communities. Their efforts have led to positive changes in legislation and social programs.

Furthermore, FAFCE’s active participation in promoting family values and social ethics has contributed to fostering a sense of solidarity within communities. Their support for the principle of subsidiarity, which empowers local communities, has encouraged a more cohesive and caring society.

FAFCE Case Against Sweden

In March 2013, the Federation of Catholic Families in Europe (FAFCE) complained against Sweden. This organization believes that they should have permission to say no to legal abortion services based on their personal beliefs. However, the Committee rejected FAFCE’s arguments, stating that women have the right to access reproductive health services, and Sweden’s laws protect these rights well.

The Committee clarified that healthcare workers don’t have the right to refuse abortion services because of their personal beliefs, according to the European Social Charter. In addition, Sweden isn’t required to create specific rules for healthcare workers who refuse to offer abortion services.

How Can I Contact FAFCE?

If you want to contact FAFCE for an official meeting or interview, you can do it in the following ways:

  • Visit the FAFCE headquarters in Bruxelles, BELGIUM, during their working hours, Monday-Friday, 9 am to 6 pm.
  • You can also call them before visiting on this number: +32 (0)2 274 14 24.
  • They also give an option of the contact form on their website where you can write your message along with your email address and name.

FAFCE official pages are also available on social media. These pages ensure that people of every age group hear FAFCE’s voice. They share all their press releases and recent achievements through social media. You can also contact them on these accounts to tell them your issues and complaints. Here are the links to FAFCE social media accounts:


They created a Facebook account in January 2013 after realizing the importance of social media. You can find links to their newsletter, registration forms for events, and more.


FAFCE also has a Twitter account with 1,575 Followers. They should hire an expert social media manager to run this account because it has fewer followers. If they want to spread their word to more people, they must work on increasing their reach.

Final Thoughts:

FAFCE is an impactful organization that has worked for many years to raise voices for European families. Their visions are unique and highlight the importance of families in society. They actively engage with European and international institutions, ensuring officials hear our voices. If you want to support the positive cause of FAFCE, you can also donate and take part in this positive journey. You can share the social media links of FAFCE in your circle to promote the organization.

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