What is a Reliable Face Verification System?

Face Verification


These days, face recognition is a popular identification technique. This popular biometric identification method has numerous use cases. A face verification system analyses and matches patterns in face images and characteristics to identify individuals using deep learning techniques.

Also called face verification, face recognition involves mapping facial traits from a stored video, image or real-time video stream. A face verification algorithm or system verifies the data against a database of labelled or recognised faces to confirm an exact match.

Many businesses globally are accepting facial verification, from government agencies and the military industry to premise access and online banking and payments. This article will dive deeper into the face verification world to help you understand all the features of a reliable face verification system.

Must-Have Features of a Reliable Face Verification System

A facial biometric system offers many great features. These features ensure business security while, at the same time, preventing criminals from causing any kind of trouble. Let’s discover the main features of a reliable face verification system.

Face Liveness Detection

Face Liveness detection means that the chances of spoof attacks are eradicated. This feature also ensures the live presence of the user during verification.

While fraudsters are trying to outsmart systems with these features, the leading providers take their liveness detection feature to a higher level to allow users to fight them effectively.

Deep Fake and Presentation Detection

If you want to identify and verify an image from a video, the deep fake and presentation detection feature will be helpful. A system that has this feature helps with identity verification or video KYC. This feature helps prevent cases where unsupervised face verification systems are tricked by different attack types.

Advanced Checks for Automatic Digital Onboarding and 3D Depth Detection

A reliable face verification system needs to have a 3D depth detection feature. This feature ensures advanced checks for automatic digital onboarding. Hat, age estimation, and dark glasses detection can be used in some cases.

Before you decide to use any face verification system, ensure it has these three key features. Additional features which must be available are:

  • Security and privacy
  • Face image quality determination

Face verification has transformed the commercial industry unprecedentedly. Enterprises are utilising its rewards more than ever, including:

  • Enhanced security features
  • Better efficiency through faster operations
  • Personalised solutions that meet your convenience requirements
  • Contactless authentication capabilities

Given these key benefits and many others, it is no surprise that its use is growing each day. Check out an example of face verification system to get a feel of what a reliable solution is, including features and capabilities like security and privacy, presentation attack detection, simple and comprehensive API, and more. A top-rated provider will always deliver a reliable system with these features and many others.

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