Best Weight Loss Diets For 2022, Recommended By Dietitians

Weight Loss Diets

Last updated on November 28th, 2023 at 07:21 pm

With the start of this new year, you have decided to change everything from your lifestyle to habits. Take a closer look at the frame, has your clock’s needle strick at changing your diet plans as well. If yes, you need to switch to diet plans recommended by dietitians. The obesity stats are extremely terrifying worldwide, and you can do your part to not come under that same population.

Switch your diet plan and see what works better for you because one size doesn’t fit all. You have to find your way to tune in your body. You will have a sea of options to choose from, but you can’t miss trying your hands on diets approved by dietitians.

Best Weight Loss Diets To Try

Your screens will be flooded with information about different diet plans, but you need to choose a better plan for yourself. Here are some of the best weight loss diet plans to try your hands on recommended by dietitians.

Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet is focused on eating fresh and including a range of colors in your diet. The diet is comprised of foods like cruciferous vegetables, whole grains, fruits, nuts, olive oil, seafood, and wine. It is one of the best ways to lose weight with a holistic approach if you are not willing to boycott a particular food group.

Emma Garofalo, a professional health writer shared that the Mediterranean diet helps in prevention of heart disease because it aids in the elimination of saturated fatty acids from your daily diet. Antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties make this diet a boon for health.

The Mediterranean diet focuses on improving heart and brain health. It has hunger-satisfying abilities due to high fiber content promoting weight loss. Along with being a weight loss-friendly diet, it also serves the purpose of health.

Flexitarian Diet

The word flexitarian means being a flexible vegetarian. A Flexitarian diet demands the priority of vegan foods while slowly cutting down the meat groups but never asks for its elimination. The flexibility of this diet encourages to continue it for longer so that people can enjoy its benefits in long run.

You can enjoy a wide range of food groups on your plate but only have a smaller portion for meat. Fill up your platter with beans, lentils, brown rice, sweet potatoes, brown rice, olive oil, and fish. If you want to protect your heart health and stop on the most sustainable diet plan, go for a flexitarian diet. This diet can be opted as a lifestyle to promote health and weight loss.

Dash Diet

Dash diet plan was invented to help people suffering from high blood pressure problems and protect heart health. Dash is an abbreviation for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. The diet includes food groups including low-fat dairy products, seeds, lean proteins, vegetables, and whole grains.

The consumption of processed food needs to be limited in this diet plan. Include foods in your diet rich in calcium, magnesium, and potassium. During the dash diet, you also have to limit your sugar intake cutting sweets and sugar will help you in weight loss along with adding health benefits.

Volumetrics Diet

Volumetrics diet focuses on bringing satiety to your hunger. The diet mainly revolves around food high in volume and water content. The foods rich in fibers are dense and make the person feel full. The Major plus point of this diet is it is calorie deficient. When you consume low-calorie foods, and the amount of dense food satisfies your hunger, you will have to work less to burn your calories.

The number of calories you consume daily decides the efficiency of your weight loss plan. You must focus on exercising while on a volumetrics diet to get instant results. A volumetric diet plan can show tremendous results when adapted as a long-term habit.

Ketogenic Diet

The Keto diet is low in carbohydrates and high in healthy fats. It does not exclude the carbs intake but demands carbs in a lower amount. When you start on the keto diet, the use of glucose as the primary source of energy becomes difficult.

It is the time when the body starts using an alternative form of energy produced from ketones. The process helps in burning the fat more efficiently. The Keto diet works in favor of people suffering from blood sugar problems. The diet is efficient in maintaining diastolic blood pressure and triglycerides levels.

The Bottom Line

The list of diets is not limited to only these plans. Not every diet works for everyone; you need to switch and check what works for you. There are a variety of diets on the Health Canal website to choose your diet type. You can tailor your diet yourself or combine two diets together, to create a new one that adds value to your healthy lifestyle.

Exercise remains an Important pillar of your weight loss journey. No matter what type of diet you are on, exercise will always be the key to quick results.

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