Waterfowl Hunting: Water Survival Tips


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It’s time for adventure, and it’s time for you to take a long breath and go out! Waterfowl hunters are generally adventurous, and their simplest tendency is to thrive on challenging quests. Are you a waterfowl hunter? Do you agree with us?  Well, the concepts and points of view might not be the same, but when it comes to the waterfowl hunters, the quest becomes common. With similar quests, the strategies also need to be similar to some extent, and that’s why we are here to help you out! 

Well, we are not the tip masters, but rather we have the best research and tested ways to make sure that you are safe and sound during the hunting process. No matter how easy the trail is, you will probably experience it like hurricane trails with messy hunting and adventure processes. 

Let’s not forget that hunters are keen observers, just like birds! So, it’s basically the fight of observation and patience and reflex between the hunters and waterfowl. Oh! Is it about reflexes? Nothing can help you more with your reflection better than a shotgun with a Benelli M4 collapsible stock on it. Get that perfect length of pull before you squeeze the trigger!

Tips For Surviving While Hunting

Now is the time, and now is the chance to know the best tips! Are you ready to go for it? Consider these tips to make sure that you are efficient enough on your next hunting tour. Every hunter has a dream to write a saga on their tours, and in that case, you will need to be prominent and successful through struggles in your tours.

Let’s see what we have to follow while hunting! 

1. Keep A Survival Kit

It’s not wise to go hunting without proper kits. You never know what is waiting for you in the shallow water, and you need to be ready for any kind of surprise. The experts never go hunting without a survival kit. It’s better for you to keep a waterproof pouch where you can keep every necessary kit. For instance, you can keep fire-starting materials, flares, a VHF radio, first aid ingredients, and flashlights as well. 

2. Go Where The Birds Are!

Do you know what waterfowls, like ducks and geese, constantly change their locations depending on the water and food conditions? Yes, they do! And you, as a savvy hunter, also have to quest for high bird concentration places. In that case, you can use mobile tools to understand the success rate. 

3. Use Decoy Smartly

We, the hunters, always use decoy and do not input much life in its spread. It’s time for you to reconsider the decoy because it’s the only important aspect of finding these birds.Try to keep the decoy mud-free and paint it constantly to keep it fresh. Waterfowls move on the water and create ripples, and thus you should also use a decoy that can add movement to it. For instance, you can use wobblers, jerk strings, spinners, et cetera to add movement to the decoy spread. 

4. Load Your Boat Properly

The hunters have a general tendency to keep a retriever with them. It’s not a bad habit, but also you need to consider balancing your boat. There is nothing more balancing than balancing! So, it’s time for you to load your boat properly! So, it’s time for you to keep your boat safe and secure! Load it only with the necessary decoy and other materials, and make sure your retriever is not fond of excitement. 

5. Do Not Panic

Panicking is not an option for the hunters. If you have the ability to hunt, you have better patience than others. So, make sure you are using your patience rather than panicking in difficult times. It’s better for you to take one waterfowl at a time and keep life jackets with you always. Whatever the situation is, do not panic, and keep your stock ready to go! 

Tell Someone Where You Are Going And When You Will Be Back! 

Tell your close ones where you are heading for the quest and confess the probable time of coming back! This is your life to live the adventure! Now you can enjoy your trail if you have the capability to follow the adobe mentioned tips. Water Hunting includes various dangers, and thus your focus should not be just on the birds but also on the other movements as well. 

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