5 Unique Types of Nail Paints to Explore At the Next Nail Tech Appointment

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Last updated on December 1st, 2023 at 10:32 pm

Nail art and nail paints are all the rage today. From magazine covers to the met gala carpet, fashion pays a lot of attention to any nail art’s colour, design, and shape. Even movies today use nail paint for symbolism. The nail art market in Australia grew at a CAGR of 1.33 % from 2015 to 2020. Since then, this number has only grown, and this is because of the massive variety of nail polish available from companies such as NSI Australia. This not only alludes to the colours but even the raw material and finish on the polish.

So here are five nail polish types other than the classic crème or matte polish:

1.     Glitter Polish

Glitter nail polish is a wedding season staple, and it meets the festive requirement and also lasts far longer than conventional crème or matte polish. They do, however, require several applications to produce the right glittery effect and are somewhat difficult to remove as a result.

2.     Dip-Powder

Another form of long-lasting nail polish is dip powder nail paint, and it lasts anywhere from at least three weeks to one month, which explains its appeal. Meanwhile, the dipping kit from brands like NSI Australia is usually used only by nail technicians and experts since it requires some amount of practice and special tools to apply.

As such, the nail technician applies a base coat first, followed by a coating of coloured powder. They repeat this process until the manicure is opaque. Finally, a coat of clear powder and a sealant is applied to set it in place.

3.     Breathable Nail Polish

Rather than forming a barrier on the nails, breathable nail paint allows oxygen and water to penetrate through the paint and to the nails. And if one does not have the time for frequent manicures, this water-permeable lacquer allows the nails to breathe and hence, can be a great alternative. The breathable nail paint has the same wearability as basic alternatives, including gel, matte, and crème, while lasting about a week.

4.     Holographic Nail Paint

This type of nail polish, like glitter nail polish, is iridescent and highly reflective. Holographic polishes have an ethereal appearance that complements the spring and summer looks. Furthermore, they are usually relatively easy to take off. And in a way, they are the daytime alternative for glitter nail polish.

5.     Magnetic Polish

Magnetic nail polish is one of the most intriguing varieties of nail paint on the market right now. So after applying the nail paint, a small magnet, which is usually found in the lid of the nail polish container, operates on minuscule metal particles in the polish to form stripes, waves, or other designs. As such, they are great for a quick and fun manicure when one does not have the time to go to a nail salon.

In addition to those given above, there are several other types of nail paints available on the market. And with so many to pick from, it can get pretty overwhelming. So always remember to consider the occasion when picking the nail paint.

Most of the nail paints from brands like NSI Australiaare great for daily wear. However, leave the magnetic polishes and holographic nails for big occasions. Also, only opt for the dip-powder type when getting a professional manicure. Now go on and explore the shades and designs that this area of cosmetics has to offer!

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