Ultimate Guide to Edit Trendy Videos for Restaurants


Last updated on June 17th, 2023 at 03:37 pm

A good video maker is an essential marketing tool for all kinds of businesses. Restaurants, in particular, benefit immensely from them since they need to appeal to the senses of their target customers. You can create a promotional video and use it to distil the essence of the dining experience you want to provide. But, how should you go about creating that video? That’s a good question.

In this article, we’ll highlight which elements need to be present in your restaurant video. We will also discuss how to edit the video so it can resonate with your prospective customers. Stay tuned so you can discover how to make the best promotional video for your restaurant! 

Highlight Various Dishes throughout the Video 

Your video maker creation should showcase what you can offer to your guests. That means you must shine the spotlight on your food. Make sure that you include different specialties in your video. Feature your pasta dishes, salads, steaks, and any other delectable treats on your menu. Give your viewers a feast for the senses so they get that desire to feast as well.

The different dishes should get enough screen time so viewers can see them clearly. Don’t rush through featuring your offerings. The promotional video may just turn into a confusing mess if you make that mistake. 

Switch through Different Camera Angles 

Remember that your goal here is to create a promotional video that piques the interest of potential diners. Utilising different camera angles will help you accomplish that goal.

Capture footage from different angles initially. While editing, try to select the angles that highlight certain foods or preparations best. In some cases, the overhead angle may be ideal while a close-up may be warranted for certain dishes. Keep exploring the options you have until you find the angles that showcase your food best. 

Create a Colourful Video 

How can you tell that a dish will be delicious without tasting it? Getting a whiff of the aroma it releases is one way to do it, but it’s not your only option. One thing you can also rely on when determining food quality is your sense of sight. To be more specific, you can look for colour when guessing how tasty a dish will be.

Bright colours in salads tell you that the ingredients used are fresh. A steak that was seared properly will feature a nice, dark brown crust. You can also tell that you’re digging into some good fried chicken if it has that golden brown coating. Colours matter immensely for food videos. Use your video maker’s editing tools to make sure that those colours are on point. 

Utilise Natural Lighting 

Lighting is crucial for showcasing the various elements included in your video maker creations. When it comes to food videos, you should rely mainly on natural lighting. There’s something about the way natural lighting accentuates food that makes it more useful for this assignment. Ingredients simply look better when they are bathed in that warm glow of the sun. Even meaty dishes look great as their fatty contents glisten on film.

Using natural lighting while cooking may not be an option due to how your restaurant is laid out. That’s fine. As long as you can use natural lighting to showcase your dishes during presentation, it will still work wonders for your restaurant.

Clear and Crisp Audio Must Be Present in Your Video Maker Creation 

Meat sizzling in a pan, the solid knock of a knife on a chopping board, the crunch of fresh vegetables being chopped are just some of the sounds we associate with food. When we hear them, they start to draw out an almost primal reaction from us. We get hungry because of those sounds. You should take advantage of that in your video.

Record those sounds and use them throughout the video you’re putting together. Let those tantalising sounds entice viewers into visiting your restaurant. Just remember to clean up those sounds so they ring through loud and clear in the finished product. 

Select the Right Music Tracks 

Staying on the topic of audio, you should also be careful when selecting music tracks for your restaurant-focused promo videos. The main problem here is choosing a musical track that simply does not work with the footage you’re showing on the screen. The music is supposed to be a complementary element. It shouldn’t actively draw attention away from your food.

If you don’t have a good ear for pairing music tracks, you can err on the side of caution by choosing something simple. Select a song that can play in the background without disrupting the viewing experience. You can also use multiple tracks in a single video. Depending on the footage appearing on the screen, you can choose something more relaxed or upbeat. As long as the tracks are in line with the footage, the finished product should turn out great. 

Integrate B-Roll Footage into the Video 

B-roll footage includes the clips that don’t feature the main subject of your video. The main subject for a restaurant promo video is typically their food. In that case, the B-roll footage could include clips of the chefs preparing the food or the guests enjoying their meals.

Including B-roll footage in your video maker creation is a good idea. When utilised properly, B-roll footage can stop your video from becoming monotonous. At the same time, it can also feature other aspects of your restaurant that you wish to highlight. Your video should not be made out of mostly B-roll footage, but don’t shy away from using that either. B-roll footage can add much-needed variety to your video so feel free to use it. 

Keep the Video Short 

Lastly, you should keep your video maker creation short. Marketing videos like these work best when they can make a big impression quickly and leave viewers wanting more. Use them to generate excitement, but encourage the viewers to take action if they want satisfaction.

A minute-long promotional video for your restaurant can work really well. You can hike the length up to about two minutes, but don’t go beyond that. Running a promotional video campaign for your restaurant can yield all kinds of useful benefits. Choose the right video maker and start working on that campaign!

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