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The greatest companies using Angular in their tech stack will be examined in this article. Angular has come a long way since its debut in 2009 and is currently considerably different from what it was before. In an attempt to stay up with the needs of the contemporary web, Google fully redesigned and re-released Angular in 2016. Looking back, this was a wise decision given that Angular is currently the second-most-used web framework worldwide.

The platform has been embraced by several well-known brands in addition to its inventor, Google, such as BMW, Forbes, and Samsung. In this post, we first take a quick look at what Angular currently is before examining some of the top firms that are using the framework in their tech stack.

The list below should provide you with some insight into the many capabilities you can build with angular development services if you’re a fresh seeking to use this web framework in your next project.

International Businesses Using Angular


This program accomplishes what its name suggests—it rhymes with the word lift. It is a method for renting out many types of vehicles, including automobiles, motorized scooters, bicycles, and many more. Additionally, it includes meal delivery services. When Lyft was launched in 2012, Angularjs served as the company’s primary front-end development framework.


Snapchat is a messaging app with a lot of built-in multimedia elements. People like it for the degree of privacy it offers and the fact that it is designed to transmit quick photo communications. It has only achieved such rapid success due to its privacy features and dynamic user interface.


It is an Indian application with a focus on electronic payments. It is said to have completely changed India’s digital payment infrastructure. With Angularjs serving as the primary frontend framework when Paytm was first launched in 2010, the application gained instructiveness.


If you look at the European region’s e-commerce market, you will notice the name that will be Zalando. It is an online retailer with headquarters in Germany that offers customers the greatest purchasing options. When Zalando was established in 2008, one of the main factors contributing to its success was an engaging, feature-rich user interface. The only thing that made it all feasible was the usage of Angularjs.

Samba Tech

Although there are many various marketing strategies, video is usually the most effective. Because users do not have to read lengthy content, the entire message is delivered quickly thanks to the clear understanding provided by the visual graphics. Online video development services are offered by Samba Tech. Businesses and organizations can better communicate with their audience by using their services.

Well-Known Websites Created with Angular

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Top Reliable Angular Development Firms


Gmail, a new email service provider, was introduced by Google. It’s a well-liked site with plenty of engaged users. Furthermore, it is a straightforward, one-page web application that provides a positive user experience.


iStock is a photo library that provides free stock images for both individual and commercial use. Its complete website was created using Angular, which offers an experience similar to an app.

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Wikiwand is an e-reader website created to give Wikipedia’s design structure a contemporary touch. It presents itself as a Wikipedia wrapper design, adding a new navigation function on a single page.


Grasshopper is a virtual phone service that gives your business its own dedicated line for each individual customer and transaction. Its Android and iOS mobile apps are built using Angular.


For use in research and scientific publications, cloud-based word-processing software called Overleaf is available. It has other features like document history and pre-made templates and enables users to collaborate on a single document. Angular speeds up how quickly the website’s front page loads.

Hello Fresh

We invest a lot of time in the act of cooking. Only briefly stopping to eat after gathering the groceries, processing, and cooking everything.

The website Hello Fresh offers a fix for each of these problems. It brings fresh, pre-portioned ingredients right to your door. Consequently, you can easily use these meal kits to make cooking easier.

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Without the need for external libraries, Angular is very usable right out of the box thanks to the default setup that includes all the tools and a ready-to-use environment for development and testing. Angular, a framework for responsive web design that ensures code consistency throughout the codebase, differs from other JavaScript-based frameworks like React.

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