TOP 13 Best Cannabis Business Social Networks In 2021 .

Cannabis business social network

Last updated on November 28th, 2023 at 02:36 pm

Here in this article we shall discuss about cannabis business social networks that is the talk of the town. Cannabis can easily be export and import through social media platforms like facebook. Many socialists are earning good amount through 420 social networking of cannabis.

What is cannabis social network?

Any company or a forum requires the collaboration of social media to share and promote their brand through entrepreneur and buyers to simply enhance their products. In the same way cannabis also requires a social platform where they can communicate to sellers or buyers to promote their business and gain profit known as weed social networking . Cannabis business social network are highly growing since last 6 years. the growth of this industry has proven to be favorable to one’s country economy and financial states .

Before cannabis was legalized many social networks of cannabis were terminated or many networks and their companies were bankrupted but ever since cannabis is legalized and only people above age 11 can consume it the social networks has come to a limelight again where they are earning a handsome amount by exporting and importing cannabis throughout the world . Those serving in cannabis social network holds legal card and documents to export and import.


1. Weed life network

Everything about this cannabis social network is very attracted to its customers from its logo to its appealing content, eye catching images and guidance related to cannabis is superbly managed and well defined. This 420 social networking allows young influencers to manage its content and orders at facebook. This network was established at facebook and after gaining massive popularity it has enlarged its branches to other social sites as well but weed life network gets more response at facebook only.


  • It supplies throughout the world by placing orders at face book
  • It provides engaging content at its pages and posts appealing content on daily basis.


  • It lacks best communication skill to sell its brand effectively. Surprisingly it gets less positive ratings as compared to other social networks.

2. Mass roots :

It’s an old creation and was terminated before government has made main cannabis legal. After coming back from a break the network didn’t stop from getting orders worldwide. The main reason of establishing this network was to connect to youth and young students who are cannabis addicts. Moreover they have dispensaries as well. If anyone’s wishes to be a part of their project can also apply and invest in this cannabis social network.


  • A reliable place to find a dispensary
  • Best investing platform for entrepreneurs


  • The location finding software’s of this network fails badly.

3. Grass city forum network :

This falls in the list of one of the oldest cannabis network that supplies cannabis through the world like others it was terminated too but eventually got attention after receiving good orders. Their policy is to supply cannabis in affordable prices as compared to other networks.


  • Affordable price.
  • Certified quality.


  • Late response from management teams after placing orders.

4. Cannas SOS network :

Cannas SOS is best selling cannabis network for buying hazardless cannabis. It enchants and mesmerizes buyers with its engaging and captivated content at social media forums and that’s the reason why it gets many orders as compared to other cannabis business social networks.


  • It has the best content team for promotion for their cannabis network.
  • It provides content on daily basis and grabs many orders within hours.

Disadvantages :

  • Less competitive strategy apart from content strategy.
  • They invest less in enhancing their branches.

5. Bud hubs network :

As you can assume by its name that its certainly is a hub or group of cannabis lovers that supports the idea of doing cannas together while traveling or walking. By this networking you can not only buy cannabis but can also get a company to enjoy it with. The bud hubs network consists of marijuana lovers too and you can also get practice sessions through this social network.


  • It provides much assistance apart from selling cannabis only.
  • It allows their costumers to have cannabis and marijuana in group sessions, traveling and increases their customer’s social circle.
  • It also gives practices sessions along with rehabilitation sessions.


  • It’s still under construction and still considered as under development.

6. Leaf wire network :

Leaf wire plays as outcast social networking platform where it connects sellers to buyers. Which means it helps buyers to search for customers and help customers to search for buyers and earn good amount of profit by connecting these twos on one connecting platform?  Here you will see professionals interacting and communicating with their buyers on this linked social platform that provides benefits to both of them.

It was established in last five years and hence got licensed immediately after performing well in market and in cannabis business social network . Leaf wire network has emerged to be the most promising connecting network.


  • It provides employment opportunities to people. Anybody can apply on their website by dropping their resume in their email section.
  • It also gives opportunities to businessmen also who wants to hire and pay other professions for their cannabis investment and enterprise.
  • It connects authentic and verified businessmen with customers.
  • It also receives shipment details in case of accidental coverage.
  • It supplies behalf of suppliers in case of any inconvenience.


  • It still in a position to prove itself. It still considered and falls in the list of under developing Cannabis business social network.

7. Weed maps social network :

This is the best platform for weed lovers and those who are passionate about selling or buying cannabis online . It has a mapping system that locates you with cannabis supplier and provides you their location details so you can easily place your order near your address and provided details in your shipment section . It also allows you to post ads related to your cannabis business and promotes your cannabis business online . Weed maps basically locates you with professional weed supplier near your place and gets a profit by taking delivery charges as a tip from supplier.

Weed maps have opened its social networks in different countries after gaining a lot of popularity. It was established only 3 years ago and has already achieved success by getting positive reviews which other social network lacks.


  • It supports friendly content and connects two different individuals over friendly bond.
  • It allows you to promote your brand and it doesn’t stops there it also starts campaigning for your cannabis brand without any extra charges apart from delivery charges.
  • It allows content creators to post their promoting videos and images in their posts which other websites don’t because of their cookies and caches policies.


  • Lack good customer services.

8. Weed able social network :

This weed network enhances weed lovers to share their opinions and love towards weed, marijuana and cannabis in different posts. This weed social networking acts as a connecting bridge between influencers and weed consumers. It provides people with therapy and along with therapy sessions it also promotes their brands.


  • Very easy to use. Everything is available at pages. It’s not complicated at all.
  • It provides opportunities to weed lovers and weed suppliers to post their product details and details on their page.
  • It provides authentic details and news related to marijuana and cannabis. They only post those details which are certified and verified through authentic and real sources.
  • It is considered as the best tutoring platform for weed awareness and thus provides the latest cannabis details to people throughout the world.


  • It lacks software’s and different valuable features that you can spot in other leading cannabis social networking platforms.
  • It has mediocre featuring systems

9. Duby network :

Duby network has been created under the influence of other social platforms. Social platforms like Instagram and linked has helped Duby network a lot in organizing their networking strategies. It acts as a connecting bridge between entrepreneurs, suppliers and buyers with amazing affordable deals. Many famous influencers on instagram promote Duby network and help Duby to achieve success through promoting different brands at their networking site. On this networking platform cannabis lovers connect with each other by means of videos and pictures. Duby network delivers amazing appealing engaging content that straight out attracts buyers to place their orders. It also gives opportunities to other businessmen for their branding and dispatching orders.


  • You can easily place your order through mobile as well.
  • The process of registration is very easy to carry on and your orders will reach to you safe and sound.
  • The platform also allows influencers and suppliers to post engaging content regarding to their brands in the face of images, sounds, voice over and videos.
  • It provides working opportunities to influencers and content creators to create mesmerizing content and upload on their branding pages.


  • The amount of audience isn’t that giant as compared to other cannabis business social network.
  • Less traffic on pages and on websites.

10. High there network :

This weed social networking is considered as the best search engine for different cannabis brands and finding customers. It supplies employment opportunities to influencers as well. it connects different audiences on same platform . It connects nearest customers to their suppliers.


  • Just like other connecting network it also acts as bridge to connect two different individuals on one platform.
  • It highly takes responsibility of unwarranted unconvinced experiences of customers and on behalf of suppliers they supply weed, marijuana and cannabis to their customers.
  • It gives opportunities to people by allowing them to post about product description and their prices, their ranges and campaigns.
  • It also gives career advices to weed lovers and provides counseling for them.
  • You will find infinite articles and blogs related to your searches and queries about cannabis and marijuana.


  • It prevents older and immature to have access to their cannabis business social network. It only allows mature people and after verification they give them access to their page.

11. Mjlink network :

This network is a fresh cannabis network which means it is established recently but has left a good mark on its customers by providing them their best services. Basically it gathers different professionals, investors and customers on one page and let them exchange their queries to each other. It plays an important role in connecting them both together. It helps in building business by allowing entrepreneurs to hire experts for their business through descriptions ads.


  • It openly supports employment ideas.
  • Provides engaging content.


  • Their administration lacks communication skills.

12. Weed circles network :

This weed social networking basically educated investors and entrepreneurs about their investment. Weed circles has experts that provides financial tips to profession in order to enhance their business in cannabis networking field. It helps you connect to different stakeholders and allows you to post videos and images related to the promotion of your cannabis supply.


  • You get free education related to enhancing your business and investing in cannabis business social network.
  • It’s free to get registered.
  • You can add your friends in this network and its group.


  • There aren’t any advance features available on their weed social network.

13. 420 cannabis social networking:

420 cannabis social networking acts as outcast network for both dating and having cannabis together. 420 Cannabis business social network have launched many dating websites keeping marijuana and cannabis ideas in mind. You can find such networking at pinterest and get registered. Moreover 420 cannabis social networking has launched many pages and stores at different locations for weed lovers. Their official twitter handle is “the 420 network “(@420network). You will see engaging and appealing content on their pages related to export and import of weed throughout the world.

They have landed in different countries, they have launched many bars, many dating sites and they organize marijuana parties, you can get their excess by getting registered and after getting register you have to pay their ticket fee. 420 cannabis social networking has even launched their marijuana magazine where they hire content writers to write amazing content on daily basis to have their audiences connected to them.


In this report we have discussed about cannabis business social network and how they are beneficial to you in what ways they can enhance your cannabis business growth. In this perforated informative article you would see 13 different yet emerging cannabis social networks that ought to be productive to you. We have discussed about all your queries related to how to get your cannabis promotion on different networks, how to buy cannabis at different networks and how to get education related to cannabis supply in light to your business enhancement.

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