Top 25 Wholesale Solar Equipment Suppliers/Distributors in Illinois

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Last updated on June 2nd, 2023 at 04:24 pm

Solar energy is clean, sustainable, and plentiful. There are more than one million solar installations across the United States, and that number is growing every year. Every state in the US has ample sunlight to tap into this free energy resource. Illinois is no exception. Even with extreme thunderstorms and severe winters, the state still sees about 190 days of sunshine a year.  And there’s no shortage of wholesale solar suppliers and distributors in the Prairie State. So many that you need to do your homework. 

Why Go Solar?

The sun creates abundant energy that can be used to generate electricity and power your home. Best of all, energy from the sun is free! So, it can save you thousands of dollars on utilities over time.But going solar can save you money in more ways than you may know. The state of Illinois offers several incentive programs. There are renewable energy credits and even some tax breaks for installing solar equipment at your residence.  A residential solar power system relies on four basic components: solar panels, a charge controller, batteries, and a microinverter. These are supplied by a solar equipment supplier or solar equipment distributor.

Illinois’ Top 25 Wholesale Solar Suppliers

A good solar equipment supplier offers top-of-the-line solar equipment at a fair price and with a sufficient warranty. They shouldn’t just sell you a cookie-cutter solar power system. They need to design your system to suit your needs. Your solar equipment distributor should review your utility bills to get familiar with your electric use before deciding how many solar panels your system needs. And they should stand behind their work with a solid productivity guarantee. 

Dozens of solar equipment distributors do business in Illinois. Here are 25 of the best: 

  1. Blue Rave Solar, Chicago,
  2. Southern Illinois Solar, Greenville,
  3. Day & Night Solar, Collinsville,
  4. WindSolarUSA, Inc, Springfield,
  5. Sunpro Solar, Springfield,
  6. API Solar, Springfield,
  7. Harvest Solar, Divernon,
  8. AES Solar, Carterville,
  9. Simpleray Solar, Peoria,
  10. Tick Tock Engergy, Inc, Effingham,
  11. StraightUp Solar, Bloomington,
  12. Halo Solar LLC, Goodfield,
  13. Magitek Energy Solutions, Johnsburg,
  14. Independence Renewable Energy LLC, Sandwich,
  15. WindSolarUSA, Springfield,
  16. Summit Solar, Joliet,
  17. Stateline Solar, Lena,
  18. SolarWerks LLC, Chicago,
  19. Wanxiang New Energy, Rockford,
  20. Wellspring Components, Arthur,
  21. Springfield Electric Supply Co, Edwardsville,
  22. City Electric Supply, Lake Villa,
  23. CED Greentech, Mount Prospect,
  24. Enertech Global, Greenville,                             
  25. Tesla Solar Chicago, Chicago,

Save Money and the Planet

Solar energy is abundant and renewable. Using the sun to generate electricity instead of fossil fuels reduces your carbon footprint and greenhouse gases.Going solar saves the environment, and it saves you money. Illinois is chock-full of reliable wholesale solar equipment suppliers ready to create the high-quality solar power system you need.  If you liked this article, check out more of our unique life tips about technology, business, health, or travel. We’ve always got something new for you. 

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