Important things to know before getting a pet Rabbit

pet Rabbit

Last updated on March 27th, 2024 at 10:11 pm

Rabbits are the cutest creatures and can be amazing pets. With their iconic ears, hoppy legs, twitchy nose and fluffy tail, it’s understandable that plenty of people want them as their pets. People prefer having a pet which is small, adorable and easy to handle.

The one which is cheerful and entertaining and is adaptive to the surroundings. Rabbits are one of those pets, which are adorable and never fail to entertain you, and they can be your true companions.

But as with any pet, bringing a rabbit requires preparation and knowledge about what you are getting into. Be it any pet, there are some prior arrangements that need to be made. As most of us know what to expect from a dog or a cat, because they are the most common pets and we have a general idea about them.

But when it comes to rabbits, it isn’t easy to predict their expectations as rabbits are not common pet animals and are rarely found in homes. So, if you are planning to pet a rabbit then here are some essentials that you must know before getting it.

Rabbits aren’t great pets for kids

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Important things to know before getting a pet Rabbit

Do bunnies make good house pets? - Pets and Animals Guide If you are gifting a rabbit to a kid as a pet, then you need to think about it again. We know every kid loves to have a hoppy little bunny to call their own, the one which is always ready to play with them. However, rabbits are less thrilled with kids and they don’t consider them as their caretakers.

Rabbits are sensitive creatures that need to be handled with care, even while picking them you need to learn the right way of picking and holding, otherwise it makes them think that they’ve been grabbed by a predator. We know adults are better at handling things, and rabbits feel safe when they are handled properly. Thus, it is advised that parents and guardians should wait until kids are older before adopting a rabbit.

Unique medical care-

Every pet is unique and their requirements are also different. Thus, having a pet comes with responsibility as well. You must know what are the necessary requirements of your pet, what is good and bad for it and most importantly how to nurture them. When we talk about rabbits they have their own needs, they have their specialized vets, and they can be more expensive.

So, you must be aware of all these details before getting a rabbit. Once you pet a rabbit, ensure that you do visits to vet every month. This is very important and shouldn’t be avoided. The timely visits will ensure that your pet is in a healthy position free from infections and diseases and growing without hindrance.

Moreover, you can also get help from online websites like BunnyCare to read about how you can give your pet the best possible care, and what should and shouldn’t be done.

They like the company of other rabbits-

Rabbits are social creatures and they can’t survive alone, that’s why you must have noticed that people pet rabbits in pairs. This means instead of petting a single rabbit it is good to have two or more. A single rabbit is more alert and attacking as it is always worried about potential predators, but if there is another rabbit around, then they share the responsibility of taking care of each other.

It is observed that a rabbit lives happier in pairs, they feel safer and comfortable. Thus, if you are planning to pet a rabbit then make a note to buy them in pairs, so now you need to be ready to take care of two or more rabbits.

Rabbits need room to roam and exercise-

If you are planning to get a rabbit, make sure that you have an open space to keep it as they can’t be caged for longer. They need a free space to roam and it’s necessary to provide them with the same otherwise they tend to become aggressive in nature. Moreover, rabbits need exercise as well. Exercise for rabbits like humans helps them to maintain overall health and it keeps them active and energetic.

So, if you have a whole room for rabbits then it’s great, it will give them plenty of space to run and roam. And if you don’t have a free room, then you must have a cage which is four or five times bigger than the rabbit so that it gets adequate space to move.

Carrots aren’t enough for them-

Rabbits need more than carrots, it’s a misconception that rabbits only feed on carrots, rather they require all sources of vitamin and nutrients to grow fast and healthy. Hence, it is necessary that you provide your pet rabbit with more than just carrots, feed them other green vegetables and grass as well. Hay and grass should make the most of their diet and then fresh green vegetables. The vegetables can include lettuce, broccoli, coriander, parsley and kale.

Moreover, small bits of fresh pineapple, apple and carrot are treats for them that should be given twice or thrice a week. Pineapple is actually great for rabbits as it helps them in digestion keeping their small digestive healthy.

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Having a pet rabbit can be fun and entertaining, they cutely roam around in your house and watching them play is a relaxing thing. However, having a pet is never easy and comes with prior preparation and you must have adequate knowledge about the animal which you are planning to pet. This is important to ensure that you are providing them with proper care and you aren’t going wrong anywhere.

With proper planning and preps, you can give your pet a pleasant environment to grow up in. When you take good care of your pets, they offer you care as well, they promise to be with you and you feel happy and at peace around them as well. Thus, if you are planning to pet a rabbit make sure that you have gone through these factors first.

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