How You Can Stay Fit While in the Heat.


Exercising is an important part of life; it keeps your body fit and helps you stay refreshed. A fun way to exercise is to do it outdoors and breathe in the fresh air as you work on your body. Not only that, but you would also be able to enjoy the outside views.

However, exercising in the sun can deplete your body of energy. As a result, you can get dehydrated fast and possibly get sunburned. So, before you step out into the outdoors, make sure you take precautions and prepare yourself well with these tips.

Stay Hydrated

Though it goes without saying, staying hydrated is very important, especially when you are working out in the sun. Working out uses a lot of your energy which will make you thirsty. Not to mention that when it’s hot, your body will send fluids and blood to the surface of your body consequently, depleting your energy.

Before getting your quick run done, make sure to prepare by drinking enough water. This is to ensure that you are not as exhausted after your workout. In a similar situation, if you were to go out and work out at a park, you could pack yourself a bottle of water as exercising can cause your body to lose a lot of energy, leading to dehydration.

Dehydration is caused by prolonged activity with no water replacement. Exercising causes your body to generate heat, which is then expelled as perspiration. Headaches, muscle cramps, nausea, and even heart failure are possible side effects. Therefore, to get a good day of exercising while outdoors, ensure that you get or will get plenty of water.

Wear SPF

Being in the sun can risk many implications for your skin. It can cause sunburn, fine wrinkles, dry skin, and even skin cancer. To avoid these undesirable effects, you may use sunscreen to block out the harmful UV rays from the sun.

Sunscreen has advantages that help to mitigate the harmful effects of the sun’s rays. This includes anti-ageing ingredients, UV ray protection, and even helping to prevent dull skin. Furthermore, you will be able to notice the effects of sunscreen over time if you use it every day.

Additionally, if you apply sunscreen while exercising outside, you will be able to avoid developing red, sore skin. Plus, because you don’t have a skin problem to deal with, you’ll be able to continue exercising the day after.

You can choose from a variety of sunscreens, including the Cetaphil sunscreen, among others. Just make sure that the sunscreen you choose is compatible with your skin and has a good list of ingredients.

Moisturize Your Skin

Since being in the sun and exercising at the same time can bring out the moisture from your body, your skin may lose its moisture. While staying hydrated is vital to ensure your skin gets enough water, moisturizing is a step that helps your skin retain moisture.

After a long day of exercising, make sure to moisturize your skin before resting. Moisturizers have many different functionalities created to cater to many different skin types. It can also help repair and protect the skin barrier that may get damaged from exposure to the sun.

With the help of a good moisturizer, not only do you get to restore the loss of moisture from your skin, but you would also be able to plump your skin, making you look more youthful. Like sunscreens, you should also choose one that caters to your skin type and needs.

Dress Appropriately

As mentioned before, the sun can use up all the moisture in your body. Not to mention that it can dehydrate you by drawing salt and sweat from your body. You could further shield yourself from the heat by wearing hats or visors.

Aside from that, you can decrease your exposure by wearing sunglasses and wearing sun-protective clothing such as a long-sleeved shirt. When you go outside to work out, the weather might be unpredictable.

It could be scorching one moment and breezy or humid the next. Therefore, you should wear clothing that is not only designed to be exercised but also comfortable to wear outdoors. This, however, also depends on the temperature and season in your state.

So, before you step out that door, make sure to check the weather app for the temperature and forecasts before choosing an outfit. Then you can plan your outfit accordingly and cater it to the type of exercise you are planning to do.

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