Technology: what your sportsbook betting app should offer


Last updated on March 24th, 2023 at 09:30 am

If you are a sports fan interested in gambling on your favourite teams, competitions and players, you will want the best technology available to you. The better tech you use, the better chance there will be of you bagging a profit from your sportsbook wagers.

This starts with the gambling app downloaded to your smartphone. But with so many available, it can be difficult to know which one to trust, especially with dozens of the leading bookies like Xbet promoting themselves as being the best in the business.

What’s the difference between a good bookie and a great bookie? We will tell you the answer to that question in this article. Read on as our guest is an online sports betting expert who explains what to look for in a betting app, including the welcome bonus, sports covered, the best features available and the security.

Good bookies may offer you a few of these things, but to be considered a great bookie and worthy of your custom, the app must tick all boxes. It’s a buyer’s market, and we are in a position to insist on the best service available.

It’s our goal to make you a better informed, smarter and more successful bettor, but there’s more to that than simply picking the winning team. Professional and full-time gamblers ensure they tip the balance of power in their favour, removing it from the bookie to increase their chances of landing a profit. Let’s get started.



When seeking out a betting app, you first want to ensure that online gambling is legal in your area, and if it’s not, you shouldn’t make any attempt to place bets. Some look for loopholes or try to gamble through overseas bookies, but doing so could land you in a lot of trouble. If betting is legal in your region, you should play with UK bookmakers not on Gamstop that are licensed and regulated.

The best bookies offer a range of promotions and specials offers, including free bets, enhanced odds, extra places each way, cashback and more. It’s worth reading the terms and conditions attached to an offer before signing up, giving yourself a better understanding of how it works and what’s expected of you. This may take a little extra time when you would rather get on with finding value and placing bets, but the more you know about how a promo works, the better chance of you using it to land a profit.


The more sports your betting app has to bet on, the better a bookie it is. You want to see that your bookie has the same passion for your favourite sport as you do. For example, if you love soccer, you want to see a busy tab filled with club competitions from across the world, including the English Premier League and World Cup.

If you are into basketball, there should be an NBA link as well as all upcoming basketball fixtures. You certainly shouldn’t be short of things to gamble on, regardless of when you log on.

In addition to your favourite sports, there should also be a list of more niche markets, such as esports, which is growing in popularity. Many great bookies also offer sports, casino and lotto betting with your username and password giving you access to your options.

If your bookie has a shared wallet, you can move cash between sportsbook and casino with a single click and start playing on roulette, poker and slots without having to deposit more funds.

Features and security

Quickly check the security offered by your bookie, and you want to see Secure Socket Layer technology. This is the industry standard, and it protects your sensitive information and your privacy, allowing you to enjoy betting online with the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are covered.

There are many great betting features available, but the two you should insist on are in-play betting and cash-out. These are popular with bookies as they allow you to bet on a fixture that has already begun or end a wager early, taking the cash-out value offered by the live betting trader covering your match.

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