Which Is the Best Solitaire Game and Why?


Last updated on June 17th, 2023 at 10:56 am

Solitaire card game was introduced to pass the time, and it came pre-installed with every Microsoft Windows version. The offline, single-player game became a massive sensation as it tested users’ patience and kept them engaged. The matches were never-ending with no time limit. A player can start a match session on Monday and play it through the week. Although Solitaire still hasn’t lost its charm and people continue to enjoy this game of patience when they’re feeling bored, more variations are available. The millennials and Gen-Z gamers are continuously seeking their next thrill.

Therefore, the traditional game version wasn’t sitting well with them, and they wanted more. That’s where fast-paced variations were introduced to capture their attention, such as online Cube Solitaire and Spider Solitaire. Inspired by classic games, these come with their challenges, twists, and turns. Let’s go through these games to help you find your twin flame.

●    Spider Solitaire

24 7 Spider Solitaire is an exciting, time-based game. The matches last for three to five minutes, and the objective is to score higher than the opponent. It is not played solo, and players can compete against random online opponents worldwide. After you have installed the game app, you must click on play, and the application will select an opponent randomly. Therefore, you compete against players with varied skills and expertise levels. You can observe their gameplay and learn their moves.

The game’s premise is straightforward. Assemble the cards in ascending order and transfer the finished build to the foundation deck to score points. If you’ve played Solitaire before, you will be familiar with the Spider Solitaire game board. You’ll even find undo and submit buttons at the bottom of the screen. If the deck is unsolvable, you can tap the submit button early in the game and acquire a timer bonus. If you have played the wrong move and wish to rectify it, tap the undo button and get a chance to play the right move.

There are different versions of Spider Solitaire – one-suit, two-suit, and three-suit. In the one-suit version, only one suit is in play, which is the easiest. You don’t have to worry about matching colors or suits. You can focus on arranging the cards and creating a finished deck. If you are a beginner, the one-suit Solitaire will be ideal. It will help you get the hang of the game and learn the rules. More advanced players prefer the two-suit and three-suit Spider Solitaire matches because these games are advanced. The difficulty level increases with the number of suits that are in play.

Some of the online apps even allow players to participate in tournaments. You can participate in such tournaments to earn lucrative cash rewards. However, these multiplayer tournaments present cut-throat competition, and playing many practice matches is advised before dipping your toes in these contests. Also, you need to check your state’s regulations regarding cash-winning games before you tap to enter and pay a small entry fee.

●    Cube Solitaire

Similar to Spider Solitaire, Cube Solitaire got a fast-paced makeover in the online world. The matches last about five minutes; these time-based sessions are multiplayer games. You can engage in 1V1 intense matches with random online players from across the globe.

Unlike Spider Solitaire, all the suits and colors play in Cube Solitaire. This is the ideal card game if you want to challenge yourself and push your limits. Here, you have to arrange the cards in descending order after. The cards must be arranged in alternating colors and must belong to the same suit.

The game’s objective is to create as many finished builds as possible and transfer them to the foundation deck before the opponent scores points. After playing sufficient practice games, players can partake in cash contests. These 1VN contests are ruthless, and you can get the reward only if your name appears on top of the scoreboard.

So, Which Is the Best Solitaire Game?

In this guide, you have been informed about two variations of the classic Solitaire game, and they’re both entertaining and exciting. Both these games are much-loved and preferred globally. Players must implement many strategies and tactics in both games to get a high score.

So, ultimately, the decision depends on the players. Do you want a relaxed game where you can showcase your skills or want to challenge yourself from the very start? If you say yes to the first part of the question, one-suit Spider Solitaire is what you must start with. The game is highly relaxing, and since there’s only one suit in play, you don’t have to worry too much. It is the easiest among the other Spider Solitaire variants and ideal for newbies.

However, if you say yes to the latter part of the question, Cube Solitaire can be your go-to choice. The game is quite challenging because you have to match the suit and arrange the cards in alternating colors. With so many elements on the board, it can get confusing. But you’ll get the hang of it as you continue playing one match after another.


Regardless of which Solitaire game you choose, know that both are highly entertaining and will keep you engaged. Also, the matches can be won by a show of your skills. You must play as many practice matches as possible to know the rules and learn how to remain calm under intense pressure. All the best!

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