This Is How to Shoot a Rifle Safely and Accurately


Last updated on December 2nd, 2023 at 07:02 pm

If you’re new to guns (or even rifles specifically), it’s important to research before trying to shoot for the first time. There are over 115,000 non-fatal injuries from firearms every year (and tens of thousands of fatal ones).

While only a small portion of gun deaths and injuries are accidental, that small portion is avoidable with proper gun safety. You must learn how to shoot a rifle right before making a serious mistake. 

Safety and accuracy are everything when you’re shooting a rifle. Read on to learn all about shooting a gun the right way.

Always Start With Professional Training

There is no replacement for professional gun and shooting training. No amount of articles can prepare you for proper and safe gun use. You must go to a gun range with a professional instructor to ensure you do everything correctly.

Natchez Shooting & Outdoors offers excellent professional training services to help beginners learn the basics and advanced shooters improve their skills.

Rifles have a lot of kickbacks, and because they’re large, they can be hard to control for beginners. Many underestimate them because they’re common and available, but this is a mistake. 

Use Proper Gun Safety

You need to start with gun safety when you’re shooting a gun. There are several key safety rules that you never want to ignore. First, always assume that the gun is loaded. Even if you emptied it, the gun is loaded until proven otherwise. 

This leads to the second gun safety rule. Never point your gun at something that you don’t intend to shoot. Mistakes happen, and you don’t want to risk serious injuries. Always use good trigger discipline. Your finger should never be on the trigger until you’re ready to shoot your target. 

Consider Using Accuracy Tools

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned shooter, accuracy tools can make it easier to hit the target every time. Make sure that you practice with them before taking them out into the real world. 

You can try using an Atlas Bipod to mount your rifle. This will keep it stable so that you can make an accurate shot. You can combine this with a high-quality scope to get the best results.

Remember Recoil 

Ensure your stance is right when shooting a rifle to protect yourself against recoil. Many people start with a bladed stance because that’s what they see in popular media, but it might not be the best for a safe and accurate shot.

An athletic stance is better for beginners. It helps to protect you from recoil, should be more comfortable for your shoulders, and is better for a wider variety of shooting situations. 

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Learn How to Shoot a Rifle From a Pro

Learning how to shoot a rifle is complicated. Make sure you visit a shooting range with someone with plenty of rifle experience before you take your first shot. Remember, gun safety is key. Be a safe and accurate shooter. Check out the rest of our site for more helpful articles about popular trending topics.

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