Selecting the Best Socks to Wear Under a Formal Dress

Best Socks to Wear

Last updated on March 27th, 2024 at 12:42 am

Men’s fashion has its codes and rules that every stylish man must know. Poorly chosen socks can destroy all the effort that goes into creating an attractive combination, while well-chosen socks provide the necessary touch and complete the outfit. 

Whether it’s for a formal dinner or work, it’s important to make a good impression in your dress. A classy and stylish man should also know the basic rules for choosing his socks: color, length, thickness, material, everything is important.

Tips for Selecting the Best Socks

Here are some tips for selecting the best men’s socks to wear under a formal dress:

The Fabric of Socks

Pay attention to the fabric of the socks. Not all socks fit every type of outfit. A key mistake is thick socks in formal outfits. These are better for when we are in the gym or doing sports. When we wear a formal dress, we need high-quality and lightweight socks that fit with it. 

Safe Colors

However, the color of socks with a formal dress does not have to match only pants or shoes. In casual, semi-formal (smart casual), and even business style, you can choose the color of socks, for example, under a shirt, jacket, tie, sweater, vest, or pocket square. The pattern (such as diamonds, stripes, dots, etc.) and color must match each other and create a harmonious color combination.

Seamless Design

Look for socks with seamless construction, particularly if you are wearing them for an extended time. This will prevent any irritation or discomfort caused by seams rubbing against feet. The seamless design will have a high level of comfort while wearing.

Length of the Socks

It is very important to choose socks of the right length for a formal dress. It is important to wear calf-length socks when wearing a suit or formal dress. Crew socks are the best option for wearing under formal dresses. One of the main rules to remember about socks is that the calf must always be covered. When you cross your legs, your skin should not be visible. It is considered “highly inappropriate” for a man to expose his shins in a formal dress. It is essential to choose long socks that do not show skin when you cross your legs.

Consider Shoe Style

The shoe style must be considered while wearing socks. If you are wearing closed-toe dress shoes, then regular dress socks would be suitable. Socks are not always taken into account when drawing up the perfect image. These seemingly insignificant accessories complete your whole look.

However, for the bold fashionistas, you can choose a contrasting color for a standout effect.

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Men’s socks have several features that we should pay close attention to. They can easily destroy the whole appearance. Such a small and cheap accessory, if not worn properly, can make the whole look outdated or even ridiculous. Socks, especially when worn with a suit or a more formal and elegant look, greatly determine the personality of the person who wears them. 

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