Top 4 Reasons Why Node.js Is So Popular


Last updated on February 28th, 2023 at 08:19 am

In many cases, modern companies need to choose a good platform for development. In this review, we want to touch upon Node.js. Becoming a Node.js application development company is a great idea today. After all, the advantages of the platform can help speed up many of your internal company processes.

What is Node.js?

The best way to understand Node.js is to look at some of its key characteristics:

  1. It’s a development framework that works both in the front- and back-end;
  2. Node.js is a full-stack implementation of JavaScript. In short, you can use it to create certain pieces of software from the ground up.
  3. Node.js is open-source and community-driven. This means that the platform is free and features very active support from the users. Today, the Node.js Package Manager features more than 1 million packages. Thus, due to active support, you have access to a tremendous number of options.

Generally, as you may see, the platform is a de facto transition of JavaScript from browser environments into other sectors. It’s a project that many developers wanted to see back in the 2000s.

What Node.js is used for

Node.js has a very wide set of uses as of today. They include the following sectors:

  1. Social media websites: due to allowing many simultaneous connections, Node.js enables a very good platform for such websites. Linkedin is a perfect example of a platform based on Node.js;
  2. Selling platforms: sites such as eBay also work with many customers at the same time. Node.js helps them manage this large number of connections in an efficient manner;
  3. Financial websites: platforms that offer banking services also use Node.js. Fintech innovators of various kinds find it a very potent platform.

4 Reasons Why Node.js is So Popular

Today, many reasons exist for the high popularity of the platform. Here are some of them:

  1. High security: Node.js receives constant development. Thus, the amount of problems on the platform is lower. The open-source approach is especially important in this regard. Node.js is monitored by a large number of professionals.
  2. The balance between performance/ease: Node.js is not the fastest platform out there. However, if you want to do something fast, it’s the best option. Obviously, a compiled platform should be more potent. However, development for it is significantly longer.
  3. Asynchronous code execution: if you have code with many small elements, Node.js is perfect. It can load components in a non-linear manner. Thus, a website with many details can benefit from the framework;
  4. Strong support from the community: as mentioned previously, many people are ready to develop something for Node or help you with software for it.

Wrapping up:

All in all, Node.js is a perfect platform for companies that target web-centric development. We have all reasons to recommend it today. If you need any assistance in this regard, feel free to address our company, KeenEthics.

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