How to Pack the Perfect Gun Range Bag.

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Last updated on December 4th, 2023 at 11:38 pm

According to studies, participation in shooting ranges has increased by 28.0% in the last twenty years. If you’ve decided to take your shooting game to the next level by visiting the gun range, it’s almost guaranteed there’s one near you.

Even if you’re a seasoned shooter, there’s always something new to learn and practice at the gun range. And it’s always important to know what to bring to the range. Keep reading out a simple guide on how to pack a gun range bag so that you can focus on improving your skills, not worrying about your gear.

Know the Gun Laws of Your State or County

Before bringing any firearm with you on a trip to use at your outdoor range, make sure that it’s legal for you to take it where you’re going. Don’t give yourself a headache or an arrest because somebody forgot what’s legal.

You need to know what’s legal at your local 500-acre public shooting area. But, of course, what’s legal varies from place to place, so just do some research ahead of time.

Bring Enough Equipment to Share

If you don’t already own a firearm, then the chances are that you’ll need to borrow something from somebody else. This is important when you go out shooting for the first time. This means that your gun range bag essentials should contain more than just one or two firearms and some ammo (when possible).

You may also want to bring extra magazines too because odds are someone will run out of ammo before you do and they might not be as prepared as you were. Also, if anyone has any maintenance gear at the range (chemicals, oil, and more), ensure everyone knows where it is so nobody wastes time looking for anything.

Use Magazines, Not Loose Rounds

Sharing magazines between firearms is always better than having loose rounds of ammo bouncing around in your range bag. If you use loose rounds at the range, you need to be very careful about handling them.

You also need to know where they are stored on your person after returning home. There is nothing more dangerous than someone who doesn’t think about how and where they store their magazines.

Protect Your Hearing and Eyesight

No matter what kind of firearm or ammunition you’re shooting, protect your ears and eyes while out on a range session. Earplugs and earmuffs should always go hand in hand with any outdoor gunplay. This is not just because it reduces noise, but it also helps prevent long-term hearing damage (especially if you ever plan on hunting someday).

As for your eyes, you are just as likely to get eye damage from poor indoor shooting conditions with low lighting and lousy ventilation. You can get all the right gun range accessories at websites like

Pack Some Snacks

There’s nothing worse than being stuck at the range trying to ignore that growling feeling coming from your stomach. A little bit of food will make all the difference in how long you can practice.

Pack something small like beef jerky or trail mix because they don’t make a huge mess and also last a while. Don’t bring anything too messy or smelly, though, or your shooting buddies might not be too happy with you.

Bring an Appropriate Amount of Water

We’ve seen people buy a case of water bottles and then leave them under their seat at the range. We’ve also seen people bring water in without thinking they would need to drink it all before going.

Water is vital for safety and comfort when at an outdoor shooting range, and your decision in this area should align with sound judgment. Of course, this also means you shouldn’t drink or carry alcohol on your person. Make sure you plan and practice proper hydration while out on your next outing.

Dress for the Weather Conditions

There’s nothing worse than having equipment fail because someone was too stubborn to wear appropriate clothing during wintertime. Besides, as long as you’re comfortable, then you’ll be able to focus better on what you’re doing.

You don’t want to spend the whole time thinking about how cold your feet are (or the sun beating down on you, and so on).

Your Range Bag Layout Matters

Range bags don’t need to be strictly regimented. But if you only take one thing out of your range bag, then put it back in the same spot at the end of your session (and vice versa). This will ensure that you won’t waste any time looking for things when you’re ready to go home.

This also means that if there’s something important inside your range bag, hide it somewhere where other people can’t quickly get to it while you’re not looking.

Pack a First Aid Kit—Just in Case

You never know what might happen at a shooting range, so always have the necessary tools for cleaning up accidents. Pack crucial things like Band-Aids, wrist and elbow supports, and bandages.

If you’re ever unsure of what to bring with you on your next shooting session, then it’s always best to be prepared—plus, nobody likes being unprepared.

Gun Range Essentials for Your Gun Range Bag

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced shooter, the proper gun range bag is essential to keep your gear organized and ready to go. In this post, you’ve learned some of the must-haves for packing your perfect range bag.

We hope you have enjoyed this article, and it has given you the information you need to begin focusing on hitting all of your targets on the gun range. Do you want more articles like this? Then check out the rest of our blog!

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