How to Choose a Neodymium Fishing Magnet

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If you surf the internet regularly, you may have come across videos of people fishing metals in canals, ponds, and rivers. This relatively new sport and business is called magnet fishing. It involves using a magnet to attract metals in water bodies. Magnet fishing has proved to be a lucrative outdoor activity and business. People who might require the service ranges from normal scrap metal collectors to high-class individuals that have lost valuable items, including expensive rings. If you want to successfully have a magnet fishing business or enjoy your outdoor recreation, you would need a strong magnet that can easily attract the metals. One of the strongest available magnets is the neodymium type.

Neodymium has excellent magnetic properties and has many uses in various fields. You will always find neodymium magnets for sale from different brands that deal with them. They come in different grades so one would have to make a careful choice. Since not everyone knows how to buy a suitable neodymium fishing magnet, let us discuss some important factors to consider when shopping for it.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Neodymium Fishing Magnet

The following are some important factors to keep in mind when making a choice:

Is it Single or Double Sided?

One of the first questions to ask yourself before shopping for this material is what you want. Do you want a single or double-sided one? A single-sided one has its bottom side being the magnet and its upper part as the attachment point. So when you cast the single-sided type into a water body, only the bottom side will attract metals.

On the other hand, the upper and bottom parts of the double-sided type have attraction properties. This type often picks more metal materials than its counterpart. If you want to use this equipment for recreational activity alone, you can go for the single-sided. But if it is for business purposes, the double-sided is a very good choice.

The Weight of Equipment

Weight is an important factor to consider when choosing this equipment. One with little strength is appropriate for those who are trying out fishing for metals for the first time. It will be easy for them to throw into a river and pull. But if you are already an expert, then go for heavier types.

The Technique to Follow

There are two methods to follow when fishing for metals. There are dredging and bobbing techniques. The method you decide to go for determines the type of magnet to buy. The bobbing technique involves throwing the equipment into the river and pulling it up and down till you attract an object. This technique is best done with the single-sided type.

In contrast, dredging involves throwing the equipment deep into the water body and dragging it around. You do this technique from a boat and with the double-sided type because it increases the chances of attracting a metal object.

The Pulling Force of the Equipment

This is another important factor to take into consideration when you want to buy this equipment. It is unwise to buy a neodymium magnet with low pulling force. It will reduce the number of metals you can attract and lift from the water. You can never know how heavy the metal objects you will pull are, so go for one with maximum pulling force.

Steel Coating

Exposure to air and water might make your neodymium bar rust in no time so it needs to be appropriately coated with steel. Make sure you go for the types that have three-layer coatings. This will protect the equipment from chipping, cracking, or rusting. It would also let it have a long-lasting shine.

Check for Countersunk Hole

When choosing this magnet, ensure that you go for one with a countersunk hole. This hole is necessary for this metal fishing. If you would like to know what a countersunk hole is, check here:

Consider Quality of Material

Another important factor to consider when buying this equipment is the quality of the material. You will have successful metal fishing if you buy a magnet of high-quality material. This will not happen if you go for a substandard product. Buying poor-quality materials will ruin the fun of fishing for metals.

Consider the Ease of Use

A fishing magnet must be easy to use and handle. There should be no specific technicality to follow when using it. Choose a magnet with moderate weight and size. You should also go for one that you can easily drag from the water. 

Price of the Equipment

When you want to get something, the price remains a very important factor to keep in mind. When considering the price, keep in mind how often you would use the equipment, the type of metals you might fish, and whether you need it for business or leisure.

If you would occasionally go magnet fishing, then you can buy a low-priced type. But if it is a service you render to others, it is wise to go for a high-priced fishing magnet. However, it is important to always buy quality equipment, whether low or high priced.


It is also important to consider the brand that sells the fishing magnet. There will always be fake companies out there that sell substandard products to consumers. So make sure you carry out thorough market research about the reputation and quality of service of a brand before going for it. There are several online resources that can help you in your research. One of them is the Better business bureau. If you would like to know how to use this online resource, read this article.


This is another determining factor in the quality and durability of a product. It is always a good decision to go for brands with higher warranties. These warranties will range from 1-2 years after purchase.


Getting a neodymium fishing magnet is not so difficult. If you keep in mind the factors mentioned above, you will make an informed choice.

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