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Neck Lift

Last updated on November 28th, 2023 at 08:05 pm

There is a possibility that you are among those folks who need a neck liftingin order to get rid of those droopy skins on your neck in order to look younger again. An early sign of aging often appears on the neck, which is a prominent part of the body. Sagging neck skin, also known as turkey skin, will become apparent as you grow older. In the long run, it may cause physical or emotional issues if you don’t do something about the sagging skin like getting a neck lifting procedure.

Neck lifts can be classified as one of three procedures:

Orthopedic Surgery

Excess neck skin is targeted by cervicoplasty. Whether the condition is a genetic predisposition or the result of a recent weight loss is unknown.


The platysmaplasty tightens, removes, or rebuilds the loose muscles in the neck that cause it to droop. The neck muscles begin to sag when a person has “turkey neck,” so this operation will help.

A Neck Liposuction

Excess neck fat is removed by liposuction. Liposuction of the neck is recommended for those who are overweight and have extra fat around the neck.

There is another method to tighten your neck region without going under anesthesia, which is also common with these three operative procedures. We can reduce the appearance of the appearance of a “band” in the neck area by injecting Botox. This is the horizontal line that runs between the chin and the base of the neck. These bands can be reduced by injections of Botox, which targets the platysma muscle.

Necklift, Medical Term

Neck lifts are called platysmaplasties, since the weakening of the platysma muscle on the neck results in the sagging of the skin. A neck lift will tighten and modify the platysma muscle. A neck rejuvenation or contouring treatment can be used to get rid of flabby skin on the neck and under the jawline, which has lost its elasticity as we age.

How You Will Be Anesthetized

About 2-3 hours are needed to perform a neck lift. Anesthesia can be chosen if necessary. General anesthesia is preferred by most patients, while others prefer local anesthesia with intravenous medication.

Under the ear there are two incisions that are made to cut and lift pieces of skin into place. Tissue glue is used to stitch or fix each piece of skin. Platysmaplasty, in contrast, removes both skin and muscles through a small incision below the chin and behind the ear; then part of the fat muscles is removed and the ends are stitched together to create the front part of the neck. In order to make the neck appear firmer, the skin can be joined below or beneath the ear.

Consult A Reputable Surgeon

The first step to deciding whether you would benefit from a neck lift is to consult a trusted surgeon who will determine if the surgery would be appropriate for you. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the surgery and the results you expect. The surgery is not just for the elderly; even young adults suffering from the embarrassment of having a turkey neck can undergo the procedure with amazing results.

You will know if you are physically able to undergo the procedure if you consult with your surgeon first. Try to understand what you will be undergoing when it comes to this type of cosmetic procedure, rather than expecting miracles. As a side note, the neck lift surgery is most often performed in conjunction with a facial lift or liposuction procedure to give a more youthful appearance.

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