Reasons Why You Should Switch To Natural Toothpaste Over Artificial Ones


Last updated on March 25th, 2024 at 10:16 pm

The world is slowly understanding the power of nature. Organic things are highly trending these days. Whether it is skincare or oral care, organic things are highly effective without any harm and can be used for the long term. As the majority of people choose organic shampoo and conditioner for a hair over artificial ones, In the same way, for healthy teeth, organic stuff always works best.

Oral health is an important part because it impacts social as well as personal life. Healthy and sparkling teeth can add a spark to your personality. There are limitless options of toothpaste in the market today that claim to be natural. It can be hard to decide about the right natural toothpaste. In this blog, you will read about the convincing reasons to start using natural toothpaste over artificial ones.

1) Free from harmful ingredients

Triclosan and sodium lauryl sulfate are the common toothpaste ingredients that are used in every synthetic toothpaste brand. These chemicals in toothpaste can directly get inside the body through the mouth and affect it in the long run. On the other hand, natural substances like Green tea leaf extract, cloves, and tulsi help to keep the teeth and gums healthy. Natural substances in toothpaste will soothe irritated and sensitive gums.

2) Safe for Kids

With natural toothpaste, you don’t have to worry about if kids swallow toothpaste because it’s 100% safe due to natural ingredients. Organic toothpaste is the safest option for kids and adults as it is 100% natural and free from synthetic preservatives. Also, natural kinds of toothpaste come in different flavors that make children enjoy brushing their teeth.

3) Suits sensitive teeth

Chemicals in toothpaste may irritate sensitive teeth, causing a burning sensation. Organic toothpaste is 100% vegan and cruelty-free; hence it suits everyone, including a person with sensitive teeth and even a small baby. Natural toothpaste is rich in minerals and loaded with natural plant extracts that will help to calm tooth sensitivity and reduce the cavity.

4) Effective cleaning

Natural things are always best in the long run. Natural toothpaste includes plant extracts and natural herbs, which will help to fight cavities and cleanse the teeth effectively without any harm. Plenty of natural plants are known for their amazing cleaning properties. Check the labels and ingredients of the toothpaste when buying a natural one.

5) Natural whitening

Nowadays, the majority of people suffer from yellow teeth due to a lack of care and time. Many teeth whitening toothpaste are available in the market that claims 100% whitening result, but they are loaded with artificial whitening substance, which can be dangerous with prolonged use. The natural toothpaste contains charcoal, lemon, salt, and other ingredients known for their extraordinary whitening properties. One of the naturally derived substances is Hydroxyapatite, known for removing teeth stains.

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Final words,

I hope you found the above reasons worthy of making a move towards natural toothpaste. Natural things are always worth trying without hesitation, whether it’s a organic shampoo and conditioner or organic food. Long years back, our ancestors used neem branches to brush their teeth. Organic things have been in existence from older years due to their effectiveness and excellent medicinal properties. If you are concerned about your health, you must give it a try to natural toothpaste.

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