Motorbike Accessories: The Must-Have List


Free-spirited motorbike riders throw caution to the wind and hope everything works out when riding. However, smart riders, especially those with miles of experience, know that anything can go wrong. Thanks to their experience, they know that having the proper accessories goes a long way in making their rides safer and more convenient. From items like a pollution mask to GPS devices, below are accessories that experienced riders carry.

Pollution Masks

Even before the pandemic hit the world, pollution was already a problem for many people, especially motorbike riders who face incoming winds. Factors like sensitivity to air particulates, respiratory issues, and dust play a crucial role in the need for pollution masks. Get yourself a proper biker pollution mask to protect your health while enjoying the ride.

Smart Helmet or Bluetooth Communicator

While the sound of wind and your bike’s engine has a soothing effect during a ride, the inside of a helmet can become lonely. Sometimes a rider may wish to talk to someone or even listen to some of their favourite tunes. If you choose to listen to music, keep your volume low to ensure that you can hear honking from other motorists.

The best way to do this is by getting a Bluetooth communicator or, better yet, a smart helmet. With these accessories, you can chat with your fellow riders and passengers and hear GPS navigation commands. This device can also pair with different devices and transition differences. The good thing about this device is that you can switch them on and off at will.

While shopping for communication devices, don’t forget to get an emergency communicator. This device will send your location to chosen devices in case of an accident.

GPS Navigation

While many people love maps, you have to stop on the roadside to look for directions. This action is a huge time waster and can suck the fun out of the ride. You need to have a GPS navigation unit that will provide directions and programs on a particular route.

Besides, GPS devices will provide you with navigation commands, allowing you to keep your eyes on the road. Most GPS devices are also waterproof and come with glove-friendly buttons. If you choose to use your phone in GPS direction, ensure that you get a phone mount.

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Roadside Tool Kits

Whether riding on the tarmac or off-road, your motorbike is prone to breaking down. It would be best to carry repair tools to ensure you get back on your journey in case of minor issues. Motorbike tool kits come in two different forms, including mechanical and tire repair kits. Mechanical tool kits come with essential items like:

  • Screwdrivers
  • Torx wrenches
  • Cable ties
  • Allen socket wrenches
  • Pliers

A tire repair kit, on the other hand, should include basics such as:

  • Dynaplug Pro tool
  • A pipe cleaner
  • Tire repair plugs
  • Air stoppeR
  • A clearing attachment
  • Insertion tubes

While buying these tools, don’t forget to get an air compressor to help inflate your tires after repair.

Reflective Vests and Stickers

While bikers aren’t legally required to wear a reflective vest in many countries, their importance cannot be overemphasized. These vests keep you visible to other motorists when visibility is compromised. Whenever it’s snowing, dark or foggy, reflective vests decrease the chances of getting hit by other motorists.

While at it, get several reflective stickers to increase the visibility of your bike while riding and when packed by the roadside.

Action Camera

An action camera is a must-have for motorcycle riders, and for good reason. They can come in handy in capturing photos and videos to share with friends and family or relive the experience later. Also, a camera can help you become a motorcycle YouTube star. Besides, you can use the videos to provide evidence to the police or your insurance company.

The thrill of riding on a motorcycle is unmatched. However, bike rides have a history of being risky, meaning that riders need to maximize their safety and that of other motorists. Taking advantage of the mentioned accessories will make your rides much safer, more convenient, and fun.

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