Moderating Your Downtime Effectively


Last updated on December 4th, 2023 at 10:03 pm

For many people, having time to themselves is something of a rarity. With all of the time taken up by work and their other responsibilities, those few hours that they’re left with can feel quite pressurized, as any number of activities or tasks come to mind to fill the time with.

If this is the case for you, you might be wondering how you can make better use of this time without simply rapidly cycling through each activity in a hurried attempt to maximize the potential of your downtime.

Ideally, you want to be able to get the most out of the available time that you have without feeling as though you’re rushing to the point where you can’t get the most out of what you’re doing. Here are a few tips with that in mind in order to help you manage and moderate your time more efficiently.

Allotted Time

One of the most straightforward approaches you could take is to recognize how much time you have available and then assign it to different activities. If you’re hoping to use the time available to you in as balanced a way as possible, this might mean that you give yourself an hour to relax, play games, watch movies, read a book, etc., and then follow it up with half an hour to an hour of exercise (or vice versa if you’d rather use relaxation as an incentive to exercise).

There might be the issue, however, of running into a conflict between your short-term wants and what you had planned for yourself in the long term. For example, while it’s easy to think about splitting two or three hours of free time across recreation and exercise, in reality, you might simply find yourself wanting to carry on reading or playing video games due to what appeals to you.

This might be especially true if you like the entertainment value of the latter pastime – gaming – or, more specifically, one of the most popular types today: online casinos. With your allocated time limit, you can enjoy a wealth of titles available to play with real money – from classic table games like poker and blackjack to luck-based games like roulette and slots.

Sites like are a fun option in that regard, and when you have the right knowledge, a set budget, allotted time, and regular breaks, casino games can be a fun hobby to be enjoyed responsibly.

Procrastination vs. Relaxation

If you find that you regularly have a lot on your plate and struggle to find time for yourself, switching your brain off long enough to relax effectively might be difficult. It can be easy to convince yourself that this is simply how your brain is wired, but if you find yourself genuinely struggling to relax at any point throughout your life, it’s worth investigating this further – as it could result in you suffering stress-related health problems.

If this is the case, how do you then approach your free time? You could simply try and engage with your hobbies and interests in an attempt to relax anyway and hope that eventually, it might come to you, or you could make a more dedicated effort to approach the problem head-on. The latter might be achieved through practices such as yoga or meditation, with free tutorials on platforms like YouTube.

Your Time and Your Friends

Part of the difficulty that can often come with only having a very limited amount of free time can come when you try to think about dividing it further between spending it with your friends and in your own company. Obviously, different people will be inclined towards whether they prefer spending time alone or in social settings, but many people won’t want to fully commit to one or the other exclusively.

In order to overcome this issue, you might think it best to take a step back and think of your available free time as it comes within the span of about a month or so. From this vantage, you can begin to think of which pockets of time you’d rather have to yourself and which you can use to see your loved ones.

Of course, you’re not the only party who gets to decide this, as you’ll have to make sure your selection lines up with what everyone else wants too. However, having restricted free time doesn’t mean you should give up any aspect of your life that you enjoy, whether it’s seeing your friends or just relaxing by yourself in your own space.

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