How To Make A Best Minecraft Grindstone Recipe In 2022.

Minecraft Grindstone Recipe

Last updated on June 16th, 2023 at 05:15 pm

Minecraft has been my favorite for over a decade now, and the game has never disappointed me with its updates. They have recently introduced a new item in the game called Minecraft Grindstone, and I am all up for it.

This item is not known by many as it’s new, but it is all worth it. This item can be really helpful for you in the game and turn all the tables in your favor so, are you ready to dissect this newly introduced handy and efficient item?

Well, you better be ready because I will tell you everything you should know about this item if you are a Minecraft grindstone recipe.

What Is Minecraft Grindstone?

Minecraft grindstone is a handy item that can help you quite often in the game. You can repair your weapons with this item, and it can also help you remove enchantments, so this item will make your life a lot easier in Minecraft.

This item can also repair all types of tools, and you can even renew it. It is not flammable and does not even burn by the fire of lava; isn’t it cool? You can even stack up this item, and it can withstand even an explosion.

 If you want to mine a grindstone, you can easily do it with a pickaxe and a few simple things. So, want to know the recipe for mining this unique item? Let’s get into it.

What Are The Ultimate Grindstone Recipe Ingredients?

If the amazing features of this item sell you, you might be considering crafting it but wait up because you need a couple of things to complete the ultimate grindstone recipe. These things include:

  • 2 x wooden planks
  • 1 x stone slab
  • 2 x sticks
  • Crafting table

Now, to complete the Minecraft grindstone recipe, you need to get the sticks first of all. You can get quite a lot of sticks easily from the trees. When it comes to wooden planks, you have the option to choose any two planks of your choice.

Your grindstone will not be affected by the type of wood you are using, so you can even be creative in choosing wooden planks and can even mix and match a bit. The third thing you will be needing is a crafting table.

This table should be a 3×3 grid so that you can follow the grindstone Minecraft recipe properly. The last ingredient is a stone slab. You must have a stone slab because cobblestone or smooth stone slab will not work when making grindstone.

Now that we have all our ingredients in place, it is time to take our grindstone recipe to the next level; keep reading to get a gist of the entire process.

The Best Way To Make Grindstone Minecraft Recipe

The process of making a grindstone takes some patience, but once you are done, it is all just worth it. So, follow the below-given grindstone recipe Minecraft to make the grindstone in Minecraft easily.

1. Making Slab

Make a slab first as it is a very easy part, and you just need a few things for it.

  • Break stones to make cobbles stone and then gather them
  • Now, to make a stone slab, you need to turn your cobblestones into regular stones
  • You can do it by putting your cobblestones on the furnace
  • Let the stones cook as you need three stones for the slab
  • Now, place all your stones on the table to turn them into a perfect stone slab

2. Making Wooden Planks

If you don’t want to waste any time, you can just start working on your wooden slab while your slab is in progress.

  • Cut out a few trees
  • Make sure you have logs because you need them for planks
  • You need to make at least two planks out of your logs

3. Making Sticks

Once you are done with making planks, it is showtime because you need to make some sticks, but the procedure is super-easy.

  • Open your craft menu.
  • Place your planks in the crafting menu
  • Now, make sticks from your planks

4. The Assembly

In the grindstone recipe, the next step is the ultimate assembly of all these ingredients. You need to pick the stone slab and put it in the center. Now, you need to place both the sticks that we made on both sides of your slab.

Here comes the time of wooden planks so, place two of them right under your sticks. That is all you need to do, and you will get your grindstone all set to use. This Minecraft grindstone recipe is all you need to make your grindstone in no time.

Make sure that you follow all the steps properly if you want to succeed in making the grindstone because, without the recipe, you cannot make this amazing grindstone.

How Grindstone Is The Best Choice In Minecraft?

The grindstone is going to be your ultimate favorite item because of its incredible features. You can now earn experience points with grindstone even if you are not doing much work; it sounds dreamy, right?

You can get the experience points by removing the enchantments from different things as books and drops. The more you will remove the enchants, the more chances you will have of gaining experience points.

You can also get the base items by removing enchants. The cherry on top is that you can repair all types of weapons and tools with grindstone so forget about losing your favorite tools just because they are broken.


Once you craft your grindstone by following the Minecraft grindstone recipe, you will be amazed by the things you can do with it. Also, you can craft multiple grindstones, so do not worry about using it all up. Make sure that you are paying full attention while using your grindstone because, in the end, it is all the winning the game. The grindstone recipe Minecraft might be a little long, but it all pays off once you get your hands on your grindstone.

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