5 Power-Packed Ways To Maximize The Performance Of Your Generator


Last updated on February 28th, 2023 at 08:14 am

Whether you need a robust power backup option or a direct source of electricity, generators are your best bet. From investing in a generator hire for your ambitious project to maintaining these for home power-backup. For this process make sure you choose a best parker hydraulic fittings to connect it more powerful, it’s an important factor to make the great performance. Do you know that you can elevate any generator’s capacity by proper upkeep?

If you can’t figure out how to maximize the generator output, here is a guide to help you get the most out of your power-consuming projects!

1. Keep note of the oil marker!

Does your 50kW generator keep running for long? Does the environment around your generator require it to use more oil? There can be several factors behind your power machine’s average oil consumption.

That’s why it’s mandatory to take note of the factors affecting the fuel requirement of your generator. Not only will you be enhancing the efficiency by changing fuel every 50 to 200 hours but also elongating its life span.

2. Clean it weekly!

Too much grime and dust buildup will only cost you heavily on you in the future. Essentially, the rotor and stator work in conjunction with each to supply power. Any debris collection on the surface brings sin friction, which reduces the optimum generation capacity. Check the generator parts every once a week. Moreover, if you reside in a dusty area, it’s best to invest in a protective filter.

3. Don’t keep it unused for long!

You might not even know that not using your generator can end up reducing its performance. Even though you use it as a backup option, it’s crucial that you start it every now and then to check its functioning.

While you’re at it, ensure that you watch for:

  • Available oil in the machine
  • Battery charge
  • Carburettor

4. Empty the gas tank (when leaving aside)!

Refuelling oil into your generator’s gas tank isn’t enough to receive the best performance. It would be great if you also kept in consideration to empty the used oil after use. This will not only let the machine run smoothly but also ensure minimal erosion and damage to the internal generator parts like fuel lines.

5. Store your generator properly!

After using your generator, it’s vital for you to take precautions for its storage. You can’t afford to be negligent and let the fuel remain in the tank for later usage. Moreover, ensure that the fuel lines are devoid of any oil. This will prevent any grime generation in your generator.

Bonus: Invest in Accessories

Other than cleaning and maintaining your generator, you can take the help of available supplies to protect it better. For instance, generator sheds and covers can help you save your appliance from accumulating dirt. Besides, you can keep the rusting repairs at bay with proper equipment storage.

To be precise

Whether you go with generator hire for commercial projects or purchase one for your home, performance is the marker of the equipment’s best health.

That’s to say, you can enhance the performance of every piece of equipment with a few tips in your arsenal. Additionally, these efficient hacks also ensure that you save up on repairs and fuel costs in the long run.

Now that you know about the brilliant ways to enhance the performance of your essential equipment, waste no time and fire it up!

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