Log cabin: the house of the future?

Log cabin

Last updated on December 2nd, 2023 at 07:35 pm

For some years now, the log cabin has been a runaway success. Indeed, wood allows for a quick and very attractive construction. This type of housing has become the ideal solution when you want a comfortable wooden home that can be built quickly and living in a wooden building also means a healthier lifestyle.

Today, more and more people are adopting the log cabin as their primary residence. 

A log cabin as a permanent home

The timber house has long been associated with a second home. But today, this is no longer the case. Nowadays, log cabins with a surface area similar to a flat or even a conventional house. Like brick or concrete houses, wooden log cabins are well designed but have the advantage of being durable, modular and even adaptable. Some professionals even offer to deliver the house in kit form, which gives you the freedom to assemble the cabin yourself and do all the interior fittings as you wish.

Log cabins come in a variety of sizes as you can see by visiting Quick-Garden.co.uk. The smaller ones fit perfectly in a garden and are perfect as a guest room and extra accommodation. The larger ones can be set up on a separate plot of land and become a real home that has nothing to envy of the traditional buildings.

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Ecological and original housing

A log cabin is made entirely of wood, inside and out. Wood is an environmentally friendly material and has the ability to keep the air inside the house cool, thus limiting the need for air conditioning. A wooden house is therefore environmentally friendly in its construction, but also in its operation. In the long term, you will save a lot on your gas and electricity bills.
In addition, wooden buildings blend in very well with natural surroundings. Today, ecology is an issue that concerns us all and the choice of an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient home is a civic act.

Energy-efficient housing

The wooden chalet offers the right energy performance to get you through the summer. Also, wood is known for its hygroscopic properties that favour an efficient and natural regulation of temperature and air. During hot periods, it will provide you with healthy and temperate air.

In addition, wood manages temperature differences more effectively than concrete. However, the log cabin is not only suitable for the summer season. You can also live in your log house all year round, even in winter. All that is needed is good insulation. This includes thick glazing, good joinery and all the necessary arrangements. You will then be able to spend the winter peacefully and fully enjoy the rooms that make up your home.

Log cabin: a rental investment?

A log cabin can be used as a primary residence, but you can also use it to generate an interesting rental income. As it is a very popular accommodation for the public, you will not have any difficulty to find a tenant. If you install it in your garden, it will significantly increase the value of your property.

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