Kokoa.Tv Reviews – Features, Subscription Plans And More.

Kokoa TV Reviews

Last updated on December 18th, 2023 at 10:23 am

Say hi to Kokoa TV! It is a new streaming block bringing you awesome Korean movies and shows. It is not as big as Hulu Killer or Netflix yet, but it is getting there with lots of cool movies and shows to watch. Using it might initially feel tricky, but do not worry. After a few tries, you will be a pro at finding your favorite shows. 

Kokoa TV is cheaper than the other big streaming services. You get to watch all the good stuff without spending too much money. So, get in on the fun early and see why everyone is talking about Kokoa TV.

What is Kokoa.tv?

Kakoa.tv made its grand debut back in June 2015. Back in 2017, only a few people were watching KakaoTV. After that came September 1, 2020, when Kakao M (now Kakao Entertainment M Company) expanded KakaoTV to OTT. Why? They needed a stage to share their dramas, shows, and films, and It was a hit. 

Kokoa TV became a super place to watch Korean shows and movies whenever possible. This channel has famous K-pop singers and actors that people love to watch worldwide. Kokoa. TV has exciting and interesting content you would not find elsewhere.

Features of Kokoa.TV: How it is Better Than Others 

KakaoTV is everyone’s favorite because it has some amazing features:

Easy to Use

This place has a user-friendly interface. The setup is easy on the eyes and easy to understand. It is easy to make your profile, set up controls for parents, and get show suggestions based on what you like. 

Variety of Shows and Live Broadcasts

KakaoTV has more than just dramas; it has all sorts of fun things for everyone. But wait, there is even more! KakaoTV also does live broadcasts, like when things happen right then and there. 

You can talk to the people making the shows and the famous people, ask questions, or just have a good time with them. So, if you like funny variety shows or being part of live things happening, KakaoTV is the place for you. 

High Global Reach and Rising Popularity

KakaoTV is getting super popular not just in Korea, but all around the world. Moreover, here is the cool part: you can use KakaoTV in Korean or English, so it is easy for everyone, no matter where you are. So, whether you are in Korea or far away, KakaoTV is for you.

User-Friendly Experience 

KakaoTV is like a friendly place where you watch and talk with others while watching live shows. And guess what? KakaoTV knows what you like! It suggests shows and creators that match your interests. So, you can discover new cool things that are just right for you.

Subscription Options

Just like other streaming places, you need to choose a plan to watch your favorite movies or shows. The cool thing here is that there are many plans to pick from. Choose from basic to fancy plans, each offering exclusive shows and cool extras

Smooth Streaming 

The shows are in HD, so they look amazing. Even if your internet is slow, KakaoTV ensures your shows play smoothly.

How to Sign Up for Kokoa TV?

Follow these simple steps to sign up:

  • Download the KakaoTV app available on iOS and Android.
  • Create an account if you do not have one.
  • Enter your payment details.
  • Start watching and enjoy the Korean content!

Subscription Plans of Kokoa.tv

Kokoa.tv has different plans according to your budget. The free plan has some shows but also shows ads. The basic plan is $2.99 monthly, giving you more shows. 

If you go for the standard plan at $6.99 a month, it has all the shows and other amazing features. Going for the premium plan at $12.99 lets your family join in with other amazing features. 

Why Kokoa.TV is Not Working?

Sometimes, you may need help accessing Kokoa.tv. Here is a list of some issues you might face. 

  • Update the app to the latest version.
  • You may have an Internet connection issue
  • Your server may get overloaded. 
  • Your subscription has expired.
  • There might be a mix-up with your login details.
  • Your account might be temporarily suspended.
  • It could be a bug in your app.
  • There could be your device and app compatibility issues.

What to do If Kokoa.TV is Down?

There could be many reasons why Kokoa.tv is not working here is how you can fix the issues:

Browser Your Cache

Refresh the page using the Ctrl + F5 key combination to bypass the cached version and retrieve the latest content.

Change IP Address

Try using a VPN or a proxy server. It can change your IP address and help you avoid any location restrictions.

Remove Antivirus and Firewall

See if your antivirus, like McAfee or Kaspersky, or your firewall stops you from getting to Kokoa.tv. Try turning them off to see if it helps fix the problem.

Check Official Website

Visit Kokoa.tv’s official website or social media pages for any announcements regarding outages or maintenance.

Report the Issue

If none of these solutions work, consider reporting the issue to Kokoa.tv’s support team for further assistance.


Kokoa.tv is your special place for awesome Korean movies and shows. It has a few shows right now, but they keep adding more constantly. It is smaller than others, but it is growing, and you can watch movies and shows without spending too much money. 

Kokoa.tv started its journey in 2015 and became a hit in 2020, making it popular worldwide. Sometimes Kokoa.tv might have issues, like not working or going down. You can update the app, check your internet, or wait a bit. If all else fails, you can report the issue to Kokoatv’s support team for help.

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