Kenzie Hunt Accident: A Severe Boat Accident – All Facts.

Kenzie Hunt Accident

Last updated on March 19th, 2024 at 10:14 pm

Kenzie Hunt’s Accident was a hilarious accident where she shared her dramatic accident as well as her recovery process. It was a boat accident in which her bottom was damaged. Kenzie is a 20-year-old girl who shares her recovery process in a video on TikTok. 

Actually, she was injured by a boat propeller in that accident. She explained that after that accident, she was unable to sit for three months. But after that, she recovered. It was a boat trip in which her sister was also with her. So she, her sister, and other friends went on a trip to South Carolina in August.

How did the Kenzie Hunt Accident occur?

How did the Kenzie Hunt Accident occur
Kenzie Hunt Accident: A Severe Boat Accident – All Facts.

The group of girls decided to go boating with some of their friends. The girls said that they did not know these boys very well. When the girl fell from the tube, one person who was driving the boat went to pick the girl up.

Unfortunately, the man took a sharp U-turn, and at the same time, the rope was slacked. He came towards her, hit her head on, and she was still lying on the tube. Kenzie said that she was stuck under the boat and was severely hit by the propeller. 

At the same time, the rope was also whipped around her when she came up from the water. Unfortunately, her butt was kind of open, and she said that she clearly felt this thing. She said this in a TikTok video. She said that she saw her blood everywhere in the water.

Then, the man who was present in the body lifted her and put her legs together so that she could feel less pain.

Kenzie Hunt Accident: She was taken to the hospital

Kenzie Hunt Accident She was taken to the hospital
Kenzie Hunt Accident: A Severe Boat Accident – All Facts.

After that, Kenzie was taken to the hospital, and she had severe injuries on her backside. She also got propeller bruises on her legs. She can feel deep cuts on her legs. She said that she also had fractures on her foot and pelvis.

Doctors also asked her to get an ostomy bag for 6 months. She said that she had very severe deep cuts on her body, which left a section of the bottom hanging. She said that she had severe injuries and she was not able to put any weight on the foot or butt. In the start, she was not able to lift herself or move. She was totally in bed.

She also said she is not independent, and her movement is not; she could not be able to take care of herself. She was so disappointed that she could not do simple things such as working, sitting, driving, getting ready, and so many other things.

Kenzie Hunt Accident: A hilarious accident

The Kenzie hunt accident was a very severe accident that changed the life of Kenzie. But she did not lose hope, and in the end, she succeeded in getting out of this situation.

So we can say that it is a bizarre boating accident which hurts her a lot. 

To protect her ankle fracture, she used to wear ankle boots and also used a scooter to go here and there. She also had so many problems sitting and not being able to sit for a long time. 

Kenzie’s sister was also with her.

Sitting or putting any weight on my butt has been an adjustment, she said. On that trip, her sister was also with her, and she was shocked to see that situation. She was sitting in another boat and was seeing her in shock and terror. 

Her sister was a great blessing to her that she just jumped out of the boat and moved to rescue her. She said that after jumping in the water, she grabbed her and put her hands under her body. 

She wanted to get her out of the water as soon as possible. With a bleeding heart, she explained that she could feel all her wounds, and this was the most hurting thing for her.   

Transferring to the hospital

She was then immediately transferred to the hospital, and the name of the hospital was South Carolina Hospital. She spent 9 days there; she was then transferred to the hospital in Utah. After recovering much, she was then taken back home, where she is now recovering back home in Lehi.

Along with the broken leg and other pelvis breakage, she also has other injuries, such as 5 or 6 deep lacerations all over the butt area. In other words, bones got torn up in the hip area, but the good thing is that the doctor recovered all these things. Her sister also said that she had a fear that, in the future, she might be unable to do all the things like before. But with time, all the things come to the normal life.  

Kenzie’s sister posts videos on TikTok on a regular basis

Her sister posts different videos on TikTok in which she regularly updates the audience about Kenzie’s health. Kenzie also uploaded a heart video on TikTok in which she explained all the things about how the accident occurred and how her bones were affected. 

So, she is updating millions of fans of Kenzie who are worried about her health of Kenzie. Both sisters post different things, such as answering people’s questions, post stories, as well as updating after appointments.

People are very much interested in enquiring about Kenzie because it was a tragic and traumatic accident. So they got information from horror stories. They are also interested in house her health and how she is doing like random people all over the world.

Kenzie said that different people also share similar stories to her and send different gifts. Kinji also said that are injuries were severe and hurt her a lot, but she is very happy and grateful to God that she is alive. She also said that she has a long journey in front of her. She also has a great puppy, which always amuses her and helps her make a positive recovery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of injuries Kenzie had in a boat accident?

She got different types of injuries; her ankle was fractured as well as her pelvis bone was also fractured. She also had an injury on her backside and propeller bruises that went down her leg. Along with the fracture on the foot, she also has deep cuts there. 

What happened in the boat accident on High Rock Lake in North Carolina?

On Thursday, a boat accident occurred on High Rock Lake in North Carolina, resulting in serious injuries to the passengers. Further details about the accident are currently unavailable.

Is there any information about the Kenzie Hunt Accident allegedly involving two girls?

Yes, an unverified occurrence known as the Kenzie Hunt Accident has surfaced online, allegedly involving two girls. However, no official confirmation or statements from law enforcement or the families have been released to validate the incident.

What are the reported injuries in the alleged boat accident in Utah?

The alleged boat accident in Utah has left one of the girls involved with life-threatening injuries. However, since this incident is unverified, it is essential to await official confirmation or further information.


Kenzie Hunt Accident was a very tragic boat accident in which Kenzie got severe injuries. Not only the injuries, she also had two major fractures. These major fractures are pelvic fractures and ankle fractures. 

She also had other bruises and cuts on her body. Now, she has recovered to a high level; otherwise, she was unable to move even right after the accident. We pray for Kenzie; may she fully recover after this Kenzie hunt boating accident.

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