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Jen Blanco

Last updated on March 16th, 2024 at 09:32 pm

Who is Viraljen TikTok aka Jen Blanco? Viralyen is a female TikTok star best known for her recent excellent TikTok posts. Get her life, and Instagram answers here. Viraljen’s real name is Jen Blanco. She uses Viraljen as her TikTok username. She is a famous female TikTok star.

She is known for her shocking moves and lip-sync recordings, which won the hearts of her fans. Many people have discussed her posts on online platforms like Reddit and YouTube.

Jen Blanco Age & Early Life

She was born to her parents in a beautiful city in the United States. She grew up in a Christian family. Jen did not reveal her exact date of birth, but she was born in 2000. According to her reports, she has been interested in modeling since childhood.

She completed her primary education in her hometown at a small private school. Then she completed her secondary education. She looks like a recent graduate. Jen is currently a famous model and is making an Instagram sensation.

What is the nationality of Jen Blanco?

What is the use of it to love a celebrity without knowing their nationality or origin? Some stars deliberately chose to hide their ethnicity from their followers and the public. Still, we have decided for ourselves to see if Jen Blanco’s origins and current nationality can be verified. Well, Jen Blanco’s country of origin is the United States. She is of American nationality.

Family background

It appears she comes from a middle-class family, guessed by her family details. However, she hasn’t revealed anything about her father, mother, or family. Also, this stunning young woman has not posted photos of her parents.

Blanco is a mixed race of Caucasian ancestry and whites. She is American and a Christian. As far as we know, both her mother and father hail from working-class families. The beautiful lady spent her childhood playing with her cousins and siblings, but there is no information about them.

How Old is Jen Blanco?

She is 22 years old. Her exact date of birth is a mystery, but it is known that she was born in 2000. We don’t know her zodiac sign because we don’t have her birth month.

People today follow astrology’s horoscope, but even social media stars haven’t made it public. People do it because it helps them increase self-awareness and better understand themselves. A study confirms that astrology strongly impacts a person’s self-esteem. Unfortunately, Jen doesn’t seem to share this view, or at least not publicly.

Hobbies of Jen Blanco

Didn’t everyone enjoy doing it for fun? She enjoys watching movies, spending time with her friends, and taking pictures to get the attention of her social media followers.

Jen Blanco Height & Weight

Considering her physique, she is a beautiful woman with a wonderful and calm personality. She weighs about 65 kilograms and is 5 feet 4 inches tall. She has good health and a sound body. Also, her hair is blonde. She has beautiful brown eyes.

What is Jen Blanco’s net worth?

If you see her Instagram profile, you can see that she is living her true luxury life with tons of jewelry, bags, expensive outfits, heels, makeup, and more. She is known to make a lot of money from her online business. She marketed many brands and increased her income. Her net worth is about $700,000 (approx).

Jen Blanco Boyfriend & Dating

Who does Jen Blanco date? She is undeniably adorable but has not revealed anything about her relationship status, love life, or partner. According to her social media, she enjoys spending time with friends. She may have an affair or boyfriend, but no details have been given. This stunning lady may be dating someone now, but now we can not comment on their relationship status until confirmed.


No one knew who Jen Blanco was until 2021. She was an ordinary American girl who cared about her work until she decided to become her social media figure. Because of this, it seems that no one knows where she grew up and what school she attended.

The girl in question has decided not to disclose such a matter. But she did talk about the process that led to her leap of faith, leaving her minimum wage job to pursue her modeling dream. Jen said that she has always dreamed of being a model like the rest of the world.

She was an avid reader of Vogue magazine, which significantly impacted the world of fashion and beauty. While she was skeptical about all of this, her best friend pointed out that social media is an excellent tool for becoming a model, inspiring her to pursue her dreams. Since she had nothing to do during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, she decided to try it.

So far, she has been very successful. By 2021, she had created a social media page to upload videos that caused word of mouth. Her first TikTok video was posted on May 3, 2021, and has 18 million views. Since then, she has gained huge followers on YouTube and Instagram.

8 Things You Didn’t Know about Jen Blanco

  • She wants to work with her many national and global brands as a model.
  • A large fan base helps these brands drive new audiences to their websites that they couldn’t otherwise.
  • Zen is self-sufficient and doesn’t hesitate to advertise a variety of bikinis and swimwear.
  • Many famous TikTok stars have appeared on her official TikTok, gaining more fans and helping her platform grow.
  • She is an honest advocate for narcissism and self-care. Jen does various activities to maintain her mental health, including exercising, reading, meditating, and journaling.
  • Jen loves to travel, and as a content creator, she has many opportunities to see beautiful places she would not otherwise visit.
  • Blanco avoids highly processed foods under any circumstances. She can’t remember the last time she had sugar in her body.
  • She enjoys watching crime documentaries and other TV series in her spare time.

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Jen Blanco’s beauty is guaranteed to keep us entertained for years to come. Her popularity is growing, and she will likely have additional features alongside other celebrities to provide a better viewing experience. Tell your friends about her, and they will enjoy her videos.

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