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Jacobs Funeral Home

Last updated on December 2nd, 2023 at 12:12 am

In this world, there is always your family and love ones behind your happiness. They are the people who always stand with you in your hardships and occasion of happiness. No one will be as concerned with you in all up and downs of your life as your relatives, family members and close friends. You are also always there for their help and stand with your close ones in their hard time, like death of any of family member of your relatives.

Because it is a divine fact in this mortal world that, every human has to taste the death, no matter earlier or late. So, at the time of death of your loved ones you want different funeral and cremation services. Jacobs Funeral Home is one of the best different funeral like Burroughs Funeral Home and cremation services provider in United States. You can get their services in different 4 regions of USA.

About Jacobs Funeral Home:

In United States and other countries there is a concept of outside funeral services. So, on the death of your loved ones you can get different funeral and cremation services from many vendors. Jacobs Funeral Home is one of these funeral services providers, that was established in Iron Mountain Michigan.

It was established by Paul M. Jacobs, who is still funeral director of this funeral home. You can get services here like funeral services, cremation services, burial services, legal advisory, pre planning, funeral funding services, pet cremation services, personalized items of your loved ones and many more.

Their services are available in 4 different regions of USA including Iron Mountain Michigan, Crystal Falls Michigan, Niagara Chapel Wisconsin and Florence Wisconsin. If you are away from your home and want some special prayer services on death anniversary of your loved ones, you can also order it from Jacobs Funeral Home INC.

Why Jacobs Funeral Home is Best?

At the time of grief and hardship, Jacobs Funeral Home is always here for you to provide you best services. There are following some attributes, that make this funeral services provider best choice of people in USA:

  • You can get any service from here within your budget range. No matter you have tight budget you can select from the wide range of products like cremation urn, burial vault, cemetery and casket within your range.
  • You can also design by your own funeral ceremony to pay tribute to your loved ones, with the help of this funeral service provider.
  • They will also help you in writing an obituary on the life of your family member and social experiences.
  • You can also get help from themto publish obituary of your love one in any newspaper of your own choice.
  • They will also help you in creating an online memorial web page or book on the life of your family member. On this platform you can put stories and photos of your late family member.
  • Their funeral home staff will always welcome you for your pre booked funeral, memorial and visiting services.
  • They will always make arrangements by their own, on your desired place for burier, cremation, prayer and funeral ceremony.
  • Jacobs Funeral Home always provide you the best printing material on funeral day like folders, book marks and prayer cards.
  • You can also get funeral car and family transport service from here.
  • If you want to put floral tribute on grave of your loved ones, they will also help you in this.
  • They will also provide you the counseling services, that will help you in coming out from situation of grief and anxiety.
  • You have not worried about any paper work regrading, funeral ceremony and permits, because they will done it by their own.

Services of Jacobs Funeral Home:

Like other funeral services providers like oolman funeral home, you can get batter services at Jacobs Funeral Home with less price. Their some unique services are:

Funeral Services:

On the death of your family member, you can get funeral services from any 4 offices of Jacobs chapel. They will arrange all the funeral services like praying area, gathering area, parking lots, transportation, grave preparation and Father for prayer for you. Here you can get both traditional and modern funeral services. You can get these services with in your budget, so that they will arrange for you all the things accordingly.

Burial Services:

They are also providing burial services in different regions of USA. So, you have not worried about the grave and burial services for your late family member. They will help you in burying the dead body and make prayer arrangement on your favorite place.

Cremation Services:

You can also get cremation service for your late family member here. It depends on your choice and religious terms that, either you want to bury the dead body or want cremation of it. In the cremation process they will burn the body of your loved ones and put its ash in a pot. You can take that ash with you or can bury it at your favorite place. So, it’s up to you that what do you want. Cremation service is also cost effective, because it costs only one third of a burial service. We will never recommend you the cremation service, because it is really hard to see your family member burning.

Memorial Services:

As we know that in memorial services, there is no casket or dead body of your loved ones is present. Because memorial ceremony held after weeks or a month of death of your family member. So, you can get this service from here. They will arrange all the activities regarding memorial services.

Celebration of Life Services:

Many families in United States, wants to celebrate the life of their close family member. They want some attractive paintings, books, web directory and folders based on pictures and unique words of their late family member. So, due to this need Jacobs Funeral Home is also providing all of these celebration of life services, to its beloved customers in all over the USA.

Veteran Funeral Services:

They are also providing Veteran Funeral Services to the Military Persons. Their whole staff is trained in all these veteran services, including arrangements, burier service and whole services according to army rules.

Ash Scattering Services:

At Jacobs Chapel, you can also get ash scattering services. Because after the cremation of dead body, it is to decide that either you want to take the ash with you or scatter it on any place. You can choose the place according to your choice like parks, your home, river and graveyard for ash scattering. But for all these, you need some legal permissions.

Animal Cremation Services:

Animals like cats and dogs, are also a part of our family, because they spend long time with us and also provide us a feel of security. So, on the death of your pet you become very sad. Jacobs Funeral Home is also providing pet / animal cremation services. In this service they will do cremation of your pet and give you the ash.

Pre-Plaining Services:

You can also pre-plan the different funeral and prayer services with help of Jacobs. They are providing all their services that you can pre-plan with the help of their professionals.

Funeral Funding Services:

If you belong to a poor family in USA, you can still get funeral services from here. Because they have funding and charity from people, that they use to help poor in different funeral services.

They are also providing legal advisory services, regarding to different legal issues about wills and property of your family members.

Merchandise Services:

You can also get different merchants making services like casket, urns, burial vaults, monuments, legacy touch and obituaries.

How Much Jacobs Funeral Home costs for their services?

You can get services of your choice according to your price range and budget from Jacobs Funeral Home. Their normal funeral and burial package start from $2000 and move till $3500. For cremation services, the cost is one third of funeral services.

Service Areas and Offices of Jacobs Funeral Home:

They are working in the following 4 areas of United States and round about:

  • Jacobs Funeral Home, Iron Mountain Michigan, United States.
  • Jacobs-Plowe Funeral Home, Crystal Falls Michigan, United States.
  • Niagara Chapel, Niagara, Wisconsin USA.
  • Jacobs-LundholmFuneral Home, Florence Wisconsin USA.

Some Obituaries of Jacobs Funeral Home:

There are following obituaries, to whom Jacobs Funeral Home INC give their services recently:

  • Lona Crispinga on 01-Sep-2021.
  • Paul Cahee on 28-Aug-2021.
  • Maureen Carey on 25-Aug -2021.
  • Gerald Piattion 22-Aug -2021.
  • Betty Jean McDowellon 19-Aug -2021.
  • Rose M. Bublonion 16-Aug -2021.
  • Michael (Mike) E. Gilliganon 15-Aug -2021.
  •  Jean C. Pikeon 12-Aug -2021.
  • Debra Ann Jafollaon 12-Aug -2021.
  • Virginia C.on 11-Aug -2021.
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