Interviewing Techniques: How to Hire the Best Candidates


Last updated on March 27th, 2024 at 02:26 am

Hiring the best candidates heavily depends on how well you conduct your interviews. Knowing how to articulate your questions and which questions to ask can be confusing, especially if you’re new to leading the interview process. Below, we discuss how to hire the best candidates and the interviewing techniques that can help you make your decisions.

Conduct Checks First

Gather information on each candidate so that you can tailor your questions to the individual. Focus on their strengths to see what their skillset can provide your company. Having humility and confidence while working as a team employee is essential. You want to look for people who possess positive workplace traits like resiliency, use of coping skills, and compassion for others.

An overlooked interviewing technique is the need to prepare for what to say before the interview. Make sure that you conduct fast background checks before you schedule an interview with someone so you aren’t wasting your time interviewing people who are not qualified.

To hire the best candidates, utilize well-practiced interviewing techniques, and encourage honest and insightful feedback from candidates.

Ask Insightful Questions

Make sure you ask insightful questions and allow the candidate to express their views and opinions. Asking questions that act as an invitation to speak one’s truth will let you hear how the candidate feels about the position and what they can bring to the table.

To ask insightful questions, start by listing the qualities and characteristics you’re looking to find in candidates and then brainstorm questions that are most likely to bring out these traits.

For instance, if you want to find creative and innovative temporary employees, you might ask, “If your schedule was entirely up to you, how would you prioritize productivity?” An open-ended question like this gives your candidate plenty of room to state their ideas.

Find Your Formality

To get adjusted to the interviewing process, establish a formality, a protocol that works for you. You can even practice beforehand so that when it’s time to interview a candidate, you feel prepared with all the information you need to gather the candidate’s information.

Consider role-playing an interview from the beginning, when you first shake hands, to the exit of the interview. If you create a general script for yourself, you can appear confident and prepared and focus on the candidate rather than how you’re doing in an interview.

Ask Questions To Invoke Integrity

Integrity is an essential quality to possess in and out of the business world. As the interviewer, do your best to ask questions that invoke integrity and ask questions that beg for honesty from the person you are interviewing.

Ask, “What are your weaknesses” or “Where do you need to improve” to get an idea of how aware they are of their weaknesses. Look for humility and stay clear of anyone who showcases defensiveness over these questions.

Don’t Appear Intimidating

People are more comfortable acting as themselves when they feel they are not being judged harshly. You are judging candidates to see how fit they are for the position, but you can ask questions that don’t make people feel too intimidated to answer honestly.

You want to act professional but still give off a relaxed vibe. Act genuinely excited to meet people, stay cordial throughout the interview, and allow the questions to flow naturally in conversation.

Gather All The Information You Need

To ensure you gather all the necessary information, prioritize the above factors, and get the necessary details to make your hiring decisions. By following these suggestions, you can ensure your interviews are successful.

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