How Your Relationships May Strengthen According to October Astrology

How Your Relationships May Strengthen According to October Astrology

October can bring one or more cosmic eclipses, and Libras and Scorpios may divert from their everyday routines to rebalance and reassess their internal life path. With the magnetic pull of Venus, some individuals may find the need to turn inward and explore ways to change how they normally live. If you wish to strengthen a relationship during this unusual autumn month, psychic astrology readings can provide you with insight on how to proceed.

Time To Reflect & Make Adjustments

Individuals born in October develop strong bonds. Although normally balanced and romantic, Libras may suddenly turn away from a relationship to take time for some soul-searching. Scorpios usually devote themselves to loyal and long-term relationships, but during October, it could appear as though they stopped showing interest in a significant other. Scorpios may need to “take time off” to reflect on themselves. Releasing or analyzing pent-up anger or trauma during an October eclipse can bring individuals back in tune with their individual destinies. It could also help focus some needed attention on breaking a bad habit or finding a better job.

Pluto makes a turn in Capricorn during October and could shake up the foundation of any relationship. When the dwarf planet makes its influence felt, you can anticipate a roar in your communications with a Libra or Scorpio. Perplexed individuals can, however, seek the advice of clairvoyant psychics for accurate horoscopes that help determine what’s going on in a relationship. A fight or an ignored phone call may only require a slight adjustment to get the relationship back on track.

Room for Healing To Take Place

Whether your concern involves a spouse, partner, best friend, or coworker, you could go back in time with a Libra or Scorpio and discuss an unresolved issue. Did someone agree to meet with you and then back out at the last minute? Changing plans could dampen a relationship as it can raise issues of trust. Perhaps someone had a personal emergency and canceled a date with you, but you still feel hurt or angry because you interpreted it as a brush-off.

Libras may find it difficult to move on from relationships. Sadness or intense emotions could arise during a heated discussion with a Libra. You could possibly diffuse the situation by asking open-ended questions. A productive dialogue can leave room for fixing mistakes in the relationship. If you’re willing to make things work, a Libra may appreciate some gentle pushing to bring out hidden feelings. Scorpios, on the other hand, may prefer to talk things through to keep their relationships strong and intact.

Libras and Scorpios With Aquarius or Sagittarius Partners

Individuals born under the signs of Aquarius or Sagittarius often become the most compatible of the astrological signs during October. The compatibility factor usually rests on their innate tendency to focus on transitions. These honest and intelligent individuals typically have the ability to communicate with someone who needs some time to turn inward. Scheduling psychic readings for Aquarius or Sagittarius could help Libras and Scorpios prepare for situations that could create challenges in a relationship. A skillful tarot card reading can provide vital clues concerning what might bring balance back into a relationship during the month of October.

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