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Last updated on June 2nd, 2023 at 04:26 pm

Before getting into details about the latest exotic Hard Light Catalyst, let’s have a glance at Catalyst. A Catalyst is something that falls after you find an exotic weapon that boosts it up. In the case of hard light, it’s especially useful due to its stability and reliability which make the laser beam quite clear and constantly focused. You can find hard light Catalyst in strikes and waterfall. The drop rates of Catalyst often depend upon the hard waterfall and sigh scores. In other words the higher the scores are, the better the drop rates.

Ways to find Hard Light Catalyst

Hard Light Catalyst

Here, A list of different resources to find a Hard light catalyst is given below.

Xur Can Sell

Xur Can Sell is a selling pool that sells one weapon only on weekends. You may get a rotating set of exotics for competitive targets. You will be the lucky one if you find a hard light catalyst in its list. The engrams function in the same way. Their ranks are 25, 60, and 74.


Milestones are one of the best ways to get (HLC). This weekly milestone gives complete exotics. Here, the power drops which encircled with the yellow spotlight on the map. They are represented as objectives. To gain and the objective on flashpoint, you need to do three strikes that will complete 8 crucibles bounties. Master night falls this activity may not be suitable as a move for a beginner because it is 970 where the master is 103- power and the legend is 1000 power. More than anything, this is the only activity that directly rewards. That was all about major fundamental exotic spots where you can consult for your rewards

Pros and cones

Like so many other things hard light catalysts do have some perks and flaws.


a. Hard light catalyst is the catalyst of hard light with;
b. Increasing stability of hard light by 18.
c.Produces orbs on a multi killer and counts the number of enemies overwhelmed by using it.

d. The weapon is awarded extra bonuses when boosted to Masterwork.
e. This exotic weapon drops only in strikes against pretty challenging trials.


a. No specific glamorous challenge to find Hard light
b. Destiny one weapon and have been good recently
c. It’s a random drop.
d.The most unpleasant thing about a hard light catalyst is that it can hardly findlaser range after completing Nightfall strikes.
e. Its upgrade can only be unlocked when you defeat more than 1000 opponents using hard light.

How to get hard light?

You can find the catalyst from strikes, Night falls. Its upgrade is unlocked only when the competitor defeats 100 challenging rivals of the same battle.

How to form Exotic Engram?

Usually, the engram is available at any time and there are many places to get Exotic drops.However, it looks like if you can unlock all chests, you are sure to be rewarded exotic engrams. This is one of the best ways to farm engram.
Hard Light Fringe Benefits

Primarily, hard light perks are associated with the range of laser range of an auto rifle. The weapon is containing three fundamental perks.

1. Polygonal Rifling

2. Alloy Magazine

3. Composite Stock.
Besides the features mentioned above, there are two other appealing components of Hard Light.
The Fundamentals:
It holds reload and manages the weapon’s disorder. It uses a wielder to alternate hard light’s primal damage by focusing on the reload button.
Volatile Light
It enables hard to light a dominating force in most challenges. The projectiles are free as well as safe from any unpleasant disorder. In other words, They complete the given targets and pave the way to handle damage to the opponent behind another opponent you are shooting at. However, the damage ratio of Projectile is raised after a bounce.

What is the best time and way to use Hard Light?

Like trials of Orsis, Hard Light is also known as a top-notch rival in end-game these days. Though it shines in Crucible, yet does not seem powerful in PVE. The main function of hard light in PVE is its ability to circle between elements type.
However, the best time to use Hard Light is during Meta season. Here its values pass from certain changes.  Moreover, During Crucible challenges, Use hard light when the distances between you and your rival are about to medium to close level.

What is the lore of Hard Light?

Difficult light lore is typically introduced with three enhancing items rather than a

1. cheeky lore tab:
2. A sharp and quick configuration interface that is used for handling outgoing damage.
A ricochet projection that splits any platform for projection weapons.
3. The infinite zero percent drop range.

 Bottom line

Now, however, all that has changed. The reliability of all Auto Rifles including Hard LightCatalyst came with Update 2.7.1 as a buff. Yes, in reality, this significantly enhances the weapon, and you can do much more to make it better. Stick for stability on a Masterwork Catalyst and here you have a reasonably useful tool, one with a devious Intrinsic Perk.

Volatile Light, the Intrinsic perk on Hard Light makes the rounds that fires have no falloff damage, resulting in complete damage regardless of range. Shots penetrate targets as they can also ricochet off hard surfaces. To top it off if it happens to strike an opponent, the shot after it has been bounced off of a surface is increased.

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