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How To Make Money Online?

Today in super smart world everybody is busy at making money and is one is eager to find out the ways to be rich. In this informative article we shall discuss about 20 ways to be rich affiliating with freelancing platforms. This article will helps you a lot in building your freelance career and earning millions of dollars depending upon your skill. Everybody is gifted with some amazing skills they just need to understand what skill can give them financial benefits and how they should use them. Being profession is mandatory in building your freelance career. Below are 20 ways and skills to make money online and to be rich.

1. Video Editing:

make money online

Video editing is one of the most advanced and most earned ways ever to be opting through freelancing platforms. You can easily earn up to & $50 to & $1000 in a day with above freelancing earning way. Video editing is skills that can be opt by graphic designers and one who is expert in video editing. You can find such opportunities at YouTube, fiver up work and other free lancing platform where many you tubers or clients will eagerly wants to hire you with above skill.

It’s the easiest way to make money online without any job even people quit their day job as they finds video editing skill more appealing. VSDC video editor is the best video editor with no paid tools. It is the fastest and efficient way to get cash.

2. Graphic Designing:

Make money online

Graphic designing is a vast skill that can help you earn $100 in a day starting from basic packages to premium packages and the prices varies with the quality of work presented in different pro packages. Graphic designing is an art that enables expert or graphic designers to communicate to people through visual content in the practices of layouts and templates .Graphic designers showcase their best talent to the world through typography. Graphic designers earn a lot of money at different freelancing platforms.

Graphic designers basically works for magazines and paper ads, they design different banners posters with the help of digital printing. Their best work is to invest heir skills in designing email marketing templates, PowerPoint presentations and pictures for different blogs. Logo designing goes hand to hand with above sub skills emerging from vast skill that is graphic designing. Canvas is considered as best graphic designing app or web for graphic designers to present their best work and earn money.

3. Article Writing:

article writing

Article writing, copywriting, ghostwriting is a sub type of content writing which enables writers to earn $50 per hour. Article writers are able to constitute any topic in to limitless words. They expose writing to meet any innovative ideas. Article writers can write on any niche. The best selling niches for article writing are pets, fashion, YouTube scripts, tech, cosmetic line, sports and gaming. A good and professional article writer uses excellent and brilliant skills to polish their client’s blog through their amazing content exhibition.

Nowadays article writer doesn’t only use Microsoft word for their work but they are also working and publishing their articles on well known sites like medium and wordpress. Medium and wordpress are another successful step after writing for local clients. With great experience you can earn $1000 via one article on wordpress and medium.

4. Ghost Writing:

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Ghost writing is a skill in which another writer writes for another writer which means experts and writers hires other new emerging or content writers for their book accomplishment .This usually happens when an expert writer doesn’t has the time to write a book that’s when he hires another writer and publish his book. The thought process and the main idea of main body of the content will be executed by the expert and the writer will put his thoughts together to create a visionary content in the face of book. There are three types of ghost writing that writers usually prefer.

  • nonfiction books: Nonfiction genre is the most bestselling genre in writing content. Ghost writers usually love writing nonfiction books which includes thriller, vampires, horror and romance fantasy.
  • Speeches: Expert hires ghost writers for speeches more frequently. The speeches that clients wishes to deliver on important occasions are written by ghost writers and for that they charge a lot of money.
  • Web content: Web content is another important genre to earn money and it the fastest way to earn money. Ghost writers falling in to this category write for social media posts, blogs, ads writing, products descriptions etc.

5. Bitcoin And Crypto Currency:

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Bitcoin is the well known type of crypto currency which enables people to earn money by investing in bitcoin trading. bitcoin and crypto currency goes hands to hands and empowers people with visionary desire to invest in something big. Block chain tech was invented to support bitcoin and they both are on same mission to double investment of investors . crypto currency is best known for money exchange its available in digital form .

You can make money through bitcoin in three ways. First is to invest in bitcoin trading , second is to invest in bitcoin mining , third is to invest in lending bitcoin. The most efficient way is lending bit coin in which investors get triple profit on their investment.

6. Online Tutoring:

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This skill has been famously earning money especially in pandemic situations where there’s a concept o f studying online rather than attending schools to prevent students and staff from corona virus. Since educational sector is active online then it has enlarged the opportunities for people to get hired . You can earn a lot through this skill if you have a good grip at English and other languages . Online tutoring was still a thing before lockdown .

Well known universities and colleges more likely to prefer this method of studying and delivering lectures through screens.It enables to form a intellectual bond between educational staff. Following are the best online torturing platforms where skills meet intellect.

  1.  Chegg Tutors.
  2. Skooli.
  3. Wyzant.
  4. eTutorWorld.
  5. TutorMe.
  6. Tutor.com.
  7. Smarthinking.
  8. Club Z.

7. Accounting:

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Accounting is an amazing selling skill currently available at freelancing platforms. If you are professional in accounts or have a degree related to it or the courses then you can earn millions on different freelancing platforms like up work and fiver. These two freelancing platforms emphasis a lot on accountant jobs and clients posts job submission for accountant often. This skill has less completion so there are chances that you can apply online and earn millions.

8. Chat Support:

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Chat support skill can help you earn $50 dollars a day.Chat support is rarely known to freelancers but this skill can make you earn a lot of money without investing and working for too many hours. Chat support is basically a skill in the form of replying to synchronous messaging in which the customer or buyer and the agent must be available at the same time for exchanging thoughts on engaging a conversation.

Many CEO of multinational companies couldn’t manage a lot of time to answer queries related to events and business so they hire their chat supporter who in behalf of them stays active and reply rapidly without being unprofessional.

9. You can Make Money Online Through Careem/Uber:

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Careem and uber is an app used for vehicle service immediately available at your doorsteps. Careem and uber doesn’t only provide you transport facility but it also hires drivers for transportation. The app has been run by millions of staff excluding drivers. The app has been designed by professionals and app developers. The idea has been narrated to audience through app optimization.

1: Why 2019 was a tough year for uber?

Uber was facing major transportation issues, big losses, leadership shakeups and it has left the company in crises and made to headlines. thus because of this uber lost customers trust and confidence . When negative news was around the globe uber invested 13 billion for Dubai based company known as careem in order to work in partnership and people thought both of the different yet working for same motive companies will shake a hand and will work for amazing transportation services.

2: Benefits of being friends in adversaries.

Uber intelligently made this decision in the end of 2019 and it did work for its company. Uber has invested around 13 billion on careem and has made its name to the top in gulf countries where t was less known. Uber is famous in Dubai, North America, Saudi Arabia and other Middle East countries. Before shaking hands with careem uber wasn’t known and wasn’t dominant company in gulf countries but known it is a dominant and well known company around the globe. Through this we can sum up by making a wise decision in the light of earning money can lead you with more success.

10. Digital Marketing:

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Digital Marketing is fastest way to get cash and its most promising freelancing skill that can get you to cloud nine. Digital marketing is also known as the connecting bridge between buyers and their brands. It is used for promotional purposes on different media platforms . Digital marketing is dependent on many media promoting platforms such as email, social media and website advertising. Following are the main types of digital marketing that can help you earn $1000 per month or even per week.

1: Social Media Platform:

Digital marketing experts promote their clients products through this efficient way by posting ads on face book, Instagram , twitter , whatsapp and now tik tok as well .

2; Influencer marketing:

Digital marketing expert uses this platform to promote their brands by connecting to another influencer who has a vast hold on followers and by naming your client brands name many people will contact you for brands selling purpose.

3: Email Marketing:

Digital marketing experts use this way to promote their products via email. Where they email to other companies and communicate them in a way so they would agree on buying your products.

4: Content Marketing:

Digital marketing experts hire content writers to promote their clients products through different writing blogs.

5: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Marketing

Digital marketing experts hire SEO experts to use exploding keywords (primary and secondary) to promote their clients products.

11. SEO/ASO:

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SEO and ASO experts are more likely to earn $50 per hour in a day to rank their clients articles or content on first page and for this they get highly paid. For any product or any descriptions it’s very important that your content ranks at first page on Google so searchers would be able to click and show their keen interest by getting attracted towards exploding content. SEO is known as search engine optimization that is basically used to promote your content at first page while ASO is known as app search optimization in which experts rank their clients app in app stores.

12. Copy Writing:

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Copy writing is a skill that writers possessed for the purpose of promotions in different forms of marketing. The product or item is known as copy and its written in a way that it can be promoted at different social media platforms. Copy writers have the ability to write for ads to promote their clients product. Copy writing and content writing go hands to hands where else article writing is a different form of content writing.

Copy writers can charge as high as they can because the written description is the soul of products if the content is not appealing and engaging the product won’t be able to survive alone in the market. Following are the main types of copy writing.

  1. SEO Copywriting.
  2. Creative or Brand Copywriting.
  3. Social Media Copywriting.
  4. Marketing Copywriting.
  5. Public Relations Copywriting.
  6. Technical Copywriting.
  7. Thought Leadership Copywriting.
  8. Direct-Response Copywriting.

13. Virtual Assistant:

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Being virtual assistant can lead you to earn a lot of money at different freelancing platforms . Virtual assistant are high in demand. They get pay according to their skills. A virtual assistant works for their clients outside the office and they manage every possible task their clients assign them whether its answering to emails , sending invitation and cards to your loved ones , managing meetings , Managing schedule and managing their personal space . Virtual assistant also suggest their clients better ways to provide assistance to your company.

Virtual assistant can earn between $5 to $100 per hour. They can get aid highly if they know how to give assistance to their clients marketing strategies. Following are the skills required to be a successful virtual assistant.

  • Oral Communication and Writing skills.
  • Computer skills.
  • Self Motivation and Discipline.
  • Quick Thinking and Effective Decision Making.
  • Lastly, Love for Continuous Learning.

14. Web Designing:

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Web designing is the hub and home of all skills that are getting you pay millions per anum . It requires technical skills like used to design a website . While building a promising website you need to fulfill your clients requirement s . If the site is relating to products than you must be come up with a plan of product listing, logo designing & most important entering an accurate domain and host.

In order to earn like a pro as web designer does than you must be an expert in JavaScript , typography , composing the graphic designs , color functioning on web page , software designing , managing content , brilliant responsive design and acknowledging the need to gain public attention through reviews an placing orders .

15. Web programming:

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Web programming is highly paid skill that requires only experts an intermediate. Through web programming programmers get paid a lot. It is the fastest way to earn money without a hectic job. Learning web programming isn’t easy that it seems and its quite different than other ways and skills discussed in this informative article.

Web programming includes languages like XML, HTML, PERL 5, and PHP. Web programming is connecting bridge between clients and coding. One should be having a nice command on decoding programming languages and it helps a lot in building any website.

Uses of programming languages.

  1. JavaScript: It promotes improvement related t client requirements. It is best known for building a web in sense of designing and providing web with different tools.
  2. HTML and perl5: These programming languages decode different codes provided by several frameworks clients.

16. Word Press:

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Word Press is a web developer software that has been used in world wide . Web developer uses this site builder software to promote their clients products or blogs. Word press is the only website builders that can you give free assistance. However for premium features you have to pay a little amount per year which is again no big deal. You can get paid in millions in building websites for different clients.

The most common and efficient way of getting paid through word press is providing engaging content In the face of blogs on your site that can attract people to visit your engaging content . After being viewed by audience word press will provide you a link and it will start paying you for publishing your articles.

Uses of word press:

  1. Your content will be protected and it would not get copied. Word press prevents people copying your content.
  2. You will get paid through word press by either working for a client or by creating your own blogs.
  3. Word press enables you to have hold of your own site where you can share your thoughts on life without allowing any ads that have been posted without your permission.
  4. You can design your own logo and published it on your site with the help of fiver pro logo maker.
  5. Word press gives free access which means it’s a non paid web builder.

17. Apps Devolpment:

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Apps can earn millions of dollars in a year and app developers ear twice of above money because they get paid once and the app will have the profit revenue in every year. There’s a high value and need of app develops in freelance career. An app developer can earn %100 a day. And if they aren’t working in milestones than in end they will get huge amount in millions. Web developers working for android earn much more than others. If you have an ability to decode several programs then you can put your feet in this category or skill and earn billions.

18. Make Money Online Through Youtube Videos:

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Earning through YouTube is well known earning way and method. You can earn $1000 dollars in a month on your YouTube channel only if you are able to produce appealing and engaging content . The more views you’ll get on your videos the more you’ll earn . Knowing your niche is very important in order to attract audience towards your videos. One cannot succeed in earning money from YouTube by posting absurd content. In order to be successful at YouTube requires good optimization and exploding titles.

You tubers earn in millions per month if they have tight grip and shares a bond with their audience. You tubers hire content writers for their appealing content and pay them good price for script writing. YouTube rules over the top and has proven to be the best entertaining app for public where you will get entertaining content and with that you will get opportunities to earn as well.

19. 3D Animator:

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3D animation is another outstanding skill currently available at freelancing platforms. It is rarely known to people and even freelancers as well. 3D animators can turn any image in to 3 dimension vector image that is highly demanded by clients all over the world for their branding purpose. And you can make money online very easily.

20. Social Media Manager:

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If you’re obsessed with posting on Instagram you love Pinterest you’ve tried out tik tok and you’re an expert at Facebook and now you want to turn that passion into a business by becoming a social media than you’ve landed at right informative article.

  • Choose your niche and ideal customer as somebody who’s interested in social
  • There are tons of social media managers out there so it’s important that you can communicate clearly to your ideal customer who you want to work
  • If you don’t choose an ideal customer you’re not going to be able to come up with a good marketing strategy to eventually in the long term bring in the kind of people that you want to work with maybe you want to do social media management for restaurants maybe you want to work with local stores maybe you want to work with ecommerce businesses.
  • First improve your own social media platforms in order to get clients proposals you have to design your own social media platform. If you are posting absurd photos with no engaging content than there’s high risk of losing deals,


We will finalize our article with a closure that internet had kept it classy and subtle in respect to providing work and earning opportunities to freelancers around the world. Those who have skills can polish themselves and be top rated sellers and earn million dollars. Freelancing platforms like up work, freelancing, fiver, linked even face book and others app that supports graphic and web designing provides work opportunities to make money online, sitting at home without doing any job.

You will notice and observe many people had quit their hectic jobs and have switched themselves to freelancing platforms because they have realized that freelancing platform gives you more financial funds than that of your job which you hectically perform. The methods and ways discussed above are very efficient and beneficial to people who are acknowledging and searching for earning money at online websites.

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