How Saltwater Pools Can Improve Your Swimming Experience

How Saltwater Pools Can Improve Your Swimming Experience

Last updated on March 27th, 2024 at 11:15 pm

Saltwater pools have been around for many years, offering a different approach to sanitisation than conventional chlorine systems. These pools use a salt/chlorine generator system to transform ordinary sodium chloride (common salt) added to the pool water into chlorine through an electrolysis process. Whether you’re constructing a new backyard pool or considering enhancing your existing one, opting for a saltwater system could be a highly beneficial choice for your project.

In recent years, saltwater pools have seen a significant increase, primarily because of the myriad of advantages they bring to the table. Let’s delve deeper into these advantages to gain a better understanding of why they’ve become such a popular choice:

Gentler on Skin and Eyes

One of the most significant advantages of saltwater pools is that the water feels smoother on your skin and eyes. The salt concentration is much lower than ocean water, so you don’t get stinging eyes or dried-out skin like swimming in the sea. The water feels soft and silky, making swimming much more enjoyable. The lack of harsh chemicals also means less irritation for people with sensitive skin.

No Chlorine Smells or Tastes

Traditionally, chlorinated pools use chlorine tablets or liquid chlorine to sanitise the water. This can produce a strong chemical smell and taste, especially in indoor pools. Saltwater pools use electrolysis to generate chlorine from dissolved salt minerals. This results in no chemical smell or taste, providing a more pleasant swimming experience. The water tastes pure, like fresh water.

Natural Sterilisation Process

The electrolysis process in saltwater pools provides continuous sanitization by converting the dissolved salt into chlorine, killing bacteria and algae. In regular chlorinated pools, the chlorine levels fluctuate and must be manually adjusted. The salt cell technology in saltwater pools mimics the natural sterilisation process in the ocean. This results in water that stays cleaner and clearer for longer.

Better for the Environment

Saltwater pools are more environmentally friendly than traditional chlorinated pools for several reasons. First, it eliminates the need to manufacture, transport, and store hazardous chlorine chemicals. Second, the electrolysis process converts ordinary salt into the sanitizer rather than relying on chlorine gas or tablets. This makes the maintenance process safer and more sustainable. The byproduct created during electrolysis is simply hydrogen and oxygen.

Easier Pool Maintenance

Maintaining proper chlorine levels in regular pools can be time-consuming and challenging. In contrast, saltwater pools offer a much more straightforward and hassle-free maintenance routine on a week-to-week basis. Once the optimal salt level is established, the sanitisation system runs automatically. Testing and adjusting chlorine levels are rarely required. This simplifies pool care and frees up valuable time that would otherwise be spent dealing with chemicals every week.

Greater Customization Options

Chlorine can have certain effects on pool materials and equipment. For example, chlorine can discolour and degrade certain types of pool plaster. Saltwater pools allow greater flexibility in design options. Any type of plaster, tile, or coping can be used without worry about damage from chlorine exposure. Features like waterfalls, slides, and fountains are also easier to incorporate.

Often More Economical

While the initial equipment investment is higher for a saltwater pool, it is a more cost-effective choice in the long run. You’ll spend less on chemicals, make fewer trips to the pool store, and likely extend the life of pool surfaces. Reduced necessary repairs can ultimately lead to significant financial savings over time.

As you can see, shifting to a saltwater pool has compelling benefits. While the upfront investment is higher, the rewards over time often make it worthwhile for many homeowners. If you want to upgrade your pool in a way that’s healthier, easier to care for, and provides more enjoyment, go saltwater. You may never want to go back to traditional chlorine again!

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