Google Doodle Pacman Cheat Codes – How To Hack? (2022)

Google Pacman Cheat Code

Last updated on September 12th, 2022 at 02:41 pm

Google Pac-Man is one of the oldest games, and people love playing it due to the game hero Pac-Man. After the Pacman 30th anniversary, Google changed its icon to the Google “G,” and it has taken the next level in the game. Since Google has changed the game icon, it has become difficult to trick it for most players.

Therefore, I researched and applied some Google Pacman cheat codes and found them useful for your next Pacman game experience. There were some cheat codes that we used to apply in the past, like Z+X, Z+C, and Z+G. They have been modified, and some javascript coding has been introduced. You need some Executor like Krnl to apply these codes to your game.

Below I have provided a complete guide related to the cheat codes execution and their usage. Dig the article because there is a bundle of knowledge you will find to enjoy your game. 

What are Google Pacman Game Cheats?

Google Pacman game cheats allow you to jump from one part of the game to another. You can enjoy the game more interesting with these cheat codes and hacks. To apply these hack codes, you must have some executor like Krnl or Synapse. You will find Krnl with a user-friendly interface, but still, it has a few crashes you have to suffer with them. There are various Google Pacman game cheats. See the below to find your best one so you can turn your game using these cheat codes.

1. Enter: Start game / Pause
2. Arrow Keys: Move around
3. M: Toggle sound (mute)


1. Z + X: Next Level
2. Z + C: Commit Suicide
3. Z + G: Toggle God Mode

Pac Man Google Doodle Cheat Codes

Following are some cheat codes you can apply for sarcastically playing this game. 

Pac-man Cheats Infinite Lives

You can do the trick in the game to get the Pac-man cheats infinite lives. Start the trick by eating 2 ghosts on board 1, and onboard 2, eat 3 ghosts. Likewise, eat 4 ghosts on board 4. Once you eat all the ghosts, you must press up, down, up, and die. This way, you will get infinite tricks. Most players confirm that this is one of the best Pac man Google doodle cheat codes as you can play the game infinitely with this code.

Glitch In Pac Man 

Using any system, you can glitch on Pac man. You must enter the escape tunnel and speedily move up and down the tunnel. At your last move, go to the down and Pac man will “wipe” from the screen. Now you can move your Pac man up and down but not sideways. This is one of the worst Pac man Google doodle cheat codes, and it is good. But you can do it just for fun.

Pac Mac Moves Through Walls

You can apply this cheat code to Atari 2600. With the help of this cheat code, you can move your Pac Mac to the side walls. Go to the wrap tunnel and quickly hit the up and down when you are inside the tunnel. Before ending up this trick, ensure your last move was towards down. This way, your Pac-Man will reappear, and you can move it through the walls. But through this code, you cannot move the Pac-Man side to side.

Google Pacman Speed Hack

Enter this code after inserting coins if you want to speed up your Pacman in Galaga. Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Up, Up, Fire. After applying this code, your Pacman will move fast, and your game will be rapid.

How To Use Pac Man Google Doodle Cheat Codes Executer?

Google games are easy to play, and you find their codes easily. Likewise, for executing Google Pacman cheats, you can download the executor “IDE” to execute cheat or Google Pacman hack codes. After clicking on download, you will find a downloaded file in the left corner of your screen. Install the downloaded file to your PC and launch it to change the game. Click on “inject/execute,” and your script will activate. Once you are done with this process, you can enjoy unlimited Roblox gaming.

1. Click the “Download” button.
2. To get the free Roblox Script Code, you will need to wait 30 seconds.
3. Copy the script
4. Open the Roblox
5. Start your script
6. Execute the Google Pacman Cheats for free

What Is Google Pacman Hack Code?

Hack code is like cheat codes. You can enter to distract the original game and turn it your way. Like you can speed up the game, change the level according to your desires, and win other opportunities. You need to apply some cheat codes to hack the game. It will not hack the entire game server. In fact, with these tricks, you can only hack your game panel. Once you enter these cheat codes or try to hack your game, you hear a sound confirming that you have hacked the game successfully, and now you can turn it your way.

How To Hack Pacman Google?

After the Pacman 30th anniversary, there is various anointment in the Google Pacman mods. Because in the Pacman 30th anniversary, Google has changed the variable names in this Google game. Therefore, most of the cheat codes don’t work properly, and the player has to hack the game to turn it according to his desire. HyperCarder is found to be the best hack on Google Pacman. You can apply these given cheats by typing them in the address bar and then hitting enter to see the magic.

1. You can get more points if you enter this in the address bar javascript:var = [99999,0];void(0);
2. You can migrate to your desired game level and use this cheat code. Like to jump from the 255 level to 254, you can apply this code -1. javascript: B = 255;Sb(true);void(0);
3. Level 256 is the most tricky, and most players want to crack it. Before this cheat code, it was almost impossible to crack, but now you can do it easily by the following code. But it would help if you replaced “&lt,” with”>” “less than” symbol.

javascript: = “”; B = 256; Da = 80; Ea = 0; for (a = 280; a <= 472; a += 8) for (p = 0; p <= 136; p += 8) { if (ub() < 0.03) { Da = Math.floor(ub() * 25) * 10; Ea = Math.floor(ub() * 2) * 10 } Yb(a, p, 8, 8, true) }void(0);


Google Pacman cheat codes are simple to apply to play this Google easily. Most people don’t find ways to move further because the game level becomes hard as you move forward. To solve this problem, we have applied some tricks and cheat codes. These hack codes are some javascript codes that you can use by downloading Krnl, which is the script executor.

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