The Main Malfunctions of Garage Doors And Their Repair

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Installation of sectional doors becomes an excellent option for arranging a garage opening, as well as entering a warehouse, hangar, workshop, etc. Even with the correct installation, there will come a time when some malfunction occurs due to power outages, metal corrosion, ground subsidence, or other circumstances.

There are several options for major breakdowns, some of which can be fixed. But before calling a repair service that can make all the necessary adjustments and restore the door, you should explain what kind of tasks they should do. Below, we will review the main garage door malfunctions and possible solutions.

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1) The gate does not completely open or close

A common problem with sectional doors is incomplete opening or closing. There can be several reasons for such a malfunction:

  • the electrical network failure;
  • failure of engines and amplifiers;
  • overload of the system due to soil subsidence;
  • other reason.

Determining the cause of the problem can be done simply. It is necessary to close the gate tightly and then turn off the automation by switching to manual control. After that, you should try to open the device yourself. It should lock into whatever position you stop it in.

If the door does not lock, is excessively heavy, or unbearable, a deteriorated spring is the likely cause of the breakdown. Alternatively, call the garage door repair Toronto and let the professionals do this part for you.

2) The drive works but does not raise the gate

When using sectional overhead doors, you may encounter difficulty when the power mechanism is running, but the entire structure does not open. If there is noise coming from the power unit, and you are confident that the electricity is connected, then the issue is in something else. A common cause of such a breakdown is the mechanism of blocking.

First of all, it is necessary to check the absence of foreign objects in all moving parts that interfere with the normal operation of the entire unit. It is also necessary to check the presence of metal transmission connections. Another cause of failure in this situation may be the failure of the spring.

In this case, the engine bears the main load. First, it will continue to perform its function, after which its performance will be reduced and the gate will stop opening.

3) Drive and gate are not functioning

Sometimes a situation arises when all the mechanisms do not work at all. In this case, it is worth finding out in which part of the entire structure the malfunction occurred. To do this, open it manually, which allows you to find out the failed parts. You can also examine the spring – if its discrepancy is large (5-7 cm), then this is possibly the cause of the breakdown.

It is enough to replace this part, after which you can start using it. You should also check several elementary reasons why the opening does not occur. Often this difficulty arises due to a lack of charge in the remote control or a power failure.

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4) Independent opening of the gate immediately after closing

A fairly common problem is associated with incorrect drive limit settings or malfunctioning photocells. It is necessary to ensure that there are no foreign objects in the opening to which the sensors react. If none were found, it is necessary to look for the reasons elsewhere. Solving such a problem requires the involvement of a technician capable of checking the photocells and limit settings.

5) Freezing gate

This is a difficulty that often occurs in the cold season. The solution is extremely simple — you just need to pour moderately hot water over the bottom of the structure and wait a bit, after which there will be no trace of the issue. The use of boiling water in such a situation would be a mistake. This can lead to the deformation of the door and its incorrect operation in the future.

What kind of other malfunctions are possible?

Some other problems may also occur, which in one way or another will be reflected in the operation of the entire system. Other options include:

  • sectional doors do not close completely;
  • vibration and third-party noises when opening or closing;
  • combustion of the condenser, as a result — the power unit failure;
  • lighting issues.

Each of the above options can arise at any time, requiring repair or replacement of components. It is important to remember that it is better to entrust the repair of some elements to professionals, especially when it comes to electronics and the engine.

Trust repairs to specialists because this will significantly extend the performance of the structure for decades. Your garage door will last for a long time if you give it enough attention.

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