Darth Maul: Know All About The Famous Villain Of Star Wars

Famous Villain Of Star Wars

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Darth Maul was famous for having revenge against the Jedi. He was released by Darth Sidious, who was his master. It was done during the assassination of the Amidala Queen. Unfortunately, he could not reach his target but fought bravely with Qui Gon Jinn. Qui Gon was the Jedi escort of the Queen. 

Then, on Naboo, he waited for Amidala. He then fought with Qui Gon and his learner, Obi-Wan Kenobi. The Sith fought with him very bravely and actively. He then hurt Jinn with a knife. Keep in mind that the knife is double-bladed and red. His knife is called a lightsaber. 

Darth Maul was a disgusting villain, and during his last fight, young Jedi surprisingly cut Maul in two. He then sent him to the planet’s core and destroyed him.

Darth Maul Resurrection

Even after his injuries, it looked like he might have died, but this is not the case. The reason is that he survived the injuries. He always hated Obi-Wan Kenobi, who was called Jedi. It was the Jedi who cut him into pieces. 

His shattered body was again rejoined, and ultimately, he survived. He was a deadly warrior who fell into madness and stayed alive in the dirt of Vermin. After that, Darth was found by his brother, Savage Opress. Unfortunately, at that time, he lost his memory and then transformed into another creature with spider-like legs instead of his severed ones.

The flashing blade of Darth Maul

The enemies of Maul always feared his threatening blade. He was a master of playing with the flashing blade and killing thousands of people.

Three unique abilities of Darth

He has three unique abilities. Let’s discuss these abilities in detail.

Furious throw

His flashing blade was called a lightsaber, and he could throw the blade right in the direction of the enemy. Ultimately, all his enemies died in a single attack.

Choke holding

With the help of a choke, you can also kill your enemy most effectively. This is the main reason he chokes his enemies in close proximity. And after that, he jerked the enemy into the ground. 

Spin attack

The spin attack is also exciting, where he used to attack the enemies with a spinning movement with a lightsaber. It was called a lightsaber spin attack. He then cut down all the enemies with full power in his way.

Double bladed lightsaber

With the help of a double-bladed lightsaber, he could kill enemies with full power and velocity.

From which planet Darth Maul belongs?

He is a villain and came from a phantom menace. He enjoyed having a second life in other Star Wars media. But the question arises of where he came from before the Duel of the Fates.

The Star Wars franchise has a fantastic big galaxy that is far away. Many planets are present, rarely having a second of screen time, even if fan-favorite characters might be born there. In the franchise, the most common capital of the galaxy is Coruscant. However, the planet of Maul was less popular than other planets.

Darth Maul is a Star Wars character, and in his debut feature, he just has to speak one line. But just like many other Star Wars characters, he has a great attraction in himself with exciting details. He also has a distinct visual appeal, which helps him come back repeatedly. Unfortunately, he rarely inspires interest in his back story.

Mom of Darth 

His mom is considered the most important figure on the planet. For many years, Talzin was the QueenQueen of Dathomir, and she had a severe dispute with Darth Sidious. Her powerful mystery led Sidious to take Talzin as his learner. 

You will be surprised to know that she kidnapped her son and taught him how to fight in the Duel of the Fates. Talzin promised to take revenge, but unfortunately, they failed. 

Talzin went for multiple fights against Count Dooku, but he failed. Maul and another person tried a lot to kill Dooku, but unfortunately, he survived. During the war, Talzin fought very bravely against Darth. 

After that, Grievous and his army went to Dathomir, and they cleared all things in Dathomirian Zabrak. Then, the place became barren, but it was still used a lot. Maul then provoked the continuous betrayal of the Lord of the Sith. 

Then he worked in collaboration with Ezra Bridger while going to Dathomir. It was an ancient fight where they learned that the entire Empire would fall, and then they got a savior who lived on the planet with two suns. 

What is Dathomir?

Dathomir is a revenged place with great bloodshed and hatred. It had a force that was not loyal, affecting the generations for years. But keep this thing in mind: evil always gets defeated, and it cannot work for longer.

During this short period, the Sith has changed the most bad-looking species in the world against them. Although their efforts were ineffective, people tried to stop the fights and the Empire. 

The people did it to take revenge and get dominance, but they ended up on the right side of the issue, thanks to God. Darth represented his homeland best; he could change even the darkest places. All people in that era claimed he was the most powerful and attractive Star Wars character.

Frequently Asked Questions

Was Darth Maul a strong character?

He was a highly skilled martial arts artist, and he also fought very bravely with his sharp sword. He was also famous for his ability to attack and augment immediately. Even he impressively killed Gui Gon, the most expert Jedi in the world. He was an expert in his field and killed the enemy nearby.

Who killed Darth Maul?

In a dual fight, he took out his lightsaber and engaged Obi-Wan. But Obi-Wan fought against him and beat him. He got a severe hit on his head by a blaster bolt. Obviously, Obi-Wan and Owen were pleased, so they decided to take him to the desert and burn his body.

Is Darth a good person or a bad one?

He was a horrifying person, and he was known as a villain. He can fight bravely; commonly, people have known him for over a decade. But when his time ended, Obi-Wan turned the tables and defeated Maul.

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Darth Maul was very frightening because he was a villain of his time. Nowadays, the character of Darth has been played in different movies and cartoon characters. Also, in different TV shows, many people played his character. He was the most liked character in Star Wars Villains. 

In the series’ first episode, he was defeated by the Jedi Padawan. In the franchise, his life was exciting and attractive. Although he was a great person, he had a great thirst for getting authority. He wants to take authority during the Clone Wars. So, in the end, we can say that every story has an attractive hero and heroine, but in this case, the story has an attractive villain.  

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