Everything You Should Know Before Surgery


Last updated on June 16th, 2023 at 05:37 pm

Before you decide to pursue tummy tuck surgery, there are some essential things to be aware of. The recovery period for surgery varies based on the individual, and generally takes two to four weeks before a person can return to their normal activities at full capacity. Additional factors influence recovery time, such as your age, your stage of general health, the type of tummy tuck that is performed, etc. Even how strong your abdominal muscles are can influence the recovery time it takes for you to feel well again. Your surgeon will likely tell you about the general timeframe for your specific recovery, so you have a better idea of how to plan for your rest. For more info on everything to know before your surgery, read on.

Understand Recovery Timeline

In addition to becoming aware of the recovery period, you should also know about the likelihood of scarring following surgery so that you can prepare to get the products and emotional support you’ll need to make peace with this aspect of recovery. Since tummy tucks are surgical, there will be incision scarring following your surgery. The healing stages of tummy tuck scars occur in three parts.

It may take up to a few years before you see significant subsiding of the scar, but this could occur sooner, depending on your genetics and health. The care you put into creating and tending to your scar also influences how well it reduces in appearance over time. You will want to use products that promote fading for a minimum of three months to help your scars fade.


Make Plans Ahead Of Time

Give care providers a head’s up that you’ll be needing extra assistance during your recovery. You should be:

  • limiting your movement as much as possible
  • Setting up plans to have your home taken care of with cleaning services, cooking, and laundry help.
  • Planning care for your kids and pets while you’re on bed rest.

Know the Impact Of Surgery

Other things to keep in mind are the long-term impact your surgery will have on your life and appearance. It may take up to a year to see the full results of your tummy tuck and scar healing, so be patient with the process.

To help speed things up and ensure the best results possible, stick to a healthy diet, engage in light exercise after six weeks to stay in shape, and avoid problematic pain medications. Talk to your doctor about what pain management medications are okay to take following surgery, and which options should be avoided.

Follow Doctor’s Orders

To heal from your tummy tuck surgery effectively, you’ll need to avoid consuming alcohol, soda, and excess salt, to lose weight and stay out of the way of the body’s natural healing processes that take place during sleep.You should also prioritize getting as much rest as possible, as this is how your body engages in natural healing responses that will help your body recover.

Talk to your doctor about appropriate drain care to optimize your results.You will need to wear compression garments for the duration indicated by your surgeon (this is usually a period of three and up to six weeks at a time).

Surgery Is A Commitment

The decision to pursue abdominoplasty surgery requires that you commit to the process and take all the necessary measures to prepare for your surgery and your recovery period thereafter. Consider the above factors to be aware and make plans for your surgery well in advance to have everything settled ahead of time.

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