Best Way To Solve David Dobrik Puzzle For $100,000.

David Dobrik

Last updated on March 20th, 2024 at 12:34 am

If you watch Youtube and are fond of winning challenges and earning. Then you have probably heard of the David Dobrik puzzle. Do you like neon green and mind-blowing black puzzles? It blew my mind when I started it the first time. Yes, you are thinking right that I also tried and had a wonderful experience with it. Believe me or not, winning this challenge will earn $100,000. It’s a big amount; thousands of people are now trying it. A few puzzle lovers have solved it and sent its scan (QR) to David on his youtube channel. In short, they earned a lot with it.

David Dobrik
Best Way To Solve David Dobrik Puzzle For $100,000.

Are you Enjoying it?

If yes, let me tell you an interesting thing there is no limit for winners if some other player is a winner, so it’s not ending here. You can also stand in the line of winners with $100,000 in your hands.

Interesting, isn’t it?

You need to know the quick tricks and tips to learn to crack this puzzle. With my experience and your interest, I have concluded multiple guidelines to win this challenge. Try it with me and get your $100,000 right after reading this blog.

What is David Dobrik on Youtube?

David Dobrik is one of the Internet celebrities who announced some wired games and challenges. You can win thousands of dollars by winning those games. One of his antic tricks and challenges there is a David Dobrik puzzle challenge. You need to purchase this neon, and black puzzle, then solve it and nominate yourself to the lucky draw.

If you are some old bee, you must not have heard about him because he had hot fame on youtube right after 2014. It means 2015 was a lucky year for David, and he became an Internet celebrity. Right now, his new challenge puzzle David Dobrik is in the highlights, and you can earn from $0.25 to $100,000 by winning this game. You must be thinking, how can someone announce this large amount on youtube? So, don’t get shocked to know that David Dobrik’s net worth is $2o million. Therefore, he announced this challenge to his subscribers.

You must subscribe to his channel and purchase a
David Dobrik 1000 puzzle. Solve it and finally email him to get nominated for winners. First, you will get a headache and find something like rocket science to solve it. If this is the situation, try some tips and tricks in our write-up.

Tricks to Solve Davik Dobrik 1000 Puzzle

David Dobrik
Best Way To Solve David Dobrik Puzzle For $100,000.

Follow the tricks to solve this tricky puzzle in just a few steps. I hope by following it, you will be able to solve this neon and black puzzle easily. Don’t forget to thank me once you win this puzzle by following my guideline.

Step 1) First, you must remove the puzzle pieces from the box. You will find there 7 types of pieces. You have to separate them. Sort the similar pieces into one group. The first group will have pieces with flat edges (1st group). In the 2nd group, there will be pieces with 0 males. 3rd group will contain only 1 male. In the 4rth group, there should be 2 males facing and 2 females facing. In the 5th group, males and females are opposite each other. In the 6th group, 3 males with one female. At the last one is 4 males.

  • Start making a frame with the flat pieces we grouped 1.
  • On the bottom left corner, there should be one male piece with one female and flat edges. At the top left corner, place the two male pieces with flat edges. At the right bottom corner, there should be one male and a female piece with flat edges. At the right top corner, place 1 male piece with flat edges.
  • Now arrange all the pieces according to the given male and female points.
  • How to Buy Devid Dobrik 1000 Puzzle? 

Follow the steps to buying this crazy puzzle.

Step 1) Visit the website “Hundred Thousand Dollar Puzzle“.

Step 2) Buy your puzzle, which costs $30.

Step 3) Buyer has to wait for the puzzle to ship to his home.

Step 4) Once you receive the puzzle, solve the puzzle and scan it for a QR code. The result of the puzzle becomes a QR code that you have to scan with your mobile.

Step 5) Once you scan the code, it will redirect to another screen, and this way, the screen will reveal your winning amount to you.

How do You Solve David Dobrik Puzzle?

In a new youtube video, David Dobrik put a new challenge to his followers and asked them to complete his puzzle-making challenge within 24 hours. He claimed that the winner would get $100,000 at the end of the challenge. However, only one person “James Evinger” did it successfully. But still, the question is here how to solve David Dibrik 1000 puzzle?

Two popular YouTubers, David Dobrik and Vlogger Calum McSwiggan, show two pages with numbers written on them. But both of the pages had different content of numbers and keys. Then David said that the winner has to find both the papers and match their numbers. This way, he can earn $100,000. He also revealed that there is no trick to solve his puzzle.  

Chances of Winning This Game

Playing David Dobrik’s jigsaw puzzle is simply like gambling. There are fewer (.65%) chances of winning. But you can win it by playing it smartly. If you are sure to be a smart player, then I would love to suggest you purchase this game without any doubt. Moreover, Dobrik said that within the first hour, he sold the puzzles worth $17000. 

How Much Time do I Have to Solve This Puzzle?

According to the official site of David Dobrik. You will receive this puzzle on December 21st, near Christmas, and you have time to solve it next March 31st. If you can solve it between these days, then you can be the winner. Otherwise, you have to purchase it again. It simply means that the puzzle also expires in a limited period. You have a limited time to solve these 500 pieces of the puzzle.

Why Did Dobrik Start This Game?

Dobrik is a crazy person worth around $20 million, a huge amount. It’s not only the puzzle game, but once he gifted his winner a brand new Tesla. He says, “I’ve always found that giving money is the perfect gift, it’s simple, and everyone loves to get it. Super excited for this to come out in time for the holidays and for everyone to be a winner!”

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If you reached the bottom of the article, you must have utilized the valuable tricks and tips to solve this puzzle. In my last works, I would love to summarise this article by saying go purchase this neon green and black jigsaw puzzle once you should try to win this handsome amount. You can buy it from the official website of David Dobrik. I have mentioned the link above in the article. Don’t worry about the price as it costs only $30. However, there is also an expiry of purchasing this gambling puzzle. You will find a limited time to solve it after purchasing it.

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