Essential Amenities to Consider When Choosing Student Accommodations in Australia

Accommodations in Australia

Last updated on March 27th, 2024 at 04:36 pm

Nestled between stunning landscapes and bustling cities, Australia beckons students from around the globe with its promise of world-class education and unforgettable experiences. As international scholars embark on their academic journey in this vibrant country, one crucial aspect demands careful consideration: accommodation. Choosing suitable accommodation in Australia from renowned sites like is essential for a comfortable and enriching living experience. Beyond the basics of a roof over one’s head, several essential amenities can significantly enhance the quality of student life. Here, you delve into seven essential amenities to prioritise when selecting student accommodations in Australia.


  • The importance of location cannot be overstated regarding student accommodations. Proximity to educational institutions, public transportation, and essential amenities such as supermarkets, pharmacies, and medical facilities is paramount. Opting for housings within walking distance or a short commute from campus can save valuable time and money, allowing students to focus more on their studies and extracurricular activities.

Safety and Security:

  • Safety is a top priority for students living away from home. When choosing accommodations in Australia, it’s crucial to prioritise safety and security features. Please look for properties with secure entry systems, CCTV surveillance, and on-site security personnel. Additionally, inquire about safety measures such as emergency evacuation procedures and fire safety equipment to ensure peace of mind throughout your stay.

Furnished Living Spaces:

  • For international students arriving in Australia, furnished living spaces offer convenience and ease of transition. Look for accommodations that provide essential furnishings such as a bed, study desk, chair, wardrobe, and kitchen appliances. Fully furnished housings eliminate the hassle of purchasing and transporting furniture, allowing students to settle in comfortably from day one.

High-Speed Internet:

  1. In today’s digital age, reliable internet connectivity is indispensable for academic pursuits and staying connected with loved ones. When evaluating student accommodations, inquire about the availability of high-speed internet access. A stable internet connection facilitates online research, virtual classes, and communication with peers and family members, ensuring students remain connected and productive throughout their studies.

On-Site Laundry Facilities:

  1. Access to on-site laundry facilities is a practical amenity that simplifies daily life for students. Look for accommodations equipped with washing machines and dryers, either within individual units or shared laundry rooms. On-site laundry facilities save students the time and inconvenience of travelling to external laundromats, allowing them to maintain clean and fresh attire easily.

Recreational and Common Areas:

  1. A well-rounded student living experience goes beyond academics, encompassing opportunities for recreation and socialisation. Seek accommodations that offer recreational and common areas such as gyms, study lounges, communal kitchens, and outdoor spaces. These shared facilities provide relaxation, social interaction, and collaborative learning opportunities, fostering a sense of belonging among residents.

Support Services and Amenities:

  1. In addition to physical amenities, consider the availability of support services and amenities that enhance the overall student experience. Look for accommodations offering 24-hour reception, on-site maintenance and repair services, student support programs, and social events. Access to these services ensures that students receive prompt assistance and guidance whenever needed, creating a supportive environment conducive to academic success and personal growth.

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Choosing student accommodations in Australia is a significant decision that can greatly affect the overall experience. By prioritising essential amenities such as location, safety and security, furnished living spaces, high-speed internet, on-site laundry facilities, recreational and common areas, and support services, students can ensure a comfortable, convenient, and enriching living experience in Australia. Whether studying in vibrant city centres or serene suburban neighbourhoods, selecting housings catering to individual needs and preferences is essential for a fulfilling academic journey.

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